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Publication numberUS2091053 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1937
Filing dateApr 26, 1935
Priority dateApr 26, 1935
Publication numberUS 2091053 A, US 2091053A, US-A-2091053, US2091053 A, US2091053A
InventorsPerkins Floyd R
Original AssigneePerkins Floyd R
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Sign support
US 2091053 A
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Aug. 24, 1937. F R p s 2,091,053

SIGN SUPPORT Filed April 26, 1935 INVENTOR.


Patented Aug. 24, I937 UNETED STATES PATENT OFFIC 3 Claims.

This present invention has to do with a sign and sign support. The invention relates particularly to a device suitable for supporting a sign upon a bottle or the like for animation manually or from currents of air.

The objects of the invention, among others, include the provision of the following:

An improved simple and effective support for a sign that is adapted to rotate in the breeze.

An improved combination of support for a sign and a sign therein whereby the sign may be exposed to the drafts or currents of air in a store or elsewhere and thus be animated.

An unique combination with a bottle or other container, of a standard for a sign, a sign, and means for suspending such sign that it will be animated by the slightest draft of air.

These objects, and such other objects as may hereinafter appear, are obtained by the novel construction, unique combination, and improved arrangement of the several elements constituting the invention, one form of which is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, hereby made a part of this application, and in which the figure is a perspective of a sign, a support therefor, and a fragmentary portion of a bottle upon which such standard is secured.

Like reference characters are used to designate similar parts in the drawing and in the following description.

In the figure, a bottle it of conventional type is shown. The bottle iii has a constricted neck I! which is surrounded by a flange i2. A standard I3 is supported about the constricted neck ll adjacent the flange 2.

The standard !3 comprises an upright or vertical section M, a horizontal lower section it: integral with section M, a substantially circular section 16 integral with section 55, an extension I! from the substantially circular portion iii, a second and upper horizontal section l8 integral with section l4, and a hook section H9 at the end of and integral with section H3. The entire support except a locking ring used therewith may be a single strand of wire suitably bent or shaped.

The standard it is secured upon the neck H by encircling such bottle neck section with the circular portion it of the support and thereafter maintaining the section H in contact with and parallel to section 55 until a lock ring 20 is slipped longitudinally along the section I! into the position shown in the figure in the drawing. The ring 20 will then hold the members 15 and I! in correct assembly. Normally section I! has a tendency to spring away from section l5.

In this manner, the support !3 is firmly secured into position on bottle Ill but such support 53 may readily be removed by sliding the ring 20 along horizontal sections to and I? until clear of section I! whereupon the circular section I6 will open sufiiciently with the urge of the hand to allow the separation of the bottle Hi from the support 13.

Suspended from the hook section i9 is a sign 2! which may be of cardboard or similar material. Sign 2! has an aperture 22 adjacent its top. A rubber band 23 is slipped through the aperture 22 and a loop is formed in 'the band by inserting one end of such band at one side of sign 2| through the other end of such band at the other side of said sign. The inserted end of the band 23 is suspended upon the hook E9.

The height of vertical section M of the support 13 is in excess of the length of the sign 2! and the suspending section of the rubber band 23 so that the bottom edge of the sign 2! does not contact the flange I 2 of the bottle H3 or any cover member that may be disposed thereon. Sign 2! may be supplied with advertising material on both its front and rear sides.

The assembly of the bottle, support, sign and band is clear from the description which has been given and from the figure of the drawing. When it is desired to put a sign upon a bottle, the support it is attached in the manner heretofore described, a band is attached to the sign 2! in the manner herein set out, and the loop of the rubber bandis seated upon the hook section I9.

Band 23 provides a resilient support for the sign 2|. If the sign is given a manual twist or rotation, it will continue to rotate first in one direction and in the other for a long period of time upon the momentum thus obtained for it. The band 23 twists and untwists during this operation. The slightest breeze or draft of air will make the sign 2i rotate or move and thus attract much attention. The sign 2! is substantially animated although no means for animation is provided.

The length of horizontal sections l5 and I8 of the support are such that the sign 29, when rotating, will not contact the upright section M of the support I3 but will clear the support. The hook [9 at its lowermost portion should be substantially axial with the axis of the bottle ID for best results.

The support and sign may assume many other shapes diiferent from these shown Without departing from the spirit of the invention set out in the appended claims.

What is claimed as new and is desired to be secured by Letters Patent of the United States is:

1. A standard for supporting a sign in association with an article of merchandise, comprising a wire having a hook section, an upright section, a lower horizontal section, said lower horizontal section being in the form of two straight sections with a loop therebetween adapted to encircle a portion of said article, and means for securing said straight sections in selected relation to one another to clamp the loop section about the article.

2. A standard for supporting a sign in association with an article of merchandise, comprising a length of wire having two lower horizontal sections and a loop section therebetween, said horizontal sections normally being obliquely angu- 20 larly spaced and said loop section being shaped section, said hook being adapted for suspending the sign and the supporting section, having a loop portion for engaging the article and a free end of substantial length extending therebeyond and adapted to be interlocked with said supporting section for securing said standard to said article.


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