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Publication numberUS2086858 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1937
Filing dateOct 4, 1935
Priority dateOct 4, 1935
Publication numberUS 2086858 A, US 2086858A, US-A-2086858, US2086858 A, US2086858A
InventorsMilton S Dunkelberger
Original AssigneeMilton S Dunkelberger
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Liquid mixer
US 2086858 A
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y 1937- M. s. DUNKELBERGER 8 ,85

LIQUID MIXER Filed 002. 4, 1935 1%.; ATTORNEY Patented July 13, 1 937 4.


This invention relates to new and useful improvements in liquid mixers. It isone, of the principal objects of my invention' to provide for mixing liquids such as malted ,milk, medicines, paints and the like, a container having in its bottom a well in which an electric rotor carrying an agitator is readily insertible. I'hisagitator and rotor unit is compact, economical and easily removable for the purpose of cleaning and repair, and when in operation, will drawv the liquid downwardly, and agitate it thoroughly, to completely mix the same. In respect to these advantages, as well as others to behereinafter pointed out, my liquid mixer is i5 superior to the present type in which the motor and dependent agitator are mounted in the upper part. of the container.

in the accompanying drawing illustrating my invention, Figure 1 is a vertical, sectional view taken through the liquid container, showingthe agitator assembly in the bottom portion thereof. Figure 2 is a horizontal sectional view taken through the same on the line 2- 2 of Figure 1. And Figure 3 is a top plan view of the agitator. 5 Referring to the accompanying drawing for a detailed description of my invention, the numeral l designates a conventional liquid container having a spout 2, handle 3, lid 4- and'bottoni i. Crimped to the bottom 5 is a hollow base 6. Formed in the bottom 5 is a hole which receives a metal sleeve 1 that is outwardly flanged at its I upper end to rest upon said bottom while project-'-.

to form a well.

, The sleeve I has a bottom 8 which is depressed at its central portion to receive a bearing 9 for the lower end of a removable. vertical agitator shaft I I. The upper part of the shaft I0 is rotatable in a bearing cap- I I that is externally flanged, for support upon the flanged top of the sleeve portion of the shaft. 'This bearing cap II is formed with holes I! through which liquid may the sleeve to lubricate the bearing 9..

Attached to the upper end of the agitator shaft II, in this instance between a collar l4 and a thumb nut II. is a blade unit ll comprising three wardly pitched wing blades II that are joined a central web ll. fsee Figure 3.) Each ing downwardly therefrom into the hollow base over a laminated rotor l2 carried bythe middle flow from the container into the well formed 'by blade is formed with a plurality of holes IS, in this instance three of gradually diminishing size, to assist in thoroughly agitating the liquid in the container when the blade unit is rotated by the following described means.

Secured to the sleeve 1 isa conventional laminated stator 20. Provided in one end of the stator is a hole that receives the'sleeve, to which this end'of the stator is attached at a place where it will completely surround the rotor l2 to revolve 10 the latter. At its other end the stator carries the conventional stator winding 2| from which wires 22, 22 lead to prongs 23, 23 in a socket 24 that receives a plug 25 carrying wires 26 which conduct electric current to it from a source of 15 alternating current not shown.

When alternating current flows to the winding 2i, the rotor Ill carried by the shaft ill will be rotated by the stator to revolve the blades IT in the direction of the arrow in Figure 3. Whirlo ing at a fast rate in the bottom portion of the container, these apertured blades will thoroughly and completely mix a liquid such as malted milk in the container, while some of it flows downwardlythrough the holes iii in the bearing cap I I 25 to'lubricate the bearing 9. a

The shaft I 0 carrying the rotor l2 and blade unit l6, together with the bearing cap Ii, may be easily lifted from the sleeve 1 for cleaning and repair. My well construction not only makes this 30 possible, but enables the blade assembly to be mounted in the lower portion of the container where it will operate more efllciently, since solid matter in the liquid to be mixed will be drawn by it and gravity to that portion of the container, where it will be thoroughly agitated by the blades.

Having described my invention, I claim Ina container, a bottomhaving a well portion, said well, being. formed with a depression at its center, a bearing in said depression, an'agltator 4 shaft axially placed in said well, an agitator secured to the shaft above the well, said shaft being removably supported at its lower end by said-.bearing, an alternatingcurrent rotor carried by said agitator shaft in the well and being removable therewith from the top of the latter, and a stator surrounding the rotor to revolve the agitator shaft.

' mm'ou s. m. .0

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