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Publication numberUS2081202 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1937
Filing dateNov 18, 1935
Priority dateNov 18, 1935
Publication numberUS 2081202 A, US 2081202A, US-A-2081202, US2081202 A, US2081202A
InventorsHoyt Ethel P S
Original AssigneeHoyt Ethel P S
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US 2081202 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

E. P. S. HOYT May 25, 1937.

BOOK Filed Nov. 18, 1935 INVENTOR Ethel PSJ-loyt I xv Z ATTORz I Patented May 25, 1937 "UNITED stares QFFEQE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to book covers and particularly to book backs.

The object of the invention is to provide a book bound with an inexpensive material and combined with back-paneling of a difierent material giving a pleasingfinished appearance of a more expensive binding.

In the drawing Fig. 1 illustrates in perspective view a book embodying the invention, and

Fig. 2 is a. transverse sectional View.

In this book 2 the covers 3 and back 4 are bound in a usual material, such as cloth or paper, having a uniform color and texture. The back 4 has the title 5 and authors name 6 and spaces 1, 8 and 9, which in the original binding may be blank or marked with wording or decorative linmg.

In the book back of this invention these spaces 1, 8 and 9 have superposed on them strip overlays as shown at i2, i3, M and i5 proportioned and marked to give a paneled efiect. These strips are of a different material, such as leather or imitation leather, and are applied by cementing to the binding material of the back. Preferably, these strips are gold lined as indicated at I? or otherwise decorated to simulate the appearance of leather binding, and the result gives an appearance similar to that of a leather bound book with cloth or paper paneling, some of these panels 5 and 6, for instance, carrying word stampings and other panels I8, for instance, being blank.

This gives a novel pleasing efiect at low cost and permits the ordinary run of bindings to be easily recast in new and distinctive design. If desired, one of the strips, preferably the lowermost one, may be marked with the name or initials of the owner or other designation aiding in identification and insuring return of a loaned volume.

The strips may be made in different colors for difierent branches of literature-novels, history, philosophy, etc., and preferably will be made in continuous ribbons and furnished as rolls to be cut to desired size to correspond to the thickness of the book to which they are applied. They may also be cut to desired Width of the strip itself depending upon the spacing to be given to the successive panels.

I claim:

A book completely bound and back-stamped for sale and distribution and having separately,

attached to its back over its original binding a series of thin flexible strips of a binding material which is continuous, imperforate and self-supporting and in contrast with the material of the original binding, said strips being dimensioned and positioned at the top, bottom and intermediate portions of the book back above and below the back stampings presenting the original binding material as bin-dings bearing the back-stampings and giving the back of the book the appearance of having a binding of the attached strip material.


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U.S. Classification281/36, 283/42
International ClassificationB42D3/08, B42D3/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42D3/08
European ClassificationB42D3/08