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Publication numberUS2078382 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1937
Filing dateMay 20, 1936
Priority dateMay 20, 1936
Publication numberUS 2078382 A, US 2078382A, US-A-2078382, US2078382 A, US2078382A
InventorsHanshaw Charles H
Original AssigneeHanshaw Charles H
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Playing ball
US 2078382 A
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Paten-ted Apr. 27, '1-937- y I 2,078,382

, UNITED STATES Y PATENT oFFicE rLazirmlsm' l I ciw-los n. nmhsw, Beloit, wia.

application May zo, 1936, serial No. sus

-z claims. (ci. 27s-ss) Thisinvention relatesto improvements'in playsuch area that Y, it solely may strike a rebound ing balls. I surface and cause the ball to rebound in the same v 'The object of the invention is to provide a remanner as it would were the bands not present, silient ball, preferably of rubber, which has a that is, the angle of rebound will equal the angle surface formation which when the ball is thrown of approach. However, if one of the bands Il against a rebound surface, as a side walk or the or I2 also strikes the rebound surface, the angle 5 like, will introduce an element. of uncertainty in of rebound will be aected thereby and uncerthe direction or angle of the rebound. tainty in the direction of return of the ball is Children play numerous games with rubber thereby introduced. It will be seen that any of balls and after a time many become very proilthe four impact segments or areas I3 may so lcient in catching the balls on the rebound due to strike the rebound surface that the ball .will be 1 the regularity at which they are returned by a returned at the expected angle and that in some smooth rebound surface. instances the bands I Lon I2 may so strike the lIn playing with a ball embodying 'the present suiface as to cause the ball to rebound as eximprovements more alertness in catching: 'the peeted- However. Shuld the bell be S0 thIOWn ban 1s required, due to the fact that while the that a portion of one of the spherical areas n 15 improved ball may be returned by the rebound and also e D01'tl9u 0f .011e 0l the bands impactsurface at an angle equal to the angle at which the surface, the rebound will likely be at an unit struck the surface, itis likely to rebound at an expected ungleentirely different and unexpected angle and hence The same will be true whena lateral portion greater alertness on the part'of the player and 0fa band impacts the rebound surface. It will, 20

greater expertne in catching the ball are retherefore, be seen that upon repeatedly bouncing quired and the players interest in the particular the ball against a smooth surface, even though game .is prolonged. the ball may strike the. surface at the same angle In theaccompanying drawing: at each thro the angles of rebound are likely Figure `i. is an elevation of a ball embodying t0 be varied, depending upon whichportions of the present improvements. the ball impact the surface.

i Figure 2 isa top plan view of the ball illustrated Instead of providing the spherical surface of in Figure 1./ the ball I0 with the continuous annular protuber- Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3 3' ances or bands above described, semi-spherical c of Figure 1; impact bosses or button-like protuberances Il, as 39 Figure 4 is yan elevation of amodied form ofv illustrated in Figures 4 and 5. me! also be used the invention. A to obtain similar results. Theseformations Il Figure 5 is a section taken on unes s-i of preferably are formed integrally with the bali Figure 4. vand of the same, material. Six such members Il In Figureslto 3 of the drawing, the ball proper are shown, distributed equi-distantly one from is indicated by thenunieral Il, and preferably -nOlfhel D011 the Spherical Sul'fce which is is formed of any suitable rubber composition thereby divided into segmental impact areas which gives the ball resiliency and satisfactory which will eeusiihe bell t0 rebound at Predict- 40 rebound characteristics for use in playing sideable 0r expected angles when any one 0f the o walk or like games so popular with children, a1; same alone strikes the rebound surface. Howthough it may, of course, be used in playing ever, should any one of protuberances Il also games where a bat issed. contact the surface. it will affect the angle at The exterior surface of the ball is generally which the ball rebounds. I

spherical but as shown in Figures 1 toy 3. two Iam aware thatballswith ornamental annular 45 annular intersecting bands II and I2 Vare probands and other surface formations have heretovided on the exterior which preferably are disfore been made. Such bands or protuberances, posed in diametricai planes at right angles one to however. have been closely SPiwed and constitute the other. These bands, asV illustrated, are the impact area of the ball. With the presentf curved or convex in cross section and preferablyA improvements the protuberan whether in the 50 are molded'integrally withA the balland of the form of continuous bands as shown in Figures l same resilient material of which the ball is made. to 3 or of bosses or button-like projections as il v The disposition of the bands II and I2 as delustrated in `.'iiigures 4 land 5, are so relatively scribed divides the exterior ofthe ball into four spaced as to leaveavailable the maior portion of semi-spherical impact segments Ileach being of the relatively uniform vfor limpact ptlrposes which in cooperation with the protuberances render .at which the ball will rebound.

hown and described certain em- While I have s 6 bodiments of my illustratiom do icaliy thereto exc I claim:

quite unpredictable I the angle improvement for the purpose of not wish to be restricted specifept as so limite@ by the appended 1. A resilient ball having an' exterior surface l composed ot semi-'spherical impact areas and interposed protub'erant impact bands encircling 'the exterior.. l

2.5A resilient ball yhealing an exterior surface composed of semi-spherical impact areas and in-

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European ClassificationA63B37/14