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Publication numberUS2085627 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1937
Filing dateAug 14, 1935
Priority dateAug 14, 1935
Publication numberUS 2085627 A, US 2085627A, US-A-2085627, US2085627 A, US2085627A
InventorsJoseph A Bodnar
Original AssigneeWestinghouse X Ray Company Inc
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Ultraviolet apparatus
US 2085627 A
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` "J, A. BODNAR UI.TRAV1IOL}E}'1` APF'ARATUS Fixed Aug. 14, 1955 "Jung 29, 1937. f 2,085,627

2 Sheets-Sheet 2 U5 INVENTOR "ffieteiiiedi Juihef29,4 :19371 f a 1 lf UNITED-STA My presentinvention -relates to `therapeutic apn paratus and has particularreferenc toa portable andicompactdevice"which may be readily `trans-- ported bya user fromone placeito` another and 5^ employed with `facilityior `subjecting a patient to p the benecial eiectsof ultraviolet riii'diatiorls.` l

(l i usual1y` compriseda cumbersome lamp stand prolampi` `Itiscustomary for ia patient tositor lie lamp `usualiyvintlleloilice ofia` l 5` not onlyisthis exee'dingly `inconvenient at times,

cianiortechnician to be inadvertntlysubjected tojsuch rays. i f n i" l a y 1t isaccordinglyan objectfof mypreserit inveno` `tion to provide Aa compact' portable ultra-violet f apparatusywhich may betransportedby a physi-Y `kcianj or technicianwith facilityfrorn one place "to iianotheri t n p i n n n i Another Objejcigjof` myfprsent invention `the `aprcivision ofI ai compact portable n `ultra-violet` apn jinstrumentalities for fenergizing the sameA are housedilvithin` `a` portablecontainer andmay be a "i'readily removed-therefrom for the administra- `tion ofatreatment. f jf i Another object of my "present invention is the revision of i an ultraviolet apparatus wherein the lampunitiisdetachablysecured to the closure member lfor a portable container having "agplu grality*ofI compartmentsdnfwhich are disposed `various ac"cessories"fo`r`the apparatus and into one i of which the lampl unit ismoved upon" closing of the container bythe closure" memberor lid,` lAwfurther object of my presentinvention fis the 40 provision of `a? lamp` unit` `prc'lyi-led with' aV handle in thei form ofifa {pistol grip having a `suitable switch and soket lfor `silpportingan i ultra-violet n lamptogetherwith an" ultral-violet impervious` r`e a `fleeting shieldY which, `w`hil`e "directing` the n radiaap tions away from the user, is provided with several ``uitra-violet fto `enable 4the user` to observe the distance` the l lamp. is `disposed i from the skin of a patient!withoutfbeingsbjected to such radiations."- "il comeobvious `to"those"skl1led infthe art byrefn erence to theaccompanying drawings" wherein,

` Figure Isis a side sectional view of the lamp unit constructedlln `accordancewith my present u oilnar,` Jackson signor to Westinghouse X-Ray Company, glnc.;

4acorporation1 ,of Delaware i a K lnppiieaiienfmigustlu, 1935, seriainoffsai slolaiis. (climi-396),`

``il1`he`bene`cial results of ultraLviolet radiations `bothlior heliotherapy and physiotherapy are `well nown` Heretofore an ultra-violet apparatushas `vided `with e suitable reiieeier` ehdannultralvielet uponlagsui`t`ab1e support" under the rays `frol'nthe i physician. fThus,

`hutiilfis ndt infrequent t for-the "attending yphysifr; iparatus `wherein the lampiuiiititself` together` `ilvitli `iwindowsperviouslto visible radiations; but notto i siiilifurther-ebjeeieofimy invention `will be- V a Q[n"aossxsalll t t 1 i i i l Unmiivromr APPARATUS a invention and shelvingi a `portion of the "portable TES y PATENTQFHCE `ftransformer for `supplying electrical energyto i "thelalnp` u a a `Fig`2 isa rear eleyatinal view of the lamp unit fais shown in`Fig."1.` i n l ig.` 3 isa top plan view of thexentire apparatus p Withltheclosure "Inenbezjorlid raised and show- `ing the various accessories and parts ofthe lamp unit as housed inthe compact portablefcontainer. y Fig14vsa side viewlosf theentire apparatus as shown iti-Fig. 3.

