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Publication numberUS2084423 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1937
Filing dateMay 27, 1936
Priority dateMay 27, 1936
Publication numberUS 2084423 A, US 2084423A, US-A-2084423, US2084423 A, US2084423A
InventorsMelford D Battye
Original AssigneeMelford D Battye
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Collapsible olla cover
US 2084423 A
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June 22, 1937. BATTYE 7 2,084,423

COLLAPS IBLE OLLA COVER .Filed May 27, 1956 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 FIE= E By%% ATTORNEY.

June 22, 1937- BATTYE COLLAPSIBLE OLLA COVER Filed May 27, 1936 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I N VE N TOR.


Patented June 22, 1937 UNITED STA-T as Artur oFFicE 2 Claims.

The invention, ingeneral," relates toimeans for improving-the sanitaryconditions and efiiciency of water coolers; More particularly, -the invention relatesto' olla. covers for promoting greater circulation of air. around the 1 olla, for preventing deleteriousiaction of'mould ortotherbacteria provide an olla cover which is inexpensively manufactured and which lends itself to attractive design!" motifs as well i as attractive displayto avoid theunsightly appearance of the olla:

Other ob'jectsofthe invention, together with some of theadvantageous features thereof, will appear from the-following description of a "pre ferred embodiment ofthe invention. While I have illustrated the preferred embodiment of my invention in the accompanying drawings, it is to be understood that I am not to be limited to the embodiment shown, as my invention, as defined by the appended claims, can be embodied in a plurality and variety of forms.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a medial vertical sectional view of an embodiment of my invention, taken through a portion of a water cooler with the olla cover assembled in position.

Figure 2 is a side elevation of a water cooler including the olla and with the present embodiment of my invention installed thereon.

Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 33 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is an elevation of an embodiment of the invention illustrating the flexible character of the same which enables the nesting of a plurality of the covers together for ready and inexpensive handling.

Figure 5 is a view taken on the line 5--5 of Figure 4 and illustrating the manner of diminishing the overall dimensions of the cover to permit the nesting together of a plurality thereof.

Figure 6 is a development of the body portion of the embodiment of my invention illustrated in.

Figures 1 to 4 inclusive.

Figure 7 is a development of'the neck and shoulder portion of the embodiment of themvention shown in Figures 1 to4 inclusive.

In its preferred form, the collapsible olla cover of my invention preferablycomprises a generallycylindricallbody portion and-'a' generally coneshaped neck and shoulder portion; both of said portions preferably being formedof flexible'sheet material, such as cardboard, and b eing provided with a series of perforations to permit circulation of 'air about the olla upon which the cover seats in spaced relationship; together with means for detachably fastening the two portions together; and'means at'the extremitiesof each of saidpor tions for detachably interlocking the sameto-;

lateral'extremity, with "a tab l6 havingf li-psf lfllformed tliereon -forinsertion in aperturesf l8 formed in-the-sh'eet' at=the otherlateral extremity thereof. The sheet ll comprises the body portion of my improved olla cover and preferably is scored o-r weakened at spaced intervals, as at l9, so that upon folding the sheet upon itself and interlocking the extremities thereof at the tab l6, lips l1 and apertures 18, a plurality of panels 2| are provided. The sheet II can thus be assembled and detachably fastened at its lateral extremities about the conventional porous jar or olla 22 of the standard water cooler which includes an inverted water bottle 23, the neck 24 of which is disposed in the mouth 26 of the olla, all as illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawings.

In addition to the sheet II, the olla cover of my invention includes a neck and shoulder portion which preferably consists of a sheet 21 also formed of flexible material, such as cardboard, and which preferably is formed into atruncated pyramid, see Figure 2 of the drawings, having a relatively large opening at the center thereof which registers with the mouth 26 of the olla and through which the neck 24 of the bottle 23 protrudes. The sheet 21 conveniently is provided with a series of perforations 28 at spaced intervals circumferentially about the sheet and also is provided with means, such as the tabs 29 and apertures 3! at opposed longitudinal extremities '45 r ible olla cover of my invention can readily be "thereof, to permit detachable'interlocking enportions together.

