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Publication numberUS2086355 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1937
Filing dateApr 17, 1936
Priority dateApr 17, 1936
Publication numberUS 2086355 A, US 2086355A, US-A-2086355, US2086355 A, US2086355A
InventorsHeaume Eansor Norman Du
Original AssigneeHeaume Eansor Norman Du
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Holder for containers
US 2086355 A
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July 6, 1 937. N. Du H. EANsoR 2,086,355


Patented July 6, .1937

2,086,355 norma non ooN'rAiNsas Norman Du Heaume ,Eanson Windsor, Ontario,

,Canada Application April 17, 1936, Serial No. 74,851

' e claims. (c1. 24S-313) This invention relates to a holder for containers or receptacles and more particularly to a holder for garbage cans or refuse containers.

An object of the invention is to provide a means for preventing unauthorized molestation of refuse containers by animals, and the consequent scattering of the refuse, by securely positioning the container out of reach of such animals but at the same time readily accessible for the reception and discharge of refuse. Another object is to provide means for ensuring the automatic and accurate replacement of the' cover on the container whenever it has been removed therefrom for the depositing or discharge of refuse, thus completely shielding the refuse at all times from flies and insects and eliminating attendant unsanitary conditions. A further object is, to ensure protection of the container from damage by rough handling. A further object is to provide a den vice which may be quickly and easily applied to the usual types of containers and receptacles now in use.

Other objects of the invention will be evident from the following description of one embodiment illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in


Figure l is a side elevation of the device with a container positioned therein, and

Figure 2 is a front elevation of the device, the position of the container in relation therewith being shown in dotted lines.

In the drawing, the device I is shown secured yat a convenient height on any suitable support 2, which may be a Wall or post, and the refuse container 3, provided with a cover 3' is secured therein in a manner to be later described.

The device consists broadly in a main supporting bracket 4, a bracket 5 to which the refuse container is secured and which is rotatably secured to the main bracket 4 and a hinged coversupporting bracket 6.

The main bracket 4 is formed with a central reenforcing rib 'l extending along a portion of its length on one side thereof and a circular housing 8 adjacent one end below the rib l. The housing 8, as shown, is open at the back and closed at the front to form a cylindrical chamber 8.

The rotary bracket 5 is formed with a main rib 9 having a pair of curved Wings i0 at either end and with a circular housing l I also closed at the front and open at the back and adapted to t over the housing 8 of bracket 4 as shown.

The bracket 5 is secured to the main bracket 4 by means of a bolt I2 extending through the centre of the abutting vertical walls of housings 8 and il, respectively. Means are provided for resiliently locking bracket 5 in various rotative positions with respect to bracket 4 and comprise a pair of pins i3 secured in theverticalwallof housing il and having rounded or semi-spherical projections or heads i3 extending into the housing li, and a plurality of pairs oi corresponding depressions ii formed in the outer or meeting surface of the vertical wall of housing 8. The housing ii has resilient axial movement with respect to housing 8 by means of a spring i5 located in housing 8 and surrounding the bolt 'l2l and being retained in position by means oi a cup washer i6 against which the spring abuts and through Which the bolt i2 extends.

The rib 9 is provided with a slot il adjacent each pair of wings il), each slot being adapted to receive an adjustable band i8 which surrounds and clamps thereto the container 3. The adjusting means for the bands may comprise, as shown, a tab i9 secured to the band and having a button 20 adapted to be inserted in the openings 2! and become locked in the slots 22.

The cover-supporting bracket 6 includes a pair oi lugs 23 pivoted at one end to a somewhat enlarged portion 24 of rib l and secured at the other end to a curved plate 25. The curved plate 25 is secured to an adjustable band 26 which surrounds and clamps thereto the cover 3. The bracket E may pivot only in an upward direction from its normal substantially horizontal position, anges 2l being formed on the enlarged portion 24 to engage the lugs 23 and prevent downward movement thereof.

In use, the cover of the container may be freely opened for the deposit of refuse therein and, by means of the supporting bracket 6, will always drop accurately back into position. When it is desired to dump the container, it is only necessary to lift the cover momentarily into the position shown in dotted lines in Figure 1 and turn the container about the axes of the housings 8 and il. The resilient locking means provides a plurality of dumping positions, one o1" which is shown in dotted lines in Figure 2. As illustrated, the locking means provides accurate and secure positioning of the container in upright position, a first locked dumping position corresponding to approximately rotation of the container and in completely reversed position. Any number of desired locking positions may of course be pro:- vided.

The device may be applied to various containers and receptacles for numerous purposes. Moreover, only a comparatively few sizes of the Y means for rotatively mounting the first bracket on the second bracket, said lastmentioned means comprising a housing Ycarried by the rst bracketl and providing a cylindrical chamber having a vertical end wall and a cylindrical housing carried by the second bracket and having a vertical end wall and arranged to project into said cylindrical chamber with said vertical end walls in abutting relation. Y

2. A holder for containers as defined in claim 1 wherein means are provided for resiliently positioning said first bracket in a plurality of rotative positions comprising resilient means for securing the vertical Aend walls of said chamber and said housing in abutting relation and projections on said chamber end Wall, said housing end wall having depressions corresponding with and arranged to receive said projections.

3. A holder for a container comprising a frame member, a bracket having a plurality of curved wing members embracing a portion of the container, adjustable bands passing through said bracket adjacent the wing members and encircling the container, means for rotatively mounting said bracket on said frame member whereby the container is freely turnable about the axis of said rotative means, and means for accurately positioning the container in upright and upturned positions.


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