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Publication numberUS2090284 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1937
Filing dateMay 18, 1936
Priority dateMay 18, 1936
Publication numberUS 2090284 A, US 2090284A, US-A-2090284, US2090284 A, US2090284A
InventorsCarlson Clarence W
Original AssigneeCarlson Clarence W
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Sprinkler head
US 2090284 A
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7, 1937. c. w. CARLSON 2,090,284

SPRINKLER HEAD Filed May 18, 1936 mm N INVENTOR.

Z6 g arexrqe WC'ar/s 0/7 ATTORNEY.

Patented Aug. 17, 1937 UNITED sures:

PATENT OFFICE Application May 18,

4 Claims.

This invention relatesto a rotary sprinkler of the type which is constructed to water predetermined specific shapes of lawn, shrub or other vegetation areas.

It is anobject of the invention greatly to simplify the means for automatically varying the distance that the spray is thrown from the rotating sprinkler head at difierent positions there of duringeach rotation.

10 Another object of the invention is to provide, in combination with other improved features, a very compact sprinkler head which can be manufactured at a lower cost than the majority of other devices of the same type.

15 Still another object of the invention is to furnish for the sprinkler a set of simplified spray control members which can be manufacture-din different patterns at a lowered cost, each of these spray control members being readily insertible and removable, and when inserted serving to control as desired the shape of the sprinkled area.

Other objects relate to dependable operation and lessened liability of getting outof order, and ease of installing.

Owing to the low price at which the sprinkler can be sold it is well adapted for installing: as a part of permanent lawn sprinkling systems which require a large number of sprinkling heads to furnish water to extensive areas.

Other objects, advantages andifeatures of the invention willhereinafter appear.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, which illustrates what is at present deemed to be a preferred embodiment of theinvention,

5;; Fig. 1 is a vertical mid-section of the complete device, the sprinkling caporhead being shown in the extended, operative position.

Fig. 2 is a top plan View of the device. Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the upper portion 40 of the sprinkler head or cap looking at the same from right to left of the showing in Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section of the regulating sleeve taken on line 44 of Fig. 5.

Fig. 5 is a plan view of Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is an outline showing, by way of example, the shape of a plot which can be uniformly sprinkled by the device.

Referring in detail to the drawing, the upstanding water delivery pipe I has rotatably and 50 slidably mounted upon its discharge end portion an elongated cylindrical head or cap 8 having a cylindrical body portion and furnished with a l main discharge nozzle or extension 9 and with an auxiliary discharge ill, the latter being shown 55 as a tube which is tangentially deflected to cause 1936,- Serial No. 80,316

the reactive force of the stream passing through it to rotate the sprinkler head 8. The'main nozzlefi'is shown as a laterally compressed or flattenedtube which extends radially and up-' wardlyin relation to the cap-body 8 there being a water delivery port H leading from said cap into the lower part 'of the nozzle 9: Said nozzle 9 'has a discharge opening l2 between its convex lips l3,-"-said' -opening being a rather narrow slit whichdiminish'esin width towards its lower end. ,The extremity of said nozzle 9, as viewed in Fig. 2, is deflected somewhat in an anticlockwise direction in order to give this nozzle the ability to rotate the-sprinkler head by the reaction of the water issuing therefrom as it performs its sprinkling function;

The closed end portion of the cap 8 may be intgral therewitti or it' 'may-consist ofa shallow cap. l l' screwed o-n to itr The lowerendof the head '8 may have screwedon to it an annular-nut l5, thereby providing a packing gland Iiiaround thepipe 1L In order to stabilize the-head 8, as'well as to limit 'its upward sliding movement'an axial guide and stoprodll'issecured therewithin by'means of the nuts l8 and l9, said rod having at its lower end ahead 2il whic'h engages a part 2! to limit theoutward movementofthe head under hydraulic 'pressu're hubof abridge or internal cross bar or spider 22 located near the mouth of the pipe 'I' and in a fixed relation thereto.

In order to vary the amount of water passing through the port I hat diff'erent rotational positionsipfithehead 8iaicontrol sleeve 23 is provided which is secured to the upper 'end portion of the pipei'l. and" which *has Y extensions 24 with intervening recesses or cut-away portions 25, said recesses and extensions coming alternately into alinement with, and affecting the size of the port H as the head 8 rotates.