Fig. 5 is a partial end viewof the lamp unit looking irl the direction ofthe arrows V-V shovvn lIFE-"Lahd n p l l .y Fig.` 6 `is "an elevational View` of n a `guard for "the` ultra-violet lamp, when not [in `use -an-d co'm- ",prises one of the accessories housed Within `lone "compartment of thecontainer-` a n i n i Referringjnow to the drawings in detailI have shown inFig.` 1 my lamp unit `which.comprises a handle `il efisuiieble materiel, such ashard mhher` or aphenolic c`oridensation"prduct;havingacon` l a i figuration simulating `a pistolgripso as to be` Vvided withasvvitchy anda` socket 1 of the usual `"typeJNAn insulated cable 8 @extends w from. an

ispreferably areactane, `but maybe atransformer for' operationon alternating currenhor readily gripped by the `har`1'd"o`fa userand pro-` p rappropriate source o f;elect`rical energy 91, which` fer tosuchisource as a transformer.` A bore l0 i provided in the handle and oneof Qthefelecmeel "eendueiers i2; ofthe. able s isveoneeied `directlytoone` terminalof the socketl while the remaining conductor I 3" is broken n throughwt'he switch 6 so that thelatter controls the supply of Uenergy'lrom the trahsfrmerto thesocket.`

A reflecting shield Iii priovidedwithen "ennular collar orfthe like l5 rigidly secured thereto as `byfsuitable bolts" I6 is` alsosupported bythe engagement ofl`the` co1- handle" li` by the `threaded a a laril 5 with the shell of theI socket l; n This reect-` ing shield beingwof" anysuitable metal is imper-` vious to visibleand ultra-violet `radiations and has a sumcient radii of curvature n together with v af reflecting `surface `on the side oppsite` tov the Qhandle,` such asto direct radiations `away zfrom" the hand fihe userdurg the adminiserationr or u a treatment` "A plurality of windows l1 are prol vided in this reflecting shield, which although im` pervious to ultraviolet lightfarejnevertheless pervious to visible light, to enable the user to observe when the ultra-violet lamp is energized as .well as the dlstancebetween the latter and a patient- An'ultra-violet lampy I8is arranged to threadedly engage the socket l and may be of any suitable type capable of producing ultra-violet radiations of aV desired intensity and wave length, such for example `as the lamp shown and claimed in Patent No. 1,917,848 issued July 11, 1933 to John W. Marden et al. and assigned to the Westinghouse Lamp Co., which lamp i`s provided with a thin recessedrwindow` portion i9 in the end thereof more' pervious to ultra-violet radiations than the remainder of the envelope. Surrounding the tour of the envelopeof the lamp. This is held in firm contact with the end` of the envelopey through the medium of a" pluralityof resilient fingers or the like 22 `secured to the collar 20,

such as by screws 23, and -extending overthe envelope in the direction of its longitudinal axis with the ends of the fingers 22 being held against' the envelope by, aretainngring 24 which may be in the form-ofa` coiled'spring, thus forming a guard for the lamp. The fingers 22 extend slightly beyond thecollar 20. and are provided withr angular portions'25. bent inwardly for the purpose ofengaging a disc 28 of suitable heat resisting materialiforY the purpose of preventing thejlamp from actually contacting the patient and causing discomfort of any'na'ture. .y f

1 `Thisdisc 281s provideduwith 'an openingl21 of approximately the same diameter as that of ythe thin `Window portion I9 ofthe lamp for the egress of radiations as well asf a plurality of transverse lslots 28 (Figs. 5 and 6) and a peripheral groove 28. VInorder toposition the disc 26 upon the col- Vlar 28 to complete' the lamp guardthe angular "portions of the resilient fingers 22 are passed "partially through the transverse slots 28, until the same align with thperipheral groove 29 after which the disc is given a slight rotary movement Y `thus retaining the same in position.

Y A similar discjl is provided as anaccessory which in most respects is identical to the disc 28 with the exception that it is provided with only a very small v,opening 32 serving as a vent to permit escapement of air from the recessedthin window portion I9 of the envelope in4 lieu of the larger opening 21jas in the disc 28. This latter disc '38 is adapted to be placed upon the lamp i "guard in place of they disc. 28 when the lamp is g not in use and completely protects the end of the lampv I8 and particularly the thin window portion I9 to prevent accidental breakage.

The lamp unit as' Justvdescribed together with the transformer 9 is arranged to be disposed within aportable container asshown more clearly in Figs. 3 and v4. This'container is provided with a closure member or `lid 34 hinged thereto rtogether with a suitable handle 35 .and fasteners 88. The interior of the .container is provided with a plurality of compartments 31, 38, 39, 40, 42,

' and u and the ultra-violet lamp la together with `a spare lamp 44 arenormally disposed within vthe compartments 31`and 38 and closed by a separate cover plate 48 v(Fig. y4). Various other accessories, such as a lamp cord 4B is disposed withln the compartment 39 which is employed for connecting the primary winding of the transformer 9 to a suitable source :of electrical energy fof the usual commercial potential, and in the f compartment 4.0'are disposeda pair of ultra-violet impervious spectacles 41 as well asthe disc 26 'when replaced by the disc 20.

