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Publication numberUS2083753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1937
Filing dateMay 23, 1934
Priority dateMay 23, 1934
Publication numberUS 2083753 A, US 2083753A, US-A-2083753, US2083753 A, US2083753A
InventorsAlonzo R Turner
Original AssigneeAlonzo R Turner
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Mounting case for a radio loudspeaker and an electric lamp
US 2083753 A
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Filed May 23, 1934 INVENTOR.


Patented June 15, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE MOUNTING CASE FOR A RADIO LOUD- SPEAKER AND AN ELECTRIC LAMP This invention relates to a case designed to inclose a radio loud speaker, and an electric lamp, in a single receptacle with means to attach the case to the ceiling of an automobile, a bus or other vehicle.

The objects of the invention are to produce a case simple and inexpensive in construction and effective in distributing the message from the speaker, and the light from the lamp to the ocl0 cupants of the vehicle; to provide a case so constructed that a portion of the loud speaker, may project, at option, above the line of attachment to the ceiling, and thus present a neat appearance and lessen the overhead obstruction in the vehicle; and to provide a case permitting hidden electric wiring in the structure of the vehicle with conventional means to control both the speaker and the lamp.

Its principal use is intended for vehicles, but

it may be placed upon the ceiling of any room where such a case is desired.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, described in this specification and particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a plan view looking toward the closed end of the case; Fig. 2 is a combined section and elevation on the line 2-2, of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing, the case I, has vertical peripheral walls, preferably slightly flaring upward, of a size to fit the base of the loud speaker frame I5, to which it is attached. The bottom of the case I, is located in a parallel adjacent plane to the base of the dynamic free vibrating cone 9, and is perforated by a series of openings 20, which provide air connections located under the edge of the cone 9, as an outlet of sound waves produced by it. The openings 20, are covered with screen, preferably copper or 4.0 bronze wire cloth, to prevent insects and dirt from entering the case. The central portion of the case I, is composed of a concave-convex lens 2, which transmits and distributes the light rays from the lamp I. The concavity and convexity of the lens 2, may be varied to distribute the light from the lamp 1, in accommodation to varying sizes of vehicles.

The lens 2, is held in place by a plurality of spring hasps 3, passing through openings 3', and fastened to the case I, as at I8. The case I, has a bracket I6, supporting an electric light socket 6, and a light bulb I, which is located near the lens 2 to give a maximum distribution of light therethrough. The electric lamp 6, and I, is connected in the usual way by a conductor 8, through a switch, (not shown), to a source of electricity.

The loud speaker Ill, and output transformer I 2, are supported by the frame I5, and connected to a radio receiver, (not shown), by the conductors II, and I3, in the usual way.

The case I, has an annular flange 4, with means 5, for attaching it to a supporting ceiling I4. It is preferable to form an opening in the supporting ceiling I4, to receive as much of the loud speaker as is practical in any given location.

The practical utility of the invention is apparent. In a vehicle the case may be located upon the ceiling where the radio message will be available to all the occupants of the vehicle with a maximum of rendition in clearness and force.

Likewise the same location will give the best light distribution throughout the vehicle. When located in a room, sound and light distribution will be facilitated to advantage from a single equipment.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. In a dome mounting case, composed of a single chamber, and designed for the installation of vehicular utilities comprising a loud speaker and an electric lamp, the combination of, lateral walls approximately vertical; means for attaching the walls to a supporting ceiling; a bottom affixed to the walls; an annular series of holes near the outer edge of the bottom; screens fastened to the bottom and covering the holes; a lens removably set in the bottom; and a bracket affixed to the bottom and within the chamber.

2. In a dome mounting case, composed of a single chamber, and designed for the installation of vehicular utilities comprising a loud speaker and an electric lamp, the combination of, lateral walls; means for attaching the walls to a supporting ceiling; a bottom rigid with the walls, and having a lens removably set therein; air connections through an annular series of holes in the bottom near its outer edge for the transmission of sound waves; screens in the air connections to exclude dirt and insects from the chamber; and a loud speaker afiixed to the walls, and spaced apart from, and adjacent the bottom.


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U.S. Classification181/155, 362/86
International ClassificationB60Q1/26, F21V33/00
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