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Publication numberUS2078624 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1937
Filing dateNov 1, 1935
Priority dateJun 17, 1935
Publication numberUS 2078624 A, US 2078624A, US-A-2078624, US2078624 A, US2078624A
InventorsLise Wolff
Original AssigneeLise Wolff
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Lady's handbag
US 2078624 A
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April 27, 1937. WOLFF, NEE SALING 2,078,624

LADY S HANDBAG Filed Nov. 1, 1935 Patented Apr. 27, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE LADYS HANDBAG Application November 1, 1935, Serial him/17,742

' In Germany June 17, 1935 2 Claims.

The object of the invention is an improvement in the ordinary hitherto known form of a handbag for ladies, and which, when necessary, can be converted into a market-bag.

Convertible market-bags are already known, but these do not always fulfill the several requirements demanded of them. A lady's handbag must necessarily have an attractive exterior appearance, and at the same time it must offer sufficient interior capacity for all necessary require' ments as for example pocket-handkerchief, purse, mirrorand other smallobjects. The conversion of such a bag to a larger or marketing-bag and the re-conversion into an ordinary handbag must also be easily carried out and be without any complications.

Thebags hitherto known do not fulfill these requirements, for such bags have to be folded lengthwise and/or crosswise and-in most casesthe folded parts of thegbag are visible.

Not only is the folding and closing of such a bag very complicated, but the bag has the further disadvantage that, when folded, it neither fulfills the requirements of a handbag nor does it look like one. The exterior has folds'which not only deteriorate the external appearance but are undesirable on accountof the folds holding the dust. Further, the prolongation necessary for converting the handbag into a market-bag must consist of the same material as the bag itself, otherwise the appearance is still further deteriorated.

The new bag which is the object of the invention overcomes all these disadvantages. The handbag is fitted with an underpart which can be opened. The interior of the handbag contains a rolled-up or folded pouch which unfolds when the underpart of the bag is opened and thus forms a continuation or prolongation of the whole,.

offering a very considerable enlargement of the interior of the bag, converting it into a so-called shoppingor market-bag.

The invention is shown in several examples in the annexed drawing in which:

Fig, 1 is a front-view of the new bag when used as a handbag; Fig, 2 is a front-view of the same bag converted into a shoppingor market-bag; Fig. 3 is a side-view of the bag according to Fig. 1, partly in section; Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section through the handbag with a folded pouch in its interior and Fig. 5 is a section through the market-bag according to Fig. 2.

The bag a which can be fitted in any required manner with the usual interior or exterior sections, is provided with a closure 11", in the example with the usual well-known zipper fastener. I According to the invention the bag "a" is also provided at its under part with a closure 0. In the example the closure 0 consists of a zipper fastener which runs over a greater part of the bottom of the bag in order to facilitate the unfolding of the bag when converted for the purpose of shopping or marketing. When the zipper fastener is pulled back, the lower part d of the bag unfolds and falls out as shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 5, thus forming a large marketor shopping-bag.

The pouch (1" can be folded inside the bag in any required manner. Fig. 3 shows one form in which the pouch d is rolled up, while Fig. 4 shows the pouch d folded and laid inside the bag. In the last case the part d serves for forming two sections inside the handbag a. The double-handle of the bag is shown at f.

The new form of this bag offers the further advantage that the pouch "11 also serves as lining for the bag a and can be utilized, if required, for holding small articles inside the bag, such as a pockethandkerchief, a purse, a cigarette-case, a comb, mirror etc.

, What I claim, is:

1. A handbag having cooperating fastener means on each side wall intermediate the top and bottom of the bag on the exterior thereof. means to detachably connect the fastener means, the portion of the bag below the fasteners being foldable within the bag to reduce its size, whereby said fastener means may be interconnected to retain the folded portion within the bag.

2. In an extensible handbag, two side members provided with closing means for the latter, fastener means provided at the bottom edges of said side members and adapted to draw together or 40 open these bottom edges of said side members, a foldable bag extension associated with the lower part of said side members and adapted to be normally folded within the interior space defined by said side members when their bottom edges are 45 drawn together by said fastener means, said bag extension being further adapted to form a downward enlargement of the handbag when said fastener means are open.


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U.S. Classification383/2, 383/38
International ClassificationA45C7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C7/0068
European ClassificationA45C7/00D2S