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Publication numberUS2083880 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1937
Filing dateJun 18, 1936
Priority dateJun 22, 1935
Publication numberUS 2083880 A, US 2083880A, US-A-2083880, US2083880 A, US2083880A
InventorsElisa Tourot Emma
Original AssigneeElisa Tourot Emma
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US 2083880 A
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E. E. TOUROT June 15, 1937.

BRACELET Filed June 18, 1936 d 5. Joux Patented June 15, 1937 i UNE'E'ED STATES PATENT OFFICE 4 BRACELET Emma Elisa Tourot, Paris, France Application June 18, 1936,- Serial No. 85,989

In France June 22, 1935 4- Claims.

The present invention concerns bracelets of the kind adapted to carry a certain number of useful articles, whereby such a bracelet can dispense from the necessity, for a lady, of carrying 5 a bag containing these articles.

The essential feature of the present invention lies in the fact that the bracelet is made of a plurality of plate-shaped elements hinged to one another and carrying the articles above re- 10 ferred to or the boxes that contain said articles.

A preferred embodiment of the present invention will be hereinafter described, with reference to the accompanying drawing, given merely by Way of example, and in which:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of the bracelet developed and placed on a fiat surface;

Fig. 2 is a corresponding side view.

As shown by the drawing, the bracelet is made of a plurality of plates hinged to one another, for instance five plates I, 2, 3, 4, 5, connected together by links 6 and l. These plates may be of solid structure or preferably they are provided with apertures so as to reduce their weight. For instance, as shown in the case of plate 5, said plate may be cut away so as to form a series of transverse bars 8, 9, etc.

On this first plate I there is fixed a box i6 adapted to contain a beauty cream. The fixation may be efiected by soldering, clamping, by

means of clips, and, generally speaking, in any suitable manner.

The next plate, 2, carries, for instance, a case It for change, including two recesses l2 and it of a size corresponding with the, coins to be 35 placed therein, springs being provided in said recesses for pushing the coins against a, fixed lid M, in the usual manner. A hinged lid permits of opening one side of the case and of introducing or removing the coins laterally.

Plate 3 is adapted to carrya powder box Hi. The lid ll of this box is provided on the inside with a looking glass, preferably of the magnifying kind, in order to compensate for its small size.

Plate d carries a box IE adapted to contain various cosmetics, for instance, as shown by the drawing, a blue-pencil IS, a box of black 20 for eye-lashes, and a small brush 2! serving to apply this black.

Plate 5 carries a box 22 containing rouge for the cheeks. Under this plate can be fixed a small case 23 containing a small folding comb 2t.

Finally, the end of the bracelet consists, in the 55 embodiment shown by the drawing, of a round case, containing a lip-stick, 25. The bracelet is closed, for instance, by means of two clasps 26 adapted to engage in eyes 21 carried .by case 25.

The bracelet may be made of any suitable material, preferably a metal capable of withstand- 5 ing the action of Water, and especially sea-water, whereby the bracelet can be kept on when bathing. Also, in order to prevent water from entering the various boxes, the lids of said boxes are closed in a fiuidtight manner-by means of rubber fittings carried by the edges of the boxes and which are flattened by the lids when the latter are closed.

I may further provide one of the plates of the bracelet, for instance, as shown by the drawing, plate I, with a cross shaped structure made of two bars placed diagonally under plate i, said bars being shown at 28 and 29, It is thus possible to insert a handkerchief between these cross bars and the plate, in such manner that the bracelet carries all that may be needed by a lady, who can therefore dispense with the necessity of carrying a bag.

This bracelet is of general utility, for instance I concerning sports, and it is especially advantageous on the sea-side, where it is more and more the custom to spend several hours in bathing suit, now in the water, now on the beach. Of course, a lady could hardly dispense with the various toilet articles which she usually carries in her bag, for so long a time. On the other hand, it would be very inconvenient to carry a bag with her. The bracelet according to the present invention permits of solving this difficulty with the help of an object having a stamp of elegance.

'Advantageously, the plates and the various parts of the bracelet will be made of chromium platedmetal, or of a matter coated with paint resisting sea-water. These parts may be decorated in any suitable manner, as Well as to their colour as to their shape or the decorative designs, gems, enamel or jewelry they carry.

In a general manner, while I have, in the above description, disclosed What I deem to be a practical and efiicient embodiment of the present invention, it should be well understood. that I do not wish to be limited thereto as there might be changes made in the arrangement, disposition and form of the parts without departing from the principle of the present invention as comprehended within the scope of the appended claims.

What I claim is: 1. A bracelet which comprises, in combination,

. a. plurality of plates hinged to one another, and articles of current use fixed to the outer faces of said plates.

2. A bracelet comprising a plurality of plates hinged to one another, articles o1 current use carried by said plates, respectively, and two crossed bars fixed at their ends to one of said 10 plates, so as to permit of inserting a hand- I kerchief or the like between said bars and said plate.

3. A bracelet according to claim 1, including a lipstick hinged to the last plate and clasps for closing said bracelet fixed directly to said lipstick.

4. A bracelet according to claim 1 made exclusively of metal parts coated with a substance capable of resisting the action of sea water.


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