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Publication numberUS2079426 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1937
Filing dateOct 2, 1934
Priority dateOct 2, 1934
Publication numberUS 2079426 A, US 2079426A, US-A-2079426, US2079426 A, US2079426A
InventorsSchottenfels Monroe
Original AssigneeSchottenfels Monroe
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Supporting garment
US 2079426 A
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May 4, 1937. M scHoTTENFL-:Ls

SUPPORTING GARMENT Filed 001'.. 2, 1954 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 MON ma bLHoTTNFELs `May 4, 1937. M. scHoTTENFELs 2,079,426

SUPPORTING GARMENT Filed OCT.. 2, 1934 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 65 ment.

?atente May 4, i937 uurlrrzl);M STATES'4 PATENT oFFlca The present invention relates to improved means for supporting garmentson the body, particularly nether garments, such as brassires,

bandeaux and the like, and has for an object to provide a support which'will take the place oi'l the usual ribbons, straps and the like which at the same time yare easily displaced'and easily slip vout of position.

Another object of the present invention is toV provide a support which may beattached to .the body of the wearer directly at the points of support or-attachment of the garment so that the points of support of the garment cannot slip or slide or otherwise become displaced by movea l5 ments of the body and so that the garment will be held rmly and securely in place and against shifting or sagging.' 'Y

This invention further aimsto provide a support which may have the color of the garment, the outer dress, or the skin so as not to be noticeable when worn and a support which l-is in the 'character of adhesive material, such as surgical or medical tape, and which may be given various shapes,'conilgurations or sizes and o be used in desired: numbers to' accommodate the supporting means v-to the garment and to the wearer.

A still -further* object of the'invention is to provide a support'ofthis character which may 0 be manufactured and vended as an independent article for use on garments in lieu of ribbons, straps `or 'the like and which areso constructed thatthey may be readily attached to the garment in a quick and easy manner'. yWith the foregoing andother objects in view the invention will be more fully described hereinafter; andwill be more particularly pointed out in the claim appended hereto. Y In` ythejdrawings, wherein like symbols refe!` toA like or corresponding parts throughout the several views,

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a brassire in position .ion thebody and secured vin place by the supports of this invention. 45, A Figure 2 is a side elevation of thesaxne. Figure 3 is an emerged front elevation of the brassire attended out and showing the supports applied thereto at the usual points of support of the garment.

"50" Figure e is a detail plan viewof one of the supports in open position. o Figure 5 is an edge view of the same.

Figure 6 is a similar view but with the support folded ready for application to the gar- Figure '1 is a fragmentary perspective view of a portion of the garment having a hook and showing the, folded support about to be placed thereon.

Figure 8 is a frontelevation of a modified form 5 of the brassire applied to the body by means of the supports of this invention.

Figure 9 is a side elevation of the same.

Figure 10 is an-enlarged plan view of the brassire in attened position showing the supl0 ports of the invention applied thereto.

,Figure 11 is a fragmentary view of one end of the brassire showing a slightly modified arrangement of the supports.

Figure 12 is a detail plan view of a modied 15 form of one of the supports in open position.

Figure 13 is an edge view of the same.

Figure 14 is a similar view with the modified support folded over for use, and

Figure 15 is a fragmentary enlarged perspec- 20 tive view of a portion of the garment showing incombination a type of hook for holdingthe support or tab in place.

Referring now to the drawings, and first to the form of theV invention shown in Figures l '25 to '7 inclusive, the invention is shown as applied to a nether garment of the brassire type having a lower band portionV 2U adapted to extend across the front of the body and which is provided with a pair of upstanding pocket portions 30 2|. The garment embodying the invention has attached thereto laterally opening hooks 22. There is a hook 22 disposed at the upper end of each pocket 2i, and also a. hook 22 disposed at each end of the band portion 2li, which lat- 35 'ports of this invention each comprise a tab 23 40 of 'adhesive material or the like having the adhesiveon one side and which has a relatively narrow portion terminating at one'end in an enlarged head 2l of sufcientsizeto obtain the necessary purchase on the body to hold the support and the adjacent portion of the garment rmly in place.

The other end of the-support or tab-23 is preferably flared or slightly 'emerged as at 25 to correspond with the lower or inner portion of the head 24 and is adapted to be folded over into surface contact therewith, as shown in Figure 6, for securing the intermediate portion of the tab 23 in the form oi' a loop 2l.

