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Publication numberUS2076468 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 6, 1937
Filing dateApr 24, 1936
Priority dateApr 24, 1936
Publication numberUS 2076468 A, US 2076468A, US-A-2076468, US2076468 A, US2076468A
InventorsLa Breck Frank A
Original AssigneeLa Breck Frank A
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US 2076468 A
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F. A.v A BRECK CIRCUMCISER Filed April 24, 193e a Z M 4 Z l 6 7 a a @V w. ,w 4

April 6, 1.937.



Patented Apr. 6, 1937 UNITED STATES omcUMclsER Frank A. La Breck, Eau claire, wis.

Application April 24,

8 Claims.

The instrument forming the subject matter of this application is adapted` to carry out the operation of circumcision expeditiously, novel means being provided for positioning the glans penis and the prepuce properly to facilitate the amputation of the prepuce, and novel means being supplied for amputating the prepuce without disagreeably sanguine results, either operative or post-operative.

It is within the province of the disclosure to improve generally and to enhance the utility of devices of that type to which the invention appertains.

With the above and other objects in view, which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed, may be made :0 within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying drawing:

Fig. 1 shows in longitudinal section, an instrument constructed in accordance with the inven- :5 tion, parts being in elevation;

Fig. 2 is a top plan;

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of the combined penis rest and prepuce insert, parts being broken away.

l0 In the following description, it will be assumed that the instrument is in the position of Fig. l, rather than in one of the many other positions it may assume in use, such terms as upper and lower being selected accordingly, to define the 35 relative positions of parts.

The numeral I marks a tubular handle, including a disk like head 2 having a neck 42 secured to the upper end of the handle by threading, and by a screw I5 hereinafter described. Traction 40 members 3 for the prepuce 50, in the form of outwardly bowed resilient fingers, are provided, the lower ends of the traction members being securely mounted in the edge of the head 2. The traction members 3 terminate at their upper ends 45 in outwardly extended, pointed hooks 4, adapted to be inserted into the prepuce, as shown in Fig. 3,

` although the degree that the hooks extend into the prepuce is a matter of operative surgery, the drawing being part of the description of the 50 mechanical construction of the instrument, rather than plates for the guidance of a surgeon. The device comprises a group of parts that may be called an actuator, the functionl of which 5 is to cause the traction members. 3 to draw down 1936, Serial No. 76,240

(Cl. 12S-305) the prepuce about the penis rest'30 (hereinafter described) to the place-where the amputation of the prepuce is to occur. The actuator includes a tube 5, journaled in the handle I, but held against longitudinal movement therein, the tube 5 having a solid upper end 6 provided'with an external circumferential groove 'I receiving the inner end of a screw 8 or other projection, mounted in the handle I and holding the tube 5 therein for rotation but against longitudinal movement. An operating wheel 9 is located at the lower end of the handle I, and has a neck I9 secured to the tube 5 by a scr'ew or other attaching element I0.

A plunger II has longitudinal reciprocation in. the head 2 of the handle I, but cannot rotate therein, because a keyv screw I5 is engaged at its inner end with a longitudinal key way I4 in the plunger II. The key screw I5 is mounted in the neck 42 of the head 2 and in the handle I, and aids in securing the head 2 to the handle I, as aforesaid. The plunger II is provided with a stem I2, threaded into the end 6 of the tube 5 and extended downwardly within the handle I, into the tube 5. 'Ihe plunger II has a reduced, threaded -upper endl I6, forming a transverse shoulder I'I in the plunger.

The numeral I8 marks a U-shaped frame including a disk-like foot 20, threaded on the upper end I6 of the plunger II, intoabutment with the shoulder I1, and therefore fixed to the plunger. The foot carries outwardly-extended, upwardly-curved arms 2|. The foot 20 of the frame I8 has notches or seats 22A in its edge, the notches or seats receiving the traction members 3 closely but slidably. The arms 2I of the frame I8 terminate in transverse bearings 23. The bearings 23 and the adjacent portions of thevarms 2I are provided with small openings 24. Anchor pins 25 are mounted on the arms 2l, close to, and below the openings 24.

Tubular tensioners 26 have longitudinal movement in the bearings 23, in a'direction at right angles to the plunger I I. The tensioners 26 are supplied with external longitudinal grooves 21 receiving the inner ends of key screws 28 mounted in the bearings 23, the construction being such that although the tensioners 26 can move endwise, they cannot rotate. The tensioners 26 are providednear their outer ends with small transverse holes 29. The tensioners 26`are threaded at 44 into operating members 43, in the form of wheels or disks, the hubs of which abut against the outer ends of the bearings 23.L

The numeral 30 marksa penis rest and prepuce insert, comprising a body 3| mountedon the end i6 of the plunger Il. The body 3| preferably is threaded on the end |6 of the plunger l I, but this is not insisted upon. The body 3| has a recess 32 in its outer end and is provided with a reduced portion 33 forming a transverse circumscribing shoulder 34. A strong but thin and light ring 35 surrounds the part 33 of the body and abuts against the shoulder 34. The ring 35 has an external circumferential seat 36. 'Ihe ring 35 is provided with a notch 31 in its lower` edge, the notch receiving a lug 38 on the body 3|, the construction being such that when the body 3| is rotated, the ring 35 will participate in the rotation.

