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Publication numberUS2081656 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1937
Filing dateApr 8, 1935
Priority dateApr 8, 1935
Publication numberUS 2081656 A, US 2081656A, US-A-2081656, US2081656 A, US2081656A
InventorsHerman R C Anthony
Original AssigneeRay O Vac Co
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US 2081656 A
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y 5, 1937. H. R. c. ANTHONY 2,081,656

CARTON Filed April 8, 1935 Patented May 25, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE to Ray-O-Vac Company, Madison,

Wis., a

corporation of Wisconsin Application April 8, 1935, Serial No. 15,334

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a carton, and more particularly to a carton adapted to contain a plurality of dry cells of the type used in flashlights or the like.

The primary object of the invention is to provide an inexpensive but attractive carton for holding a plurality of dry cells in juxtaposition and arranged so that the cells may be tested individually without breaking the seal of the box.

A further object of the invention is to provide simple means for gaining access to the contents of the box, which will destroy the box so that the contents cannot be tampered with without detection.

The invention is illustrated in a preferred embodiment in the accompanying drawing, in which- Fig. l is a perspectiveview of a carton embodying the invention; Fig. 2, a perspective view showing the carton broken open; and Fig. 3, a section taken as indicated at line 3-3 ,on Fig. 1 and showing how the cells may be tested without removal from the box.

As shown in the drawing the carton comprises a six-sided paper box of rectangular vertical and longitudinal cross sections. The side walls 5 and top and bottom walls 6 are securely cemented together as indicated at l to form a snug enclosure for a cylindrical dry cell 8, or the like. The ends of the carton are formed by lapping over and sealing flaps 9 and ill in the usual manner.

The top and bottom walls 6 of the carton are provided with apertures H which are in register with the center portions of the dry cells so that the cells may be individually tested without breaking the seal of the box.

The cells may be tested by a simple device as shown in Fig. 3 wherein the stem l2 of a flashlight bulb I3 is embraced by a coil it of a conductor wire having a resilient loop portion Hi to enable the cell to be placed in an electrical series circuit with the individual cell. The device thus described may be easily manipulated with one hand by placing the index finger in the loop and the thumb and middle finger outside of the loop.

In order to facilitate opening the carton lines of weakening iii are provided in a plane which bisects the central portion of the carton. Thus 5 it will be understood that by bending the carton opposite said'lines of weakening the carton will break open and hinge around the line in the side wall 5 which joins said lines of weakening. This operation may be performed in the store if the 10 customer desires less than the number of cells put up in one carton. If he desires only a half case, one-half of the carton forms a neat package which can be conveniently wrapped up without delay. 15

The carton being of a convenient size which may be slipped into the customers pocket encourages him to buy a whole carton of cells at a time, and the customer may see each of the cells tested before he leaves the store. Also it 20 lessens the danger of either the customer or dealer being imposed upon by having a worn out cell sold or returned to him in the carton.

The foregoing detailed description has been given for clearness of understanding only, and 25 no unnecessary limitations should be understood therefrom, but the appended claim should be contrued as broadly as permissible, in view of the prior art.

What I claim as new, and Letters Patent, is:

A battery assembly comprising: six dry cells arranged in lateral juxtaposition; and a sixsided sealed cardboard box completely enclosing said cells, the top and bottom walls of said box 35 having apertures in alignment with upper and base contacts of said cells to enable the cells to be tested individually while sealed in the box. and said box having communicating lines of weakening in three of its sides in a plane divid- 40 ing the box into two parts each containing three of the cells whereby the box can be broken open along said lines of weakening While the unweakened side forms a hinge.


desire to secure by 30

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