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Publication numberUS2081728 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1937
Filing dateMay 26, 1936
Priority dateMay 26, 1936
Publication numberUS 2081728 A, US 2081728A, US-A-2081728, US2081728 A, US2081728A
InventorsBassett Ethel N
Original AssigneeBassett Ethel N
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US 2081728 A
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May 25, 1937. V E. N. BASSETT BATHTUB Filed May 26, 1936 Patented May 25, 1937 uwrrsn STATES Parent @FMCE v naTn'rUB Ethel N. Bassett, Lincoln, Nehru Application May 26], 19%, Serial No. 81,82% Claims. (Cl. d lflil) My invention relates to bath tubs, its primary object 'being the provision of a bath tub which is especially adapted to be occupied in a comfortably reclining position.

Another of the objects is the provision or a bath tub having a basin for use as a foot bath and accompanied by a seat which may be occupied while taking a foot bath. 7

Another object of the invention is the provision of a back rest for supporting the user at a comfortable inclination together with a basin for receiving the feet, a wall of the basin being inclined for comfortably resting the feet while the user is lying in the bath tub.

Another very important object of the invention is the provision of a back rest, seat, foot basin and foot rest with means for draining the seat into the basin and means for discharging the contents'of the bath tub into the house drain, the parts being so arranged that they may be lrept in clean and sanitary condition with the minimum of efiort.

Having in view these objects and others which will he pointed out in the following description, 1 will now refer to the drawing, in which Figure l is a plan view of my bath tub.

Figure 2 is a view in longitudinal section on the line 2--2 of Figure l.

Figiure 3 is a view in transverse section on the line 3-3 of Figures 1 and 2.

in external appearance and in general dimensions, my bath tub resembles the standardized loath tule at present extensively in use. it dif fers firom the prior loath tubs mainly in the shape and function of the bottom or floor of the bath. tub.

as shown in my drawing, the iioor is elevated at the head of the bath tulc'so that the end of the door is but very slightly below the upper rim of the bath tub at the head. This portion or the floor has a gentle slope downwardly and toward the rear or foot wall and it merges into the substantially horizontal seat portion it which has a very slight inclination upwardly and toward the rear-end of the loath tub. The seat portion merges into a rearwardly and downwardly inclined wall portion 62 which in turn merges into the substantially horizontal foot portion it. at the end of this portion i3 is a foot rest portion M which is upwardly and rearwardly inclined and which in turn merges into the rear or foot wall ii of the bath tub.

The installation of my bath tub is similar to prior installations in having an inlet valve l8 and a drain H, the latter being usually provided with the common bath tub plug. In most other respects the bath tub and its installation are similar to the prior bath tubs. v

The parts Hi, 52 and it all drain readily toward the portion H but the portion H has a very slight inclination upwardly and toward the rear which prevents its complete drainage of the seat. For draining this portion it I provide a groove l8 which, as shown in Figure 2, has a distinct drainage toward the portion l4.

The bath tub is designed for use in reclining as well as in sitting and standing. If the bath is to be taken standing up, the user simply stands on the portion l3 of the floor and he may then use a sponge or a shower which may be installed above the bath tub. If he wishes to take a foot bath alone, he fills the bottom portion l3. If he wishes to assume a restful position and to recline partially submerged in the bath tub for any length of time he assumes the posture indicated in Figure 2 with his shoulders resting on the portion it and with his buttocks resting on the portions iii and ii at the between the portions it and Ill. The feet may rest either on the floor portion ill or on the foot rest is depending on the height of the user. I 'The head may rest directly on the portion ill but if desired a pillow it of sponge rubber or slurilar material may be employed.

From the above description and the illustrations in the drawing, it will be seen that the bath tube maybe employed for all of the uses possible. with the common bath tub and that it has a number of important uses in addition, If used as a foot bath, the lower basin is filled with water and the user may rest his feet in the water while he is either reclining on the heels rest ill and the seat 55, A shower or sponge bath. may be taken by standing on the foot support is. Primarily, however, the loath tube enables the user to occupy a position of perfect repose as shown in Figure 2 and to take a bath over an extended period of time without any discomfort whatever. This may be done to obtain the advantages oi the refreshment accompanying such a bath. The bather may read a boolr while he is in the bath or he may even take a nap in this position. The use of the bath tub in hydrotherapy, both in the home and in the hospital will also be obvious.

