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Publication numberUS2088076 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1937
Filing dateMay 18, 1935
Priority dateMay 18, 1935
Publication numberUS 2088076 A, US 2088076A, US-A-2088076, US2088076 A, US2088076A
InventorsWinslow Edward N
Original AssigneeWinslow Edward N
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Sampler for rouge
US 2088076 A
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Patented July 27, 1937 .UNITEDHSTATES PATENT OFFICE .H I v 2,088,076

, g SAMPLER FOR ROUGE Edward N. Winslow, Shaker Heights, Ohio Application May 18, 1935, Serial No. 22,260

3 Claims.

The present invention, relating as indicated to a sampler for lip-stick or rouge, is more particularly directed to a device for facilitating the selection of a desired color of lip-stick. vThe precise object of the invention is the provision of a simple and inexpensive means by which one may determine the appearance of various colors of rouge upon the lipswithout actually applying rouge, and may then accurately select the desired shade. Provision'is also made for a preliminary selection of shades icy-comparison of effects when the, several samplers are inserted between the lips of blonds, brunettes or titians pictured on cards.

To the accomplishment of the foregoing and related ends, the invention, then, comprises the features hereinafter fully described, and particularly pointed out in the claims; the following description and the annexed drawing setting forth in detail certain illustrative embodiments of the invention, these being indicative however, of but a few of the. various ways in which the principles of the invention may be employed.

In said annexed drawing:

Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of my device, shown in position on a card representing a human face; Fig. 2 is a plan view of my device; Fig. 3 is an end elevation of the same ready for use; Fig. 4 is a plan view of a strip consisting of a series of my devices; Fig. 5 is a plan View of a card with a number of my devices semi-cut therein; Figs. 6 and 7 are modifications of my device; and Fig. 8 is an elevational View of my device flexed as when held in the lips.

It is now necessary in selecting and purchasing rouge in the form of lip-sticks to examine va rious shades and colors and then either apply any desired color to the lips and examine it, or if this is not done, it is necessary for the purchaser to buy more or less on guess-work which frequently results in the purchase of an unattractive shade. Ordinarily, the store is not inclined to permit the application of the various lipsticks since it is then necessary for the store to set aside one each of all of the various colors in stock for trial. narily object to the use of such sample lip-sticks on the lips, and will attempt to select a shade by comparative test on the skin of the hand.

The present device is intended to permit the customer to examine the appearance of various colors without actually applying any material to the lips. In Fig. 2, I have shown one embodiment of my improved device which consists of a strip of paper, or other thin flexible material, to which Moreover, a customer will ordi-' may be appliedany desired color corresponding to the color of the lip-stick. This device I may either be cut singly from sheets orit may be formed in along strip 2 as shown in Fig. 4 with openings 3 therein from which extend creased or perforated lines 4 extending to the edge of the strip to permit convenient tearing off of individual elements I'. Or a plurality of such devices maybe semi-cut in-a sheet from which they are detached as needed for use, as shown in Fig.5.

In this embodiment, the. device .I is creased along the lines 5, 6 and l to permit it to be readily folded into the form shown in Fig. 3 in which the portions 8 and 9 of the device are adjacent to each other and are on the outside of the folded blank. Slits or notches II] are formed transversely of the .blank to permit of bending the fold i2 longitudinally and inwardly, that is, away from the face ll of the device shown in Fig. 2 after same is folded as indicated in Fig. 3.

The use of the device is as follows: There may be. furnished by the manufacturer, with various shades of lip-sticks, a number of samplers, that is, of blanks shown in Fig. 2, each colored on the portions 8 and 9 at least, with a color corresponding to one color of a lip-stick. A customer desiring to purchase a lip-stick can then be given samplers corresponding in shade to each of the colors under consideration and the customer can then insert these in turn between the lips where the sampler may be held by pressure of the lips against the portion l2 of the folded device. The portions 8 and 9 of the sampler are formed to conform to the outline of the lips and the customer can then secure a relatively close approximation of the color and appearance of any particular shade of lip-stick when actually applied.

If desired, the samplers may be made of plain uncolored material or of base-tinted material, and colored by the actual application of the lipstick, in which event the true appearance of any desired color of lip-stick can be actually seen by the customer.

In Figs. 6 and '7 are shown embodiments of my invention which in a measure are less efiicient, but which may be desired when the cost of manufacture is an item to be considered. In the type shown in Fig. 6 the lip parts 8 and 9 are integral and a tag 13 at either end is bent back as a hold to be inserted between the lips of the user. In the type shown in Fig. 7 the lip parts 8 and 9 are separate but are joined at either end by a strip [4 which folds upon itself along the line [5 and folds back relative to the lips on the lines IS.

The sampler may be used in the preliminary selection of shades by inserting between the lips of a colored representation of a face on a. card. Such faces will be so colored as to present the characteristics of a variety of types, such as platinum blonds, true blonds, titians and brunettes. Fig. 1 represents such a face with a sampler I inserted through an opening defining the lips. Having determined by experimentation with said tinted faces, the range of shades from which final selection is to be made, the customer will take the sampler l which has been demonstrated and will hold same between her lips, flexing same as shown in Fig. 8. From these final tests against the skin of the face the desired shade will be selected.

The expense of manufacturing and supplying my device is relatively small and represents considerably less than the cost of supplying trial lip-sticks if that method is employed by the customers in determining colors. Also it affords a means whereby prospective customers may be furnished samplers for determining in their own home the shade of the lip-stick desired from the line offered by the manufacturer.

Other modes of applying the principle of my invention may be employed instead of the one herein explained, change being made as regards the details described, provided the features stated in any of the following claims, or the equivalent of such be employed.

I therefore particularly point out and distinctly claim as my invention:

1. A device of the character described, comprising a strip of thin flexible material having marginal portions adapted to cover the lips of a user and having a color, shape and size approximating the appearance of said lips, and having a central portion marked from said marginal portion by longitudinal creases, said central portion having a longitudinal crease dividing it into two halves adapted to be folded upon one another, said central portion being perforated longitudinally whereby said central portion when folded may be flexed in the plane of said fold, said central portion when folded extending rearwardly from said marginal portions and being adapted to act as a holding means to be held in the mouth of a user.

2. A device of the character described, comprising a longitudinally flexible strip of thin material colored, shaped and sized to simulate a persons lips, and holding means extending from one side thereof for retention between the lips of a user, said means being flexible longitudinally of said device.

3. A rouge sampler, comprising a lip portion having a color, shape and size to approximate a persons lips, and means on said lip portion extending rearwardly thereof, said means being insertable between the lips for retaining said portion in a position in registry with the lips.


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