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Publication numberUS2083172 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1937
Filing dateJul 23, 1935
Priority dateJul 23, 1935
Publication numberUS 2083172 A, US 2083172A, US-A-2083172, US2083172 A, US2083172A
InventorsSmith Roland L
Original AssigneeSmith Roland L
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Razor handle
US 2083172 A
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June 8, 1 937. R. 1.. SMITH RAZOR HANDLE Filed July 2:). 19:55

i 55 ticular type or make ofsaiety razor, but it .will ia'obvious that the resistance offered to the coil! v aten'ted June 8, 1937 Application July 23, 1935, Serial No. 32,81

This invention is a razor handle for use esbe understood that the inventive idea may be pecially in connection with safety razors, an obeq lfl y as e e y Carried out in connection ject of which is to provide means whereby the with other types of razors. It will be underhandle may be flexed in order to more properly stood. therefore, that Variations in the me- 5 set the shaving edge to the face of the user. chanical structure may be resorted to, to enable 5 A further object of the invention isto provide the device to m associated with other typ a flexible hand grip for the razor of such charforms of razors. actor that the degree of flexibility may be varied Referring now more p r y to the dr wby the user without resorting to mechanical ing, 6' illustrates generally the blade holder part 10 means for accomplishing this purpose. of the safety razor, which usually includes a 10 A still further object of the invention is to cen a y d sposed a d e e a y eaded stem provide a flexible handle for use in connection or post a, by which theholderih'andle and blade with safety razors which may be readily applied are properly and securely held in assembled to razors now in use and which does not require positions. This stem changes ,within an in- ,5 any change in the form or construction of such terlorly tded opening within the head 6. razors. The head 5 in the present instance is or the A still further object of the invention is to same type as is usually employed with razors provide a razor handle of the character and tor of this character, except that it is provided with the purposes mentioned which'may be manuiacan axially disposed outwardly extending memtured and marketed at lowcost, which does not her or pr j ti v r which is a d and 20 include any special or complex mechanism, secured one end of the flexible handle 8. The which is applied to and removed from the razor nroiecticn l is of ess diameter than t e head 6 in precisely the same manner as are handles now and pr vid a h uld 9 Substantially t t in use, and which will prove thoroughly pracjuncture of the head with the projection and tical and eihcient in use. with which the end of the flexible handle locks.

, 1th these objects in view together with-others The zone or the pr j a j nt to h which will appear as the description proceeds, shoulder is of s t y less diameter than t the invention consists in-the novel construction, medial portion of the projection, in order to combination and-arrangement of parts, all as cause a firm grip of the handle with the prowill be described more fully hereinafter, illus- Jection as will be hereinafter explained. The trated in the drawing, and particularly pointed j t o t pe s o dec a es p o s ive y out in the claim. in lateral dimension towards its outer end, as In the drawing: shown clearly in Figures 2 and 3. Figure 1 is a side elevation of a conventional The handle 8 is formed of closely ce W e, or well known form of safety razor showing the forming in efi t a 0011 pri Wh s Var ou application thereto of a handleembodying the coils rest against each other. The transverse invention, exterior diameter of the coil is substantially that Figure 2 is a similar view, with parts broken of the head d, andthe coils at the inner end of away to show the details of construction and the handle fit tigh ly o e the pr ect n D e 40 mode of operation; and to the peculiar shape of the projection I, the Figure 3 is a perspective view 0! the handle coil will in eflect be stretched in binding enhead used in connection with the invention. case ent over-the la e diameter f t e pro- The invention consists generally in a flexible lectionand thus is locked securely to th head. handle to take the place of the rigid metal han- The Outer e of the p ng has engaged therein 5 dle now in use. The improved-handle ossesses the inner extre ity of a c os o can 0. the characteristics which will permit of its being providing a shoulder ll against which the flexed readily in various directions. Associated outer end or the spr n loek with the handle is means which enables the user The spv handle 8 normally assumes a to vary the degree of flexibility by merely cu t position as shown in Figure 1, but may be I s ing the position of his hand upon the handle. flexed with the exertionof slight pressure This feature is ofimportance, as it enables each in any desired direction and to practically any user to obtain the flexibility suited to his pardegree. By reason of the tapered projection I tioular requirement. The invention in the presthe degree or flexibility may be. varied. By -ent instance is shown as associated with one pargrasping the handle close. to the projection, it

' by the underlying tapered projection I will be greater than when the handle is grasped more remote from the projection. By grasping the handle immediately over or adjacent to the pro- 5 'jecting portion 1, little or no flexibility is afforded.

' Ihe razor thus constructed automatically lends itself to'the degree of flexibility desired, this degree being determined by the point of grasp of the handle.

10 The handle is applied to the razor by delivering thereto a rotary motion to cause the threads of the stem 5 to engage within the socket'of head 8. The coils of the handle, therefore, will preferably be made left handed, so that clockwise 15 rotation to tighten the handle will cause the coils to bind and securely grip upon the projections i and i0 and thus obviate slippage.

A handle constructed in the form of a coil as described possesses a flexibility very desirable in 20 the shaving operation. This flexibility is not limited to angular directions but permits of the head rotating to limited degrees with respect to the handle. This action permits the blade to rest properly upon the-surface and keeps the blade tension at both ends uniform, notwithstanding undulations in the said surface.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that I have provided a safety razor handle of extremely simple and inexpensive construction, and which possesses such characteristics as will permit of that degree of flexibility desired by the user. It is U obvious, however, that this function may be obtained by variation in the details without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What I claim is:

In a razor, a head, a projection integral with said head, said projection being circular in cross

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U.S. Classification30/526
International ClassificationB26B21/00, B26B21/52
Cooperative ClassificationB26B21/52
European ClassificationB26B21/52