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Publication numberUS2079256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1937
Filing dateNov 15, 1934
Priority dateNov 15, 1934
Publication numberUS 2079256 A, US 2079256A, US-A-2079256, US2079256 A, US2079256A
InventorsKaiser Ernest F
Original AssigneeKaiser Ernest F
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Artificial eyelash
US 2079256 A
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May 4, 1937.

E. F. KAISER Filed Nov. 15, 1934 1 INVENTOI'Q Ervresf Kidnap ATTORNEY Patented May 4, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE ARTIFICIAL EYELASH Ernest F. Kaiser, New York, N. Y.

Application November 15, 1934, Serial No. 753,081

1 Claim.

Among the principal objects which the present invention has in view are: To provide means whereby artificial elongated eyelashes may be attached to the eyelid of a person without detection that the same are artificial; to manufacture strips embodying hair or eyelash which may be cut to fit the eyelid of any person before application; to provide the means with an adhesive which will readily adhere to the eyelid; to readily conform to the shape of the eyelid when in use;'

to obtain simplicity of construction and ready adaptability in use; and to secure other advantages and results as may be brought out in the following description.

In the drawing: 7 v

Figure- 1 is an enlarged illustration of a persons eye to which the present invention is applied;

Figure 2 is a side view of the same;

Figure 3 is still a further enlargement similar to Figure 2 and showing the eyelid partly in section;

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a strip of hair as part of the means before being attached to an eyelid;

Figure 5 is a similar view of somewhat different construction; and

Figure 6 is illustrative of the same as attached to the eyelid.

. It is well known that artificial eyelashes. are at present being attached to the present lashes to enhance a persons facial appearance. Also, it is known that the method of application of artificial lashes is by attaching a separate hair or lash to each individual eyelash and this procedure requires time and patience as well as requiring the Work to be done by beauticians. It is to this end that the present invention is more particularly directed to overcome, and it is my belief that any individual may easily apply the improved artificial eyelash to ones self without much delay or the requirement of a beautician.

As seen. in the drawing and referring to all the figures generally, it will be noted that the illustrations of the human eye and the artificial eyelash have been considerably exaggerated to better illustrate and describe the adaptability of the artificial eyelash to the eyelid. The present invention may readily be adapted for attaching to the lower lid as well as the upper eyelid if so desired.

In carrying out the invention and referring more particularly to Figures 1 to 4, I have shown an illustration of a human eye Ill having covering or upper and lower eyelids ll, said eyelids providing the usual natural lashes I2. As will be understood, the natural eyelashes, except in extraordinary instances, are usually short in length, and many persons preferably desiring longer lashes, turn to adding other and longer artificial lashes to the natural lashes by suitable means. In the present instance, I have found it convenient to apply artificial eyelashes suitably attached to a strip of resilient means I3 to the lid itself and preferably in front of the existing natural lashes. Such means l3 may be of a very fine rubber, preferably latex .or the like which when attached to the lid will readily yield with the natural movement of the lid. Said strip I3 may be transparent or translucent and/or provided with suitable coloring to blend with the color of the lid, as a result of which an observer will be unable to detect that the user has resorted to using any artificial eyelashes. Also, it might be stated at this time, owing to the elasticity and lightness of the material utilized, it will adhere to any irregularities of or deformities in the lid, such asnatural wrinkles and the pores.

The construction of the aforesaid strip l3 and a preferred way of attaching artificial hairs I l thereto, may be done in variousmanners, one such method of so doing, may be to heat or flow the latex or the like at a temperature of appropriate degree in a mould (not shown), said mould providing a bead-forming hollow extending longitudinally thereof next one edge. While the latex is still in a heated condition, the artificial hair It may be embedded therein with the several hairs side by side and transversely with respect to the bead [5. After the strip has been allowed to cool off sufiiciently by removing the heat from the mould, the completed strip IS with the elongated hair may be then removed as a unit from the said mould.

In order to apply a strip to the lid, I have found it advantageous to apply a suitable adhesive to the one side of the strip which will easily adhere to the lid. It is preferable that such adhesive be insoluble to water so that by simply rnoistening the lid, the strip with the adhesive may be easily and readily adjusted in the proper location on the lid. Also, it will be noted that a portion of the bead [5 will readily adapt itself to the lower portion. of the lid it without interfering with the closing of said lid or cause any unpleasantness to the user by accidently coming into contact with the natural eyelashes I2 as shown in Figure 3.

Referring now to Figures 5 and 6, I have shown a slightly modified construction, said construction being somewhat similar in nature to that shown and described heretofore. In this respect, I have shown the artificial hair retaining member as a longitudinal strip or bead l6. Said bead likewise as in the preferred construction is of resilient material such as latex or the like, and preferably formed by heating in a mould whereby hair I! may be attached thereto. In this instance the bead is of a general circular configuration in cross-section but with a portion of the bead cut away, as at I8, this cut-away being substantially a quadrant in cross-section, and extending longitudinally the entire length of said bead. After the completed member has been removed from the mould, a similar adhesive insoluble to water may be then applied to the walls comprising the longitudinal cut-out part of the bead [6 after which it may be applied to the lower portion-of the lid ll of the eye I0.

If desired, the above described strips maybe manufactured in moulds of considerable length, and after being removed may be cut into small sections to approximate sizes of different size eyes. Also, owing to the resiliency of the material, the strips can be easily trimmed to substantially conform to the curvature of a user's eyelid.

I claim:

An artificial eyelash as characterized comprising an elongated thin strip having a bead at one edge for constituting a hair retaining member 10 blending with the eyelid to which applied thereby rendering the member inconspicuous in use, one portion of said bead being adapted to rest against the lower portion of an eyelid and move therewith, a plurality of lashes projecting outwardly l5 therefrom, and an adhesive on the elongated strip which in use is next the eyelid thereby preventing disengagement of the eyelash when in use. ERNEST F. KAISER.

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U.S. Classification132/53
International ClassificationA41G5/02, A41G5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41G5/02
European ClassificationA41G5/02