Any other suitable the same maybe bent at the scorings to provide panels 34. conforming and registering with'the panels 2| of thebody portion of the cover consisting 'of the sheet .1. The outer lateral ;ex-

" tremityof the sheet 2'Ifisprovidedwith a plurality of tabs 36, preferably formediintegral with the sheet, each of which is slotted to form lips 3'! for disposal in a series of slots 38 formed in the panels 2| of sheet I. By means of the'tabs'36.

and lips 31 of the sheet 21', in conjunction with the slots 38 of thesheet l I ,the body portion ,of

"my olla cover comprising} the sheet H ,can ,be

detachably interlocked with the neck and shoulder p ortion of -the*cover comprising the sheet 21. With the two". portions fastened together, the

cover can readily be disposed over'the olla 22 ,fwith;a;portion of the inner surface of sheet '21 ,resting upon the, mouth .26 of the olla, thereby forming a gasket, and with the panels 2| of the body portion ofthe cover spaced-from the olla only is the olla protected'from dust and conse:

'to provide an jannular air passageway. 39 about the olla; see particularly Figure 1 of the drawings. From an inspection of the drawings, it lwillbe clearv that by providing an .volla cover of the character herein disclosed and illustrated, not

quent'accumulation of mould formations thereon,

but there is afforded a free circulation of air aboutthe ollaresulting'in the maintenancejof the water in the olla at thedesired cooltempera .tureg Moreover, the unsightly appearance 'of the olla.-is obviated and av general pleasing efiect upon the eye ispresented sincethe 011a cover can easily 7 beapplied with an attractive coatingof lacquer or paint, or. any other means of making attrac- V V tive;

Asillustrated particularly in Figures '14 andi5 of the drawings, itgwillbe observed tl at the flexcoiledinto smaller size by merely unfastening the tabs of the two portions," Having this feature, a

great number of the covers can more easily be 4 packedand shipped as they are adaptable to nesting one within the other.

condition, that is, in the form of flat sheets. This feature enables area'dy re-assembly at the point 7 of destination or use in the oflice for mounting about the olla. Moreover, in the event that one j 10 7 cover becomes soiled .or that a cover previously usedis desired to be dispensed'with, it is ap- It also is to be noted that the cover of my invention can be readily 7 collapsed and thus be shipped in unassembledij parent that itrequires less than" a minute to I assemble andginstall an ollacover of the char: 'acter herein disclosed. g x Y Theolla cover of my invention is easily and inexpensively manufactured and is readily adapt- "able to any size of olla. Furthermore, with an" olla cover'of thertype herein disclosed, installed upon a water cooler, there'is increased efficiency in drinking facilities in' that the water is maintained at the'desired.coolltemperature and the} V tendencytowards accumulation of mould on the periphery of the'olla and germs inthe water within the sameis reduced to a minimum. r I

It is'to be 'unders'tood'thatthe appended claim e are to be. accorded a range of. equivalents com- 7 mensurate with thescope of the prior'art. 'Iclaimx v r 1. 'A cover for outwardly from the body portion towards the longitudinal axis thereof, and having a, central opening adapted to receive the mouthof an olla.;j said portions being made of sheet material and each having its meeting edges detachably secured u an olla comprising a tubular body portion and atopportion therefor, inclining together, and means detachably connecting saidv such o1la,-and said portions further provided with aligned, creases arranged to permit folding of the cover portions whilethey are secured togetherl 2-. A coverfas defined in' claim 1, in which the creases in the bodyportion are parallel to .each other and to' the longitudinal axis thereofpa'nd body and ,top portions togethensaid portions be 7 ing provided with openings arranged .to' cause; a circulation of air over the outsideisurface of.

the creases in, the top portion converge radially.

' towards the central opening therein.


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