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Publication numberUS2092318 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1937
Filing dateAug 25, 1936
Priority dateAug 25, 1936
Publication numberUS 2092318 A, US 2092318A, US-A-2092318, US2092318 A, US2092318A
InventorsLindfelt Edward C
Original AssigneeLindfelt Edward C
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Golf glove
US 2092318 A
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Sept. 7, 1937. E. c. LINDFEL GOLF GLOVE Filed Aug. 25, 195e;

Patented Sept. 7, 1937 UNITE STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

The object of my invention is to provide a glove intended for use by golfers, which glove has no seams whatever in the front, either between the ngers and the palm or between the thumb and the palm or elsewhere, so that only a thin, smooth leather facing or glove front is interposed between the hand of the golfer and the club.

Another object is to provide such a glove which can be readily made in short lengths with. the ends of the ngers and thumb portions cut ofi` and the back provided with holes for ventilation, which glove is intended primarily for warm weather use.

Still another object is to provide such a glove with complete fingers and thumb and with lining for the back of the hand, back of the thumb and backs of the fingers only, but with no lining in the front, sothat the front can remain both thin and smooth.

With these and other objects in View, my invention consists in the construction, arrangement and combination of the various parts of my golf glove, whereby the objects contemplated are attained, as hereinafter more fully set forth, pointed out in my claim, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a front view of a complete glove embodying my invention.

Figure 2 is a perspective View of the same.

Figure 3 is a rear view of the glove.

Figure 4 is a detailed, sectional View taken on the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken on the line 5-5 of Figure 3.

Figure 6 is a horizontal, sectional View taken on the line 6--6 of Figure 5.

Figure '7 is a rear elevation of an unlined glove with the ends of the fingers and thumbs cut off.

Figure 8 is a detailed, sectional view taken on the line 3-8 of Figure '7.

Figure 9 is a view taken on the line 9--9 of Figure '7; and

Figure 10 is an end view of the finger shown in Figure 9, looking in the direction indicated by the arrow in Figure 9.

It has heretofore been difficult to provide a satisfactory glove for golfers because gloves made for golfing have had seams on the front, which would be gripped between the hand and the club and interfere with the required delicacy of touch and control, and would also tend to form callouses on the hand.

My glove has no seams whatever on the front. 'I'his glove is illustrated in one form in Figures 1 to 6, which show a complete glove with the back lined, and in Figures '7 and 8, is shown a summer glove with no lining, and with the ends of the lingers and thumb cut off.

I shall first describe the complete glove.

In the form of the glove shown in Figures 1 to 6 inclusive, the front A is made from a blank, having the wrist portion IIJ, the palm II, the thumb front I2 and the nger fronts I3, I4, I5, and I6.

The rest of the glove may be formed in different ways, but I have shown a glove with a back B, which has the wrist portion I7, the central back portion I8, and the-finger backs I9, 20, 2|, and 22.

The separate piece Cy forms the back of the thumb as at 23, and the portion to cover the side of the wrist indicated at 24 and the portion to cover part of the side of the hand, as indicated at 25.

Between the successive fingers of the glove are inset portions 26, as illustrated in Figures 3, 5, and 6.

A glove of this kind has a very important advantage for golf players in that there are no seams on the thumb and the palm or between the fingers and the palm or anywhere in the front of the glove.

With such a glove, the club can be gripped with no uneven parts interfering with the accuracy with which the club is manipulated.

The back of the glove, including the back of the hand, back of the thumb, and backs of the fingers may be provided with lining 27, so that when the glove is used in cold weather, it will protect the back of the hand, thumb and fingers from cold, and yet will not interfere with the grip of the club.

In Figures 7 and 8, I have illustrated the same glove, except as hereinafter mentioned, the corresponding parts being indicated by the characters applied to the glove in Figures l to 6 with the addition of the prime The glove as shown in Figures '7 and 8 is intended for summer use and the back has the ventilation holes 28 and the ends of the fingers and thumb are cut off, and there is no lining.

The best glove of this kind is made of leather. In Figures 9 and 10, I have shown a means for making the open Iends of the finger portions of the glove shown in Figure '7, elastic.

The finger shown in Figures 9 and 10 has the front |50., the back 2 la and the sides 26a. Where it is desired to make the ends of the fingers elastic to a suicient degree to cause them to fit the lingers more snugly than an ordinary leather glove might do, I provide near the open end of each nger on the inner sides of the sides 26a, strips 4i) of elastic tape sewed to the sides 26a as by the seams 45. When the sewing is done, the elastic tape is stretched so that after the sewing is completed, it tends to contract and thus slightly wrinkle the leather to which it is attached and reduce the size of the nger opening.

The advantages of a glove of this kind to a golf player are obvious from the foregoing description.

Many golf gloves have been made, but there has been much criticism of them on account of the fact that they had seams in the front of the hand. My glove entirely eliminates that difliculty.

Aside from this feature, changes may be made in the construction and arrangement of the glove, which changes are, I believe, within the scope of my invention, and I intend to include them within the scope of my claim.

I claim:

A glove for golf players having fingers cut off to leave the ends of the ngers of the wearer bare, the linger portions of the glove having between the successive lingers separate side members and the front of each nger portion being integral with the palm of the glove and the back of each finger portion being integral with the back of the glove, there being provided on the inside of the side portions of the fingers adjacent their open ends only transverse strips of elastic material tending to normally contract the lingers to less than their natural normal size at the sides only.


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