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Publication numberUS2087176 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1937
Filing dateMar 31, 1937
Priority dateMar 31, 1937
Publication numberUS 2087176 A, US 2087176A, US-A-2087176, US2087176 A, US2087176A
InventorsWebb Robert E
Original AssigneeThomas H Walsh
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Tethering stake
US 2087176 A
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July 13, 1937. R; WEBB 2,087,176

TETHERING S TAKE Filed March 31, 1937 U lnv enior 7?. Z". Web];

By 37W Patented July 13, 1937 TETHERING STAKE Robert E. Webb, Boston, Mass, assignor of onehalf to Thomas H. Walsh, Boston, Mass.

Application March 31, 1937, Serial No. 134,135

2 Claims. (01. 119-421) My invention relates to improvements in tethering stakes for use in tethering children, or pets, out of doors.

The invention is designed primarily to provide a simply constructed, inexpensive, and practical device of this character comprising a tethering cable or rope secured to a stake so that it cannot possibly be wound around the stake or otherwise entangled.

Other and subordinate objects are also comaccompanying drawing.

In said drawing:

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a tethering stake embodying my improvements, and

Figure 2 is a View in transverse section of the upper part of the stake drawn to an enlarged scale.

Referring to the drawing by numerals, the tethering stake of my invention comprises a cylindrical stake member I, or peg, having a lower 5 pointed end 2 and a knob-like end grip 3 secured on its other end in any suitable manner. The stake l and the hand grip 3 may be formed integrally, or otherwise as desired, and of any suitable material such as wood or metal. The hand grip 3 comprises a circular base flange i of sulficient diameter to project well beyond the stake l. The stake l is preferably cylindrical at least at the hand grip end thereof. Spaced from the flange 4 is a disk-like guard or deflector 5,of

dome shape rotatably mounted on the stake I and preferably formed of thin metal. A cotter pin 6 passing through the stake l and a disk-like washer 1 between said pin and guard support the latter for rotational movement on said stake.

Intermediate the flange 4 and the guard 5 is an anchor disk 8 of wood or other preferred material rotatably mounted on the stake l. A {pair of washers 9 preferably of fibre are interposed between the anchor disk 8 and the flange 4 and guard 5 respectively. The anchor disk 8 has swivelled therein an eye bolt l0 extending radially therefrom and in which is looped one end of a tethering cable, or rope ll having a friction grip buckle l2 at 'said'end for lengthening or shortening the range of the cable II and a snap hook I3 at its other end. At a suitable distance, below the guard 5 to space the latter slightly from the ground, is a bar-like limiting stop l4 extending radially from the stake I on opposite sides thereof to limit the driving of the stake into the ground. The limiting stop I4 is preferably formed of metal.

1 As will be understood the stake l is driven into the ground until the limiting stop abuts the same. The child, or animal as the case may be, is tethered to the stake by the cable and allowed a selected range of activity. By virtue of the. described rotatable anchoring disk 8, the swivel connection of the cable H thereto, and the rotatable guard the cable may be carried around the stake without any possibility of its winding thereon or tangling.

The construction, operation and advantages of my invention will, it is believed, be clear from the foregoing description thereof.

Manifestly modifications in details described may be resorted to without departing from the inventive concept and the right is herein reserved to all such modifications falling within the scope of the claims appended hereto.

What I claim is:-

1. A device of the class described comprising a stake having a knob-like hand. grip on one end thereof wider than the stake, a dome-like guard rotatably mounted on said stake adjacent said grip, an anchoring disk rotatably mounted }on said stake intermediate the guard and the hand grip, and a tethering cable having a swivel connection to said disk.

2. A device of the class described comprising a stake having a knob-like hand grip on one end thereof wider than the stake, a dome-like guard rotatably mounted on said stake adjacent said grip, an anchoring disk rotatably mounted on said stake. intermediate the guard and hand grip, an eye bolt swiveled in said disk to project radially therefrom, and a tethering cable looped at one end in said eye bolt and having a slide grip buckle on said end for adjusting the range of said cable.


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U.S. Classification119/787
International ClassificationA01K1/00, A01K1/04
Cooperative ClassificationA01K1/04
European ClassificationA01K1/04