While utility and comfort are of primary importance in the design of my bath tub, cleanliness was also considered. The back rest to drains readily onto and over the seat II and into sitting on the seat it or curved portion the foot basin. This foot basin is provided with the usual drain so that the bath tub may easily be kept clean with a minimum of brushing. The seat being slightly inclined would be apt to hold a small amount of water but the special provision of the trough I 8 causes the water from the seat to drain through that trough and into the basin.

Because of the shallow depth of the major portion of my bath tub most of the floor space can be reached and cleaned with the minimum of stooping. My bath tub provides new reclining comfort and relaxation and it is equally suitable for child or adult. A new sitting comfort is also provided by lowering the feet below the sitting level. In this new sitting position the bather has the maximum comfort,free from pressureupon the abdominal muscles and from all tension on the muscles in the back of the legs. These discomforts can not be avoided when sitting in a flat bottomed bath tub where the legs have to be extended at right angles to the body. The foot rest coincides with the angle which the feet naturally assume. The foot basin is of a depth which accommodates both children and adults.

An important advantage of my invention is the greatly reduced water consumption due to the fact that there is no unused space behind the bather to be filled. The water being concentrated around the bather, the amount of water used is thus proportional to the size of the user. There is also a great water saving in the foot bath since only the foot basin need be filled, not the entire tub floor covered as is necessary in other tubs.

'I'he smaller Water consumption provides another convenience especially in homes where there is only one tub in that the tub empties more quickly, thus enabling the whole family to bathe in less time. The elevated seat is a feature which provides an ideal arrangement for bathing little tots as it places them within convenient reach that the mother or nurse can give the bath with the greatest of ease and dispatch. My tub may also be used as a steam bath for reducing, it being necessary only to place a stool or some suitable device in the foot basin for elevating the feet above the water and to cover the tub with a sheet.

Having thus described my invention in such full, clear, and exact terms that its construction and operation willbe readily understood by others skilled in the art to which it pertains, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent oi the United States is:

1. A bath tub having a floor including a head and back support inclined downwardly and away from the head wall of the bath tub, a seat slightly inclined upwardly and toward the foot wall of the bath tub, a substantially horizontal foot support positioned below the level of said seat, a wall between said seat and said foot support, said wall being abruptly inclined downwardly and toward the foot wall of said bath tub, a drain in said foot support, and a foot rest inclined upwardly and away from said foot support, said foot rest merging into the foot wall of said bath tub.

2. A bath tub having a head wall and a foot wall and side walls and a floor, said floor includ- 7 ing a combined head and back support gently inclined downwardly and away from said head wall,

' heac and foot walls at its respective ends, and a floor between the side and end walls of said bath tub, said floor including a back support inclined downwardly from the upper portion of the head wall of the bath tub to a position substantially midway between the head and the foot walls of the bath tub, a seat continuous with said back support and inclined upwardly and away therefrom, a downwardly projecting wall continuous with said seat, a substantially horizontal foot support projecting from the forward edge of said downwardly projecting wall, a foot rest inclined upwardly and toward the foot wall of said bath tub, said foot rest being continuous with said foot wall and with said foot support, said downwardly projecting wall and said foot rest and said'foot support with portions, of said side walls enclosing a. depressed basin, a drain in said basin, and a depressed groove in said seat for draining the water from said seat into said basin.

4. In a bath tub, a foot basin, a substantially horizontal seat projecting outwardly and away from the upper edge of said foot basin, and an inclined back and head rest projecting from said seat, said foot basin, seat, and back and head rest being of integral construction, and the overall length of said foot basin and said seat being substantially equal to the length of said back and head rest whereby the bather may comfortably occupy said seat in either upright or reclining position.

5. A bath tub having a floor, including a head and back support inclined downwardly and away from the head wall of the bath tub, a foot wall, a substantially horizontal elevated seat complementary to said inclined support, a substantially horizontal foot support positioned below the level of said seat, a substantially vertical wall between said seat and said foot support, and a drain in said foot support.


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International ClassificationA47K3/02
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European ClassificationA47K3/02