. novel:

The transformer 9 which is provided with a suitable handle 48 for detaching the same from the container 33 is retained within the compartment by rmeans of vspring clips or the like 49 engaging hubs 50 provided on the transformer housing.

The lamp unit on the other hand is secured to the underside of the closure member 34 by spring clips 52 which engage the reflecting shield I4 and all parts of this unit and particularly the pistol grip yhandle 5 vwhich extend beyond the surface of the vclosure member or cover 34 are arranged to fit into the compartment 43 upon closure of the end of the lamp l8'is an annular collar 20 having a slightly tapered surface conforming to the con- .former thereto by the cord 46. f l

It can thus be readily seen by those skilled in ythe art that I have provided an ultra-violet apparatus of a compact portable nature which may be transported from one place to another with ease. Moreover, the various members utilized during the actual administration of a treatment are readily yremovable from the portable container enabling them to be employed lwith still greater facility at any desired location. The lamp unit itself may be readily gripped by the user so as to apply the treatment to any desired area of a patients skin while actual contact between the lamp and patient is prevented by a suitable guard and the user can observe the proper positioning of .the lamp while being shielded from stray radiation by a reflecting shield.

Although I have shown and' described one embodiment of ,my present invention I do not desire to be limited thereto as various other modifications of the same may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the appended claims. Having thus described my invention I claim as 1. A portable ultra-violet radiationv unit comprising a handle having a configuration readily adapting the same to hand gripping by a user, a socketcarried byisaid handle, an ultra-violet lamp adapted to be energized and to generate ultra-violet radiations within a preselected region of the spectrum disposed in said socket, a refleeting shield supported by said handle for directing'the radiations emanating from said lamp in a desired direction and for preventing radiations from falling upon the hand of a user when holding said unit. and at least-one window in said reflecting shield pervious to visible radiations but impervious to ultra-violet radiations to enable one to observe the positioning of said lamps Without being subject to radiations from the latter.

2.r A portable ultra-violet radiation unit comprising a handle having a configuration readily adapting the same to hand gripping by a user, a socket carried by said handle, an ultra-violet f lampadapted to be energized and to generate and causing discomfort thereto during the adsupportedby said handle for directing the radia- "ptions emanating from `said la'rnp in a desired direction `and :for preventing scattereduradiation from" falling upon thehand of n the user when holding said unit, and awindow insaid reflecting shieldpervious` to visible radiations but impervinus to1ultraviolet"radiations to enable a` user to observelthe positioning offsaid lamp without being subject to radiations from" thel latter.

y 35A portable ultra-violet radiation unit comprising al handle having an `angularly disposed portionyfforn'iing a" hand grip,'a socket carried by aidhz`i`r1c`ile`,tanl ultra-violet lamp `adapted to be energizedandto generateultra-violet radiations `vt'ithin apreselected region of the spectrum disposed injsaidusolcket; a source of electrical energy for energizing said lamp,a switch carried by said lliandlefandoperable byra user to electrically conneet saidlampfto said source/a guard secured to said `1 amp" for protectingthe sarne `and` to prevent dniscornfort` thereto during `the administration of n handle* for directing the'` radiations emanating `from `said `lamp in a desired direction and for preventingscattered radiations from falling upon thehand of theuser whenholding said unit, and avvindow` in said reflecting shield pervious to visibleradiatins but impervious to ultraviolet radiations to enable auser to observethe posi# tioning ofsaidl lamp Without being subjectto radiationslfrom the latter.` n i l 4. A" portable ultra-violet Vradiation unit oomministration oflafitreatmentfa reecting shield `said lamp from contacting a i patient `andfcausing `a` treatment, `a. "reflectingshield supported by said l tain `the latter in yieldable Contact with the` 5. `A portable ultra-violet radiation unit comprising a handle having a configuration readily adapting the same tohand gripping `bya user,a` socketjcarriedhby said handle, an ultra-violet lamp adapted to be energizedand to generate ultra-violet radiationswithina preselected region of` the spectrum disposed Vin said"` socket, andata guard for said lamp comprising a disc offheat resisting `material providedwith a plurality `of `transverse slots communicating with a peripheral groove, a pluralityof resilient fingers extending longitudinally of the `envelope of said Iampand detachablyengaging the peripheral groove of said disc `to hold the latterfin rm contact with the envelopeof said `lampyanda yieldable ringsur` rounding" the envelope of said lamp and said fingersl to maintain the latter in i contact with theenvelope of said lamp. t


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