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Publication numberUS2079728 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1937
Filing dateJul 29, 1936
Priority dateJul 29, 1936
Publication numberUS 2079728 A, US 2079728A, US-A-2079728, US2079728 A, US2079728A
InventorsHarold G Arnold
Original AssigneeHarold G Arnold
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Tooth brush massager
US 2079728 A
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May 11, 1937. H. G. ARNOLD TOOTH BRUSH MASSAGER Filed July 29, 1956 uuuug uuuuuu UULIEH J 2 lnvento r A tlor ne y Patented- May 11, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 'roo'rn m tz s ifmssadne I Harold'G. Arnold, Wooster, Ohio v Application July 29, 193e, Scrlal No. 93,251 4 Claims; ((1128-62) My invention relates to improvements in toothbrush massagers and it more especially consists of the features pointed out in the claims.

The purpose of my invention is to provide a massager made of soft velvet rubber that in its availability is associated with a tooth brush. being attachabieto the fore end of the handle by simply slipping it into place, there, however is enough elasticity to the material and the opening in the massager being slightly smaller than the average cross section of tooth brush handles it remains snugly in position while the massager is in'use. A. further purpose is to insure that the brush and massager are always associated with each other to prevent the massager being misplaced. The projections are formed on one face of the massager and the other face has a rounded enlargement which serves as a reinforcement l and at the free end it terminates into a point.

With these and other ends in view there is ulustrated in the accompanying drawing such instances of adaptation as will show the related In practicing the invention I may use what-V .ev'er alternatives or equivalents of parts that the 35 exigencies of varying conditions may demand without departing from the broad underlying features of the invention.

I may form the massager as instanced in the accompanying drawing wherein an opening 3 is made to receive a handle ll of a tooth brush it. In order that it will remain firmly in place during use the opening is made slightly smaller than the handle. At the entranceto the opening 3 the rubber is approximately the same thickness all around, as at 0. However on the bottom it may be slightly thicker at the center so as to position the cylindrical or other projections 2 at their bottom ends on a'ciirve I. At the front-end I the massager is made pointed. The 50 under thickness I is thin enough to be resilient and serve as a cushion forthe projections 2 while the upper portion is made gradually thicker as shown in Figs. 1 and 3. It terminates in a rounded portion I which acts as a reinforcement to the thin under part I. Toward the point I the bottom ends of the projections 2 are on a curve C ieadingtothepoint. Asinstancedinthedrawing Pig. 2 there are five rows pf projections.

lengthwise, at the front end there .is a single projection ill and next to the five row group at 9 there are only three, thus conforming to the general side and plan contours of the massager. My device is sharply differentiated from finger cot massagers which are easily misplaced and lost. In addition to the assurance that my massager will always be associated with a basic dental requirement-a tooth brush, I attain greater hygienic security because of the custom of storing tooth brushes in holders provided therefor.

The massager on account of the thin thickness of rubber above the projections produces a velvety texture" one that is readily adapted to the variations of curvature of the gums and the extra thickness at 4 serves as a compactor to the gums as a whole and the-reduction of the number of projections at 9 and ifl associated with the point 5 will-permit of the individual massaging at the base of a tooth which cannot be done with a large group of projections.

What I claim is: v a

. 1. In a massaging device that is associated with a tooth brush by being slipped onto the handle of the brush, the combination of a soft rubber exterior'having an opening for the reception of a tooth brush handle, a thin under part, a plurality of projections dependent therefrom, a gradually increasing thickness opposite the thin part, a

pointed termination opposite the open end, and

a small separate group of projections near the point.

2. In a massaging device that can be slipped onto the handle of a tooth brush, the combination of a soft rubber body having a lengthwise isolated massaging elements near the point.

3. In a device slidable onto a tooth brush hanbination of a soft rubber pointed body, having a lengthwise opening opposite the pointed termination ot the body, a gradually increasing thickhas on one side of the opening, a thin wall opposite thereto, and a plurality of projections integral with the wall. a

4. A massaging device which comprises a soft rubber body having a lengthwise opening therein, a plurality of m projections integral with a thin wall of the body, and a compacting semispherical enlargement on the side of the body opposite the projections. 1

V moan a. mom.

die adapted for massaging purposes, the com-

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U.S. Classification601/139, 15/110
International ClassificationA61C17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61C17/00
European ClassificationA61C17/00