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Publication numberUS2082574 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1937
Filing dateMar 23, 1935
Priority dateMar 23, 1935
Publication numberUS 2082574 A, US 2082574A, US-A-2082574, US2082574 A, US2082574A
InventorsBertram Handley John
Original AssigneeBertram Handley John
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Gauntlet arm protector
US 2082574 A
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June 1, 1937. J. B. HANDLEY 2,082,574


)n ma INVENTOR. 170HN Eamon HaNvLeY.

BY Imm ATTORNEY- Patented `fune 1, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2 Claims.

'I'his invention relates to new and useful improvements in a gauntlet arm protector.

The invention has for an object the construction of a device as mentioned which is adapted to protect the arms of a person from rubbing against stationary objects and parts, and particularly intended for engineers of locomotives. It is customary for these engineers to lean with one arm on the window sill of the window of the cab to look ahead on the track. Usually, locomotive engineers wear gauntlet gloves but these gloves are not satisfactory for protecting the arm properly, and consequently it is common for engineers to have callouses extending from the area between the wrist and elbow.

This invention has for an object the construction of an arm protector which is adapted to be worn by engineers and others and which is so constructed that the wearer may continuously lean with the arm on rigid objects without developing callouses and sores.

A further object of this invention is to adapt it to a gauntlet glove or merely a gauntlet arm protector. The glove construction is intended for winter wear, while the gauntlet arm protector without glove is intended for summer wear.

More particularly, the invention contemplates the construction of a gauntlet arm protector which extends from the wrist to the elbow and which is cut out at the elbow so as to partially extend around the arm of the person when the elbow is bent, and which is provided with a pad along the bottom part thereof and of such construction and material, and so located, as to protect the arm and prevent sores and callouses.

More particularly, the invention contemplates the use of sponge rubber sheets of very heavy material to constitute the dominant portion of the pad construction. Sponge rubber for this purpose has numerous advantages, among them being that it is waterproof; it is light; it is very durable.

Another one of the objects of this invention relates to the construction by which the pad is attached on the arm protector.

Still further the invention proposes the construction of an article as mentioned which is simple and durable and which can be manufactured and sold at a reasonable cost.

For further comprehension of the invention, and of the objects and advantages thereof reference will be had to the following description and accompanying drawing, and to the appended claims in which the various novel features of the invention are more particularly set forth.

In the accompanying drawing forming a material part of this disclosure:-

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a gauntlet arm protector in combination with a glove.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a gauntlet arm protector without the glove.

Fig. 4 is a plan view of a gauntlet arm pro.- tector constructed according Ato another `embodiment of the invention.

'Ihe gauntlet arm protector shown in Figs. 1 and 2 comprises a cloth or the like arm member I 0 adapted to extend from the wrist to the elbow in a stationary position on the arm of a person, and equipped with a pad II on its underside, also extending from the wrist substantially to the elbow. The gauntlet arm member I0 is connected with a glove I2. This glove may be of full calf leather, or other leather, or imitation leather, or it may be partially of cloth material at the top and leather upon the 2 bottom side of the hand. The gauntlet arm member I0 should preferably be of relatively stiff material so that it maintains its shape. The glove portion I2 must be of soft material so that it is flexible to permit a person to use his fingers and hand freely.

An elastic strip I3 is attached upon the upper side of the rear of the glove portion I2 so as to contract the area I2 of the glove and hold the article at the wrist person. The pad II preferably should be of sponge rubber material and should extend completely across the bottom side of the member I Il and also slightly around the sides thereof.

As illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2, the pad I I is removably mounted. More particularly, there are lines of snap fastener elements I4 upon the side edges of the pad I I engageable with complementary sections on the arm member Ill. With this construction the pad may be removed and replaced when desired. This permits the replacement of the pad in the event that it becomes worn, or it permits the use of the gauntlet or glove without the pad if so desired. Auxiliary snap fasteners I4 are extended along the material of the gauntlet arm I 0 and are adapted to coact with the sections of the fasteners I 4 which are mounted on the pad II to permit the pad to be mounted in a different position on the arm member. The purpose upon the arm of a 3 of this arrangement is that for different occupations and uses it may be advisable that the pad be further towards one side than the other.

The gauntlet arm protector and glove, according to this invention as directed relative to Figs. 1 and 2, is adapted to be Worn in the winter time or in the summer time if so desired. In Fig. 3 another embodiment of the invention has been disclosed in which the arm protector is shown Without the glove. This form is particularly intended for summer wear. It consists of the arm member Ill Which has a band of exible material I2a attached upon the wrist end thereof. An elastic strip I3 is attached upon the flexible band 12a in such a manner as to form gathers IZb. The flexible band'lZa. is adapted to resiliently engage on ones wrist and hold the arm protector in position. In other respects this form of the invention is identical to the form previously described and similar parts may be recognized by the identical reference numerals.

In Fig. 4.- another embodiment of the invention has been disclosed which is substantially identical to the form shown in Fig. 3, distinguishing merely in the manner in which the pad Il is attached upon the arm member lil. The pad Il is ixedly mounted by lines of stitches I5 extended along the edges thereof` The arm members l0 of the various forms of this invention have their rear ends shaped with cut-out curved portions Ill' adapted to partially encircle the arm at the elbow so as not to interfere with the functioning of the arm, but at the same time to extend sufficiently under the elbow to protect the elbow from direct contact with foreign parts.

While I have illustrated and described my invention with some degree of particularity, I realize that in practice various alterations therein may be made. I therefore reserve the right and privilege of changing the form of the details of construction or otherwise altering the arrangement of the correlated parts without departing from the spirit or .the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:-

l. A gauntlet arm protector, comprising a gauntlet arm member adapted to extend from the wrist to the elbow in a stationary position, and a pad on the underside thereof extending from the wrist end to the elbow end, said pad being of sponge rubber, and fasteners mounted upon the longitudinal edges of the pad engageable with complementary snap fasteners on the arm member.

2. A gauntlet arm protector, comprising a gauntlet arm member adapted to extend from the wrist to the elbow in a stationary position, a pad on the underside thereof extending from the wrist end to the elbow end, longitudinal lines of snap fasteners along the sides of said pad engageable with selective lines of complementary snap fasteners on the gauntlet arm member.


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