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Publication numberUS2084221 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1937
Filing dateOct 17, 1936
Priority dateOct 17, 1936
Publication numberUS 2084221 A, US 2084221A, US-A-2084221, US2084221 A, US2084221A
InventorsSchutz Harry H
Original AssigneeSchutz Harry H
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Carbon paper duplicator sheet
US 2084221 A
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June 15, 1937. H H, SCHUTZ 2,084,221

CARBON PAPER DUPLICATOR SHEET Filed 001'.. 17, 1956 Ey. j.


Smc/10M Patented June 15, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE This invention relates to carbon duplicator sheets, but more particularly to aunitary carbon= paper and record sheet.

'I'he main object of the invention is to provide a novel form of second or record sheet wherein a sheet of carbon paper is permanently secured to a thin sheet of record paper or cover sheet in such a manner that portions of the carbon inl:AU

may be forced through the thin cover sheetwhen the latter is forcibly impressed or struck; for example, by a. type platen of a typewriter whereby the type character or letter will show or become legible on the outer surface of the cover sheet.

Another object is to provide a unitary carbon l5 .paper and record sheet which, in use, will avoid thetime now necessary, in preparing second or record sheets, to assemble one or more single carbon sheets alternately with one or more single second sheets in position in rear of a letterhead or the like in order to makea record on the second sheets of data impressed upon the letterhead.

A. further object is to produce a carbon paper to the inked surface of which is permanently secured a thin cover or protective sheet that will facilitate handling of the carbon paper and avoid the objectionable smutting of the hands of the operator or objects contacted thereby.

A preferred form of this invention is shown on the accompanying drawing, wherein- Figure l is a fragmentary perspective view of a unitary carbon sheet and record cover-sheet;

Fig. 2 is a view, in section, on line 2--2 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. `3 is a view, in section, of a modication.

Referring to the drawing in detail, a unitary carbon and cover or record sheet is indicated by numeral I. To form such a unit, a sheet of paper 2 having a coating 3 of ink and forming a common carbon paper is secured to a very thin sheet 4 of tissue paper or the like by a thin coating of adhesive material 5. The adhesive material should be of a very thin consistency so that the sheets 2 and 4 will be permanently secured together but, at the same time, allow portions of the ink 3 to be readily forced through the sheet 4 when an object such as a type character is caused to strike either the sheet 2 4or the sheet 4. 'I'he cover sheet 4 is preferably formed of the thinnest type of white paper obtainable and one which will readily permit ink to show or be forced therethrough.

Fig. 3 shows a modlcation which is'equally as practical and even more economical to produce.

To a layer lof paper 6 is lapplied a coating 1 of a suitable mixture of carbon ink and adhesive and asheet 8 of very thin paper is pressed into contact with the layer l in a manner to cause sheets t and-8 to closely adhere as a permanent unit. 'I'he layex` 'I will be formed of a mixture of the .usual carbon and wax components of carbon lpaper ink and an ingredient of adhesive nature `that will render the layer 1 adherent to paper. The sheet 8 will serve as the record and portions of ink from the layer I may show or be forced through the sheet 8 as has been explained in conn ection with the sheet 4 in Fig. 1.

In using a unit carbon second sheet lI or duplicator sheet as herein disclosed, for usual typewriter work, a letterhead or ribbon copy sheet upon which is to be typed a message, is merely laid upon the duplicator sheet I in contact with the cover or tissue sheet 4 or. 8 and both sheets are inserted in a typewriter. When type characters are forcibly impressed upon the letterhead sheet, portions of ink 3 will show or be forced through the tissue she'et 4 and a copy of the message will be formed in a readable manner on sheet 4. The sheet I thereby becomes a permanent record or duplicate of the letterhead impression.

In order to produce such a carbon sheet du plicator, the paper sheets 2 and 4 may be made of thin and cheap quality and lthe ink 3 may likewise be made of cheap material, because the coating thereof is protected from rubbing oil by the sheet 4.

What I claim is:

1. A duplicator sheet comprising a sheet of carbon paper and a sheet. of thin paper permanently securedto the inked surface of the carbon paper.

2.- A duplicator sheet comprising a backing sheet, a coating of carbon ink applied thereto on one surface, a thin cover sheet and means adhesively securing the cover sheet to the inked surface of the backing sheet.

3. A non-smut carbon duplicator sheet comprising a backing sheet, a coating of ink applied thereto on one surface, and a thin paper cover sheet secured permanently to the ink coated surface of the backing sheet. l

4. 'A duplicator or second sheet comprising a backing sheet, a coating of adhesive ink' on one surface of the backing sheet, said coating comprising a mixture of carbon ink and an adhesive, and a thin paper sheet permanently secured to the coated surface of thelbacking sheet.


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U.S. Classification462/69
International ClassificationB41M5/10
Cooperative ClassificationB41M5/10
European ClassificationB41M5/10