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Publication numberUS2079220 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1937
Filing dateApr 11, 1936
Priority dateApr 11, 1936
Publication numberUS 2079220 A, US 2079220A, US-A-2079220, US2079220 A, US2079220A
InventorsMahoney Frank H
Original AssigneeWilliam Knox
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Sportsman's coat
US 2079220 A
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May 4, 1937. F. H. MAHONEY SPORTSMANS COAT 1956 2 Shee'ts-Sheet 1 Filed April 11 May 4, 1937.

F. H. MAHON EY SPORTSMANS COAT Filed April 11, 1936 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 line 5-5 of Figure 1;

Patented May 4, 1937' UNITED STATES sron'rsms COAT Frank-H. Mahoney, Burlington, Vt.,' assignor of one-half to William Knox, Burlington, Vt.

Application April 11, 1936, Serial No. 73,913 2 Claims. (01. 2-94) This invention relates to an improved sportsmans coat of the Norfolk type.

It is the purpose and object of the invention to provide an improved sportsmans coat that possesses the capacity of being quickly modified to present a normal appearance acceptable for street wear. I

In a more specific aspect it is the purpose and object of the invention to provide a sportsmans coat having a detachable pack-containing bag that may readily be secured to the coat through means normally concealed from view.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a sportsmans coat that can be utilized both for sports wear and street wear and which can be transformed with a minimum of effort and without in any way impairing the normal appearance of the coat.

It is likewise an object of the invention to provide a coat that can be economically manufactured and one that will give satisfactory service in use.

Coming now to a specific description of the invention, like reference'characters in the drawings refer to like parts.

Figure 1 is a rear elevation of the sportsmans coat having the pack-containing bag in position thereon;

Figure 2 is a detailed perspective of the packcontaining bag;

Figure 3 is a rear elevation of the coat with the pack-containing bag removed and parts shown in section;

Figure 4 is a sectional view taken along the line 4-4 of Figure 1;

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken along the Figure 6 is a rear elevational view of a modified forms of sportsmans coat; and

Figure 7 is a detailed perspective view of the upper end of the pack-containing bag shown in Figure 6.

Referring to Figure 1, the sportsmans coat is indicated generally at I and is provided with the vertically spaced box plaits 2 and the belt 3. The box plaits 2 are of a sufficient width that they will completely overlie and conceal the complemental zipper fasteners 4 and 5 which cooperate to hold the pack-containing bag 6 in position on the coat.

The pack-containing bag 6 is provided at either side thereof with a complemental zipper fastener element 1 (see Figure 2), and in the modification of Figures 1 to 3, the top of the pack-containing bag can be closed through the medium of the snap fasteners 8.

The pack-containing bag 6 is of such dimensions and so constructed that the zipper elements I carried thereby are spaced apart a distance equal to the spacing between the complemental zipper elements 4 and 5 carried by the coat. The arrangement is such that the pack container 6 may be readily affixed to or removed from the coat through the medium of the zipper" fasteners merely by the operation of the zipper fastener clips 9. The bag 6 can thus be readily attached to or removed from the coat I and, when removed, the complemental zipper fastener elements 4 and 5 are completely concealed beneath the box plaits 2 so that, from all outward appearances, the coat is of conventional form and may be worn for conventional use.

It will be apparent that the pack-containing bag is locatedin the most advantageous position on the coat and that the box plaits 2 help to suspend the weight from the shoulders of the wearer. The pack-containing bag 6 -can, of course, be removed from the coat either in packed or empty condition. This makes the coat exceedingly practical for hikers and for like uses since the pack may be immediately removed from the coat and laid aside without necessitating the wearer's laying aside of the garment.

It frequently happens with sports coats of this general type that the wearer is compelled, in order to gain access to the pack, to take off the coat and leave it off during the complete unpacking operation, which not infrequently results in exposure after exertion, at a time when the coat is most needed by the wearer. All of these objectionable factors are completely overcome through the use of the present invention. In Figures 4 to 7 there is shown a modified form of coat in which the pack-containing bag designated I0 is suspended from the top of the back by a zipper element indicated generally at H. In this modification one of the zipper elements i2 is carried by the back of the bag It) whereas the other complemental zipper element is positioned underneath the plait i3 at the bottom of the yoke in the backof the coat. In this modification the top of the bag I0 is likewlse closed through the medium of the snap fasteners indicated at l4. Also in this modification the box plaits may be eliminated from the coat. However, it is advantageous in some instances to provide both the top suspension as disclosed in Figures 4 to '7 and the side suspension as disclosed in Figures 1 to 3, and it is distinctly understood that.

the disclosed invention embraces the idea of suspending the packing bag from the top through zipper fasteners, as' specifically disclosed in Figure 6, and also through the sides, as specifically 5 disclosed in Figure 1. The latter arrangement provides a double suspension and enables the coat to be used for the carrying of heavy packs.

From the foregoing it will be apparent that, in accordance with the present invention, there is 10 provided an attractive sportsmans coat that can be produced along conventional style lines without necessitating the provision of cumbersome fixed pockets, packed bags, and the like. It is further apparent that the coat may be produced 15 from all suitable fabrics and that it is a most economical garment for the reason that it is adapted not only to sports wear but to conventional use. It is notoriously true that the usual sports coat is relegated to disuse most of the time, 20 whereas a garment constructed in accordance with the present invention may serve the wearer under a large variety of conditions.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A coat having a pair of vertically spaced plaits on the back, zipper elements aflixed to the coat beneath the adjacent edges of said plaits and concealed thereby, a pack-receiving bag carrying parallel disposed zipper elements spaced apart the same distance as the zipper" elements carried by the coat, and means for effecting union of the complemental zipper" elements on the coat and bag.

2. An improved coat comprising spaced apart vertical plaits on the back thereof extending over the shoulders and having opposed free marginal edges, complemental zipper elements secured to the coat beneath said opposed marginal edges in such relation thereto as to be normally concealed thereby, and a pack-containing bag carrying parallel disposed zipper elements spaced apart the same distance as the zipper" elements afllxed to the coat and arranged and constructed to be detachably secured to said coat whereby the points of attachment of the bag to the coat lie in the vertical lines of said plaits.


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