In order to maintain the loop 2t open and ad- 65 mit of the free insertion of the adjacent hook 22 laterally into the loop 26', an inner face strip 21, of adhesive or non-adhesive material, is disposed in surface contact with the looped portion 5 of the tab 23 and a't its inner side so that the surfaces ofthe face strip 21 and the tab 22 are in adhesive contact with each other.v Thus, the back of the face strip 21 is exposed to the interior of ythe loop 26 to provide a smooth and l0 non-adhesive surface for maintaining the loop open. From Figure 3, it will be noted that the supports or tabs 23 at the opposite ends of the band portion 20 of the garment are disposed in length.-

15 wise relation thereto so as to hold the band 2l in stretched position across the front of the body and by the adherence of the heads 24 directly to the skin. f

Referring now tothe modifications shown in 20 Figures 8 to 14, the body portion of `the brassire may have a relatively wide band portion' which 'is built into the structure of the garment with upstanding pocket portions 2|', and in this instance, as shown in Figure 10, the band portion 25 20 is relatively wide and may require a pair or more of attaching hooks '22 which are vertically spaced apart. I

In this instance, the tabs 23 at each end of the band portion 20 are disposed in diverging relation so as to not only hold the band portion taut in a lengthwise direction but to also hold it ilat in a verticall direction kand eliminate creases, folds and the like.

As shown in Figure 11, however, it may be found As shown in Figure 12, the tab 22 with its face vstrip 21 may be provided with an edgewise en- Y1arged head u' merely to provide nutritional` surface contactwith the body to suDllOrt the garment when the latter is of al relatively heavy construction. It is appreciated that various other configurations may be given to the support than as shown in Figures '4 and 12 provided that the' open lloop .26 or its equivalent be disposed for connection with the'points of attachment of the garment.

As shown in Figure 15 the supporting means for the garment 2i embodies in its combinationthe hook 22 which may be of flat or plate form of metal or other suitable material having a.v

closed loop 28 at one and for receiving a tape 2l, stitches or other suitable means for attaching the hook 22 to the portion of the garment 2i. The outer end of the plate 22 is provided with a laterally opening loop 20 vhaving at .its open side desirable Yto dispose the tabs, atopposite endsy a depending finger 3| and the adjacent portion of the plate 22 is. beveled or inclined to provide a downwardly and laterally extending throat leady ing into the loop 30.

The plate 22 is also provided at an intermediate point with an outwardly extending projection '22 'which extends outwardly beyond the transverse plane of the free end ofthe nger 2| toengage the closed end of the loop 26 of the tab when the latter is in engagement with the hook 22. The projection 32 holds the loop26 from accidentally moving inward to escape the finger 3l so that the tab 23 is securely held to the hookl 22 except when the tab is slid in an edgewise direction and bent downwardly about thefinger 3l.

It will ,be noted in all instances that these adhesive supports or tabs are relatively short and small, are inconspicuous and afford a rm means of 4 attachment for the points` of support of the garment to the body directly at such points so thatthe garment cannot shift or sag, and may at d all times follow the movements of the body.

expedient depending on the `nature of the wearing apparel to be supported and also on the location of the necessary points of support. It will also A be understood that these adhesive supports may be frequently renewed and may be manufacturedcharacter all ribbonsstrapsfbands and thelike are unnecessary and the garment supported is heldrmly at all points to the. body.

The garment described is provided with hooks at its supporting extremities and these hooks may be readily associated with a support or supports `on the body of the wearer, as herein described, or

the hooks may be applied to a supporting strap passing around the body of the wearer, or they maybe applied to the dress of the wearer.k

It is obvious'that various changes and modifications may be made in the details of construction and design of the above specifically described emsecured to the lower edges of the pockets. for con-v necting the pockets together, a plurality of tabs each provided with an adhesive on one side thereof, a loop carried by each tab, and detachable means carried by the 'upper portion of each pocket and the opposite ends of said strip engageable in said loops. v v MONROE SCHOTIENFEIS.

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U.S. Classification450/81, 2/311, 24/DIG.110, 2/314, D02/708
International ClassificationA41C3/06
Cooperative ClassificationY10S24/11, A41C3/0078, A41C3/065
European ClassificationA41C3/00S, A41C3/06B