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Publication numberUS2095185 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 5, 1937
Filing dateMar 22, 1937
Priority dateMar 22, 1937
Publication numberUS 2095185 A, US 2095185A, US-A-2095185, US2095185 A, US2095185A
InventorsFish William M
Original AssigneeFish William M
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Ironing cord holder
US 2095185 A
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Oct. 5, 1937. w. M. FISH 7 2,095,185

IRONING CORD HOLDER Filed March 22, 1937 INVENTOR ATTORNEYS 30 Figure 3 is a front. elevation of the traveling 45 The other leg of the holder terminates in a posed laterally f h pivoted eye nd apted 45 50 screw 23, or other connector so that the eye may 7 W L M M. FISH. 50

Patented Oct. 5, 1937 V V V V v UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE IRONING COR-D HOLDER William M. Fish, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Application March 22, 1937, Serial No. 132,400

1 Claim. (61. 248-51) This invention relates toironing cord holders The holder I4 is preferably formed of spring and has for an object-to provide a holder includwire and in operative position one leg 24 of the ing a stationary hook and a traveling hook upon holder extends horizontally outward from the which the cord rests at points between the elecdoor l8 while the other leg 25 extends obliquely trio outlet and the smoothing iron. upward. In release position the leg 24 of the A further object is to provide a holder for the holder may be disengaged from the eye It where- 'traveling hook adapted to be collapsed flat against upon the holder may be rotated on the pivot 23 to a door, wall, or other support, so as to be out of lie flat against the door l8. Thereupon the bent the way and inconspicuous when not in use. extremity l5 of the leg 24 may be inserted in a A further object is to provide a device of this stationary horizontally extending eye 26 having 0 character which will be formed of a few strong a flange 21 secured stationary to the door by a simple and durable parts, which will be inex screw 28 or other connector, as best shown in pensive to manufacture, and which will not easily Figure 2. get out of order. A traveling hook 29 formed of resilient mate- 1 With the above and other objects. in view the rial and of substantially V-shape in cross section invention consists of certain novel details of is provided with a fork 30 between the branches construction and combinations of parts hereinof which a grooved pulley 3| is rotatably mounted after fully described and claimed, it being underon a shaft 32. The pulley rides on the track stood that various modifications may be resorted formed by the horizontally extending leg 24 of V to within the scope of the appended claim withthe holder during the ironing operation and is 20 out departing from the spirit orsacrificing any received in the bight of the holder at the juncof the advantages of the invention. ture of the legs of the holder when the device is In the accompanying drawing forming part 0 not in use. The ironing cord 33 is supported in this specification, the stationary hook l0 and in the traveling hook Figure l is a perspective View Of an ironing 29 between the electric outlet I 3 and the smooth- 25 cord holder constructed in accordance with the ing iron 34 d during th i ing operation the V IIlVQHtiOII- I traveling hook may freely move along the hori- Flgure 2 *3 front elevatlon of the holder m zontally extending leg 24 of the holder to accomcouapsed pqsltlonmodate the length of the cord to the movements of the smoothin iron. 7 hook Qhowmg the v'shaped'blght of the hook for From the abo ve description it is thought that ggg figg zag i the drawing in which like the construction and operation of the invention characters of reference designate similar parts in W111 be fully understood wlthout further explana- 35 the various views, Ill designates a substantially 35 V-shaped resilient hook which is fixed at one end a clalmed 151 Q by a screw H or other connector to a support An lronmg cord holder oomprlsmg a lona y such as a door frame l2 near an electric outlet l3. book. a traveling 1100K. Said O S being ad p A substantially V-shaped holder I4 is provided, t0 Support an ironing 0 d between