In order to secure a rotation of the entire penis rest and prepuce insert 30, the body 3| thereof is supplied with a hole 45 (Fig. 1). adapted to receive a detachable outstanding handle 46 (Fig. 2). The ring 35 and the recess 32 in the body 3| are shaped to receive the end of the glans penis, and it is on this account that the member 30 is called a penis rest.

The operation of the device will be described simply, and in the language of mechanics rather than in the nomenclature of surgery, latitude being allowed for the technique preferred by the individual operator, and it being assumed that local anaesthesia and proper sterilization will not be overlooked.

By means of the wheel 9, the tube 5 is rotated,.

and the plunger l I, the frame [8 and the penis rest 30 are carried down from the solid line position o f Fig. 1, with respect to the traction members 3, until the traction members converge above the rest 30. The prepuce 50 is retracted with respect to the glans penis, and then is advanced over the hooks 4 on the traction members 3, the prepuce being impaled on the hooks. Reverse rotation is imparted to the wheel 9, and the plunger |I, the frame I8 and the member 30 are carried upwardly, the end of the penis being seated in the ring 35 and in the recess 32 of the body 3|, and the prepuce being pulled down over the ring 35, by the hooks 4, the bends of the hooks riding down over the outside of the ring 35 and over the outside of the body 3|, and the member 30 then becoming a prepuce insert, as shown in Fig. 3. 4In this way, the place of amputation in the prepuce 56 is disposed opposite the seat 36 of the ring 35. The prepuce may be secured to the ring 35 by a ligature 5| 'I'he outer ends of severing members, such as thin,'flexible wires 52, are extended through the openings 24 in the bearings 23 and are engaged with the anchor pins 25 on the arms 2|. The wires 52 are wrapped in one or more convolutions about the prepuce 50. The outer nds of the wires 52 are extended through the bores of the tensioners 26 and are secured in the transverse holes 29 of the tensioners. The wheels 43 are rotated,

and move the tensioners 26 outwardly in opposite directions, the convolutions of the wires 52 being tightened, and the prepuce 56 being bound tightly in the circumferential `seat 36 of the ring 35, against the' ring.

The operator now inserts the handle 46 (Fig. 2) in the hole 45 (Fig. 1) of the body 3| of the member 30 and oscillates the member 30, including the ring 35, about an axis, the convolutions of the wires 52 severing the prepuce 50.

After the operation has been concluded, the ring I `35 is left engaged with the prepuce 56, for such a period as the operator may determine, the prepuce lsevering member.

being held on the ring 35 by the ligature shown at 5|. Because the ring 35 is left secured to the prepuce for a time, and owing to the crushing eirect oi the convolutions of the wires 52, as distinguished from a knife-like incision, there will be a minimum amount of bleeding, and practically no bleeding. After a period determined by the judgment of the operator, the ligature 5| is detached, and the ring 35 is removed from the prepuce 5I), there being then no danger or annoying hemorrhage.

` rest, a tractor movable longitudinally of the rest,

to draw the prepuce over the rest, a severing member, means for holding the severing member in operative relation to the rest, and means for rotating the rest with respect to the severing member, to eiect a severing of the prepuce.

2. A circumcision instrument comprising a penis rest, a tractor movable longitudinally of the rest. to draw the prepuce over the rest, a flexible severing member, means for drawing the severing member taut against the rest, and means for rotating the rest with respect to the severing member, to effect a severing of the prepuce.

3. A circumcision instrument comprising a penis rest including a body and a ring carried by the body, a tractor movable longitudinally of the rest, to draw the prepuce over the rest, a severing member, means for holding the severing member in operative relation to the rest, means for rotating the rest to effect a severing of the prepuce, the ring being removably mounted on the body and means for securing the ring to the unsevered portion of the prepuce, whereby the ring will remain on unsevered portion of the prepuce after circumcision has been accomplished.

4. A circumcision instrument comprising a-han dle, a frame, a prepuce tractor carried by the handle, a penis rest carried by the frame, a flexible severing member mounted on the frame, means for producing relative movement between the frame and the handle, to cause the tractor to draw the prepuce over the rest and to bring the .rest into the iield of operation of the severing member, and meansfor rotating the rest with respect to the severing member. Y

5. A circumcision instrument comprising (s. frame having arms, a penis rest mounted between the arms, a nexible severing member disposed in a convolution about the rest, means for securing one end of the severing member to one arm, means carried by the other arm for tightening the severing'member, and means for rotating the rest with respect to the severing member.

6. A circumcision instrument comprising a handle, a prepuce tractor mounted on the handle, a plunger having longitudinal movement in the handle, a. frame carried-by the plunger, a. penis rest on the intermediate portion of the frame, in operative relation' to the tractor, a exible severing member extended across the frame and secured thereto in operative relation to the rest, and means for'rotating the restlwith respect to the 7. A circumcision instrument comprising a frame, having arms, a penis rest on the frame and located between the arms, a exlble severing member extended across the rest, and means on the arms for holding the severing member andv tightening it with respect to the rest.

8. A circumcision instrument comprising a frame having arms, a. penis rest on the frame and located between the arms. tensioners movable on the arms, flexible severlng members disposed in rest.


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