To sprinkle, for example a square area, the head and sleeve will be so arranged that a recess 25 will come opposite to the port whenever the nozzle extension 9 is directed towards a corner of the area being sprinkled, because at such a time a greater and more forcible delivery of Said partZl is shown as a Desirably the pipe will at least have sions 26 to cooperate with them. This con struction permits the sleeve to be fitted laterally into place on the end of the pipe before the head 8 is put in place.

The sleeve 23, when in place upon the discharge end ofthe water supply pipe, constitutes a cylindrical extension of said pipewhich occupies a space that is circumscribed within the external diameter of the adjacent end portion of said pipe. This construction affords a smooth bearing surface for the cylindrical portion of the head to rotate about.

A plurality of .the controlling sleeves 23 may be provided all of which are shaped the same port of the cap in different rotational positions except as to their extensions 24, thereby providing means to control the discharge in such a manner as to water not only'square plots, but also, for example, the trapezoidalaarea 30 shown in Fig. 6. This discharge control, being free from gears, cranks, etc., operates in a more uniform, dependable manner andispractically free from friction.

The installment and operation of the, device will be readily understood from thezforegoing description, but it may be ,well to point out that when the water supply isshut off the sprinkler head 8. will either gravitate or else may be easily pushed down toa retracted position wherein it will be out of the Way of lawn moweraetc.

To remove the rod l1, first unscrew .the upper. cap l4 without disturbing nut I8, then while the head 8 is in a retracted position the cap l4 may be sufficiently separated therefrom to permit pliers or the operatorsfingers tograsp said rod to prevent it from dropping outof reach.

What is claimed is; V U 1. In a device of the .kind described, a water supply pipe, an elongated cylindrical cap the open end portion of which is fittedv externally "slidable and a rotatable; manner, an axial guide.

around the delivery end of said pipe inflboth a rod within said cap secured to the closed end portion thereof, and a bridge across, said pipe, said bridge having a central bore through. which said guide rod slidably and turnably extends, said cap having an outlet port to deliver water for sprinkling, means attached tothe, end portion of said pipe within said cap towvary the quantity of dischargethrough-said port in different' rotational positions of said cap when, said cap is positioned in'its extendedpositiomand supply pipe, an elongated cylindrical cap the open end portion of which is fitted externally around the delivery end of said pipe in both a slidable and a rotatable manner, an axial guide rod within said cap secured to the closed end portion thereof, a bridge across said pipe, said bridge having a central bore through which said guide rod slidably and turnably extends, said cap having an outlet port to deliver water for sprinkling and to impart a rotational movement thereto, and a non-rotatable cylindrical member within said cap and secured to the end portion of said pipe, said member being shaped to vary the quantity of discharge through said outlet of said cap when said cap is positioned in its extended position, there being a discharge means extendingupwardly and outwardly from said outlet port.

3. In a device of the kind described, a water supply pipe, an ,elongatedcylindrical cap the open end portion of which is fitted externally around the delivery end of said pipe in both a. slidable and a rotatable manner, an axial guide rod within said cap secured to the closed end portion thereof, a bridge across said pipe, said bridge having a central, bore through which said guide rod slidably and turnably extends, said cap having an outlet port to deliverwater for, sprinkling, said port being opened by the movement of said cap to its extended position, means attached to the end portion of said pipe within said cap to vary the quantity of discharge through said port in different rotational positions of said cap,said cap being provided with communicating with said port and extending upwardly a substantial distance above the means to vary the quantity of the discharge. 7

4. In a device of the kind described, the combination with a water supply piperof a cylindrical extension provided with means for detachable connection with the discharge end of said pipe, said extension having spray controlling portions and being confined to the area circumscribed by the'external circumference of said pipe, and a cylindrical sprinkler head slidable over abutting end portions of said extension and pipe to and from a sprinkling position, said head being rotatable and being provided with a means to produce rotation, there being CLARENCE W. CARLSON.

' means to cause its rotation, and discharge means

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