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Publication numberUS2077516 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1937
Filing dateMay 27, 1935
Priority dateMay 27, 1935
Publication numberUS 2077516 A, US 2077516A, US-A-2077516, US2077516 A, US2077516A
InventorsDart William F
Original AssigneeDart William F
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Apparatus for cleaning drain pipes
US 2077516 A
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W F. DART April 20, 1937.


Patented Apr. 20, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT oFFIcE 3 Claims.

The objects of the invention are:

. First, to provide a new and improved apparatus for cleaning drain pipes or traps on sinks or lavatories.

Second, toprovide such a device in which a strainer and a new and improved type of plunger are combined to forma unitary device for straining the matter passing through the drain pipe and v for agitating and removing any material that may tend'to clog the drain pipe or trap.

Third, to provide such a device in which: my new and improved type of plunger is always at hand and available for use in cleaning a plugged or clogged trap or drain in a sink or lavatory.

Fourth to provide a new and improved method of cleaning or removing clogging matter from drain pipes or traps.

Further objects and advantages pertaining to details and economies of construction and operation will appear from the description to follow. Preferred forms of my invention are illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a sectional view through my device in position for use of the drain.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view through the device showing the plunger in operation for cleaning away clogging material in the trap or drain pipe.

Fig. 3 is a sectional View of a modified form of my device.

Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4-4 of In the drawing, I represents the bottom of a sink or lavatory having a drain pipe 2 fastened thereto with the usual devices 3 comprising an upper flanged member 4 screw threaded at 5 to receive a clamp nut 6 having a washer I for sealing the drain to the bottom of the sink. The pipe 2 is fastened by means of a flanged nut 8 to the bottom of the threaded member 5. Within the drain pipe opening I provide a concave or basketlike strainer 9 which is removably set or fitted in the drain opening I0. Extending through the strainer is a rod II having its upper end I2 extending into the concavity of the strainer to form 5 a handle for grasping as is shown in Fig. 2. The lower end of the rod extends into the drain pipe 2 and has at its lower end I3 a disk or plunger I4 which is pivotally fastened, the lower end I3 of the rod being split as at I5 to receive a member 50 I B projecting from the disk. The member I6 is formed with a stop I'I engaging the forked end I5 of the rod to hold the disk in a position transverse to the pipe as is shown in Fig. 2.

When the drain I4 is in use, the disk I4 is fric- 55 tionally held in the position indicated in Fig. 1

so that it presents an edge to the flow of material through the drain to eliminate the possibility of clogging or the like. The disk is of such size that it will slidably fit in the drain pipe 2 but is provided with a clearance such that when water flows 5 through the drain during the use of the disk as a plunger, the water will form a seal between the edges, of the disk It and the walls of the pipe 2 to make the device an effective plunger.

When the drain is in use as is shown in Fig. 1,' 10

the disk is turned to a position with its edge presented to the fiow through the drain pipe 2.

When the device-isusedas a plunger, the diskis .the pipe 2 while water is run through the drain pipe 2. Suflicient water must be run through the pipe to form a seal between the edges of the disk 20 and the pipe 2 and the reciprocation of the plunger disk agitates the clogged material which is here indicated at I8 to loosen the same and the water passing through the drain pipe 2 and the forcing action of the downward stroke of the plunger 25 tends to force the clogging material through the trap 19 or the drain pipe 2 where it is carried away by the water.

In the form of the invention shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the disk is held in the position of either 30 Fig. 1 or 2 by friction except that the stop I! assists in holding the disk I4 transversely of the pipe as shown in Fig. 2 and explained above. In order to operate the device which in ordinary use of the sink is in the position shown in Fig. 1, the device must be removed from the drain and the disk I4 set by hand as shown in Fig. 2. It is then inserted in the pipe and water is allowed to run in the pipe as set forth herein and the device is worked up and down as explained. When the 40 obstruction is removed, the device is removed from the drain and set by hand to the position shown in Fig. 1 and reinserted in the drain.

The modification of the invention shown in Figs. 3 and e is substantially similar. The drain pipe I02 is joined to the sink IIII in the conventional manner. A foraminous strainer I09 is removably fitted in the opening Ill! and has a rod III passing therethrough. The rod in this particular modification of the invention is a squared rod which passes through a spider 20 having therein a square hole 2I to fit the rod and hold it in desired position to prevent turning of the rod. The upper end I I2 of the rod serves as a handle and the lower end II3 has a disk H4 therein which is slotted at I I5 to receive the member H6 having the stop II'I thereon which stops the disk when it is transverse to the drain pipe 5 A weight 22 is provided on the edge of the disk II4 opposite from the stop I I! which weight tends to sink the disk II4 to the position shown in dotted lines in Fig. 3 when the rod I I I is raised to the position indicated by the dotted lines for loosening clogging material in the pipe I02 or in the draintherebelow.

In order to present the edge of the disk II4 to material passing through the pipe I02, I provide a stop 23 which is merely formed by indenting the pipe as illustrated. This stop extends into pipe I02 and engages the weighted side of the disk II4 to raise the disk to'the position shown in the full lines in Fig.- 3.

It will be appreciated that considerable modification of either of the devices shown can be made without departingiromthe spirit of my .invention. I wish to claim.the invention broadly as well as specifically as-pointed vout inthe appended claims.

.25 Havingthus describedmy invention,.what I 30 drain with the concavity thereof extending downwardly into the drain pipe, a rod extending through the bottom of the strainerand havin itsupper end extending into the concavity and its pipe, a removable strainer fitted insaid drain, a

rod extending'therefrom with its lower end ex- ..tending below the strainer into the drain pipe, a'disk mounted on the lower end of said rod 'andrarranged to be adjusted to either present an edge to matter passing through the drain pipe or i to lie-transversely of said drain pipe, said disk beingof a diameter to slidably fit in said pipe with a clearance such that water flowing in the drain pipe will form a seal between the edges of the disk and the walls of. the. pipe.

7 3. In combination, a sink .drain having a drain pipe, a removable strainer fitted in said drain, a rod extending below the strainer into the drain pipe, a disk mounted on the lower end of said rod with a clearance suchthat water. flowing in the,

drain pipe will form a seal between the edges of thedisk and the walls of the pipe.


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