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Publication numberUS2086074 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1937
Filing dateJun 30, 1936
Priority dateMar 31, 1936
Publication numberUS 2086074 A, US 2086074A, US-A-2086074, US2086074 A, US2086074A
InventorsDel Genovese Pietro
Original AssigneeDel Genovese Pietro
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Ejector head of burners, atomizers, and similar nozzles
US 2086074 A
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July 6, 1937- P. DEL GENovEs'E 2,086,074

EJECTOR HEAD O BURNERS, ATOMIZERS AND SIMILAR NOZZLES Fired June s, 195e Patented July 6, 1937 I EJECTOR HEAD F BURNERS, ATOMIZERS, AND SIMILAR.v NOZZLES Pietro Del Genovese, Pisa'ltaly'm` Application June 30, 1936, Serial No,

In Italy March 31, 1936 4 Claims.

My present inventionhas for its object. to provide an improved ejector head for burners, atomizers and similar nozzles, comprising a spherocylindrical member placed in a hollow seat of complementary shape, and provided with passage grooves for the liquid to be ejected. The

said grooves on the cylindrical part of the said member are of helical winding which is extended onto the hemispherical part of the member `up to the polar vregion where it becomes helicospiral. Y In the polar region of the said hemispheric member a small cylindrical recess is provided, which is coaxial witli the said member, and in l which a conical element is placed which is coaxial with the said member andthe function of which is to direct the liquid .(owing to the said cylindrical recess and coming fromf the said grooves) to the coaxial bore in the said seat of the ejector head from which the vliquid is discharged in the shape of an open cone of finely subdivided liquid.

The invention is illustrated by way of example in one of its modifications in the annexed drawing in which:

Fig. 1 shows an axial section of ejector head subject matter of my present invention.

Fig. 2 is a front view of the sphere-cylindrical member forming a part of the ejector head shown in Fig. l, and

Figs. 3 and. 4 area side and back elevation, respectively, of the said sphere-cylindrical member.

In the said drawing, I is a nozzle head, lor` instance a burner, and 2 is a bore provided therein, in which the sphero-cylindrical member 3 is arranged'-JIhe latter is provided with helical grooves 4 on the cylindrical portion 5 which are extended with helico-spiral winding onto, the hemispherical portion 6 of member 3.

Grooves 4 discharge in front into a cylindrical chamber 'I in which a conical member 8 is provided, coaxial with member 3 and having the purpose of conveying the liquid from grooves 4 to exit channel 9 of head I, followed by the conical Widening I Il. Y

In the modification of invention shown in the drawing for purposes of illustration the conical member 8 is axially movable, being supported by a screw-threaded rod II screwed into the screw threaded bore l2 Aof the sphero-cylindrical memy ber 3 and xed in place by a counter-screw I3. The conical member 8 may, however, be made fixed if this is desirable. The conical point or tip 8 forms with cavity I4 in the inner Wall of head I a nozzle I which may be controlled, or not, by the movement of the said tip 8. This nozzle I5 is formed by the interstice between the conical surface of the generatrix AB of tip 8 and theconical surface of the generatrix AC of head I.

My present invention has been described and 4illustrated by Way of example in a' preferred modification, but it is understood that it is liable of structural variations without departing from the scope of invention.

Conical members, for instance, instead of being axially movable may be fixed. a,

Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of mysaid invention and in what manner the same is to.. be performed. I declare that what I claim is; I

1. An atomizer comprising a body portion hav- ,ing an axially disposed sphero-cylindrical recess with said recess, a bevelledsurface located in and an axially disposed channel communicating I said body portion between said recess and chan? 2. Anatomizer comprising a body portion having an' axially disposed sphere-cylindrical recessA vand an axiallydisposed channel communicating with said recess, a bevelled .surface located in said body portion between said recess and channel, an insert of sphero-cylindrical shape located ixedly in said recess, said insert having an axial recess and spiral grooves on its surface terminaitT ing .ins id axial recess and an adjustable conical memberlocated in said axial recess.

3. An atomizer comprising a body portion having an axially disposed sphero-cylindrical recess and an axially disposed channel communicating with said recess, a bevelled surface located in said body portion between said recess andchannel, aninsert of sphero-cylindrical shape located'A xedly in said recess, said insert having an axial recess andspiral grooves on its surface terminating in said axial recess and a conical member, located in said axial recess and the conical surface of said vmember and said bevelled surface being located in non-parallel relation.

4. An atomizer comprising a body portion havi being in spaced relation and converging towardthe longitudinal yaxis of said body portion. PIETRO DEL GENOVESE.

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U.S. Classification239/465, 239/488
International ClassificationF23D11/36, F23D11/38
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European ClassificationF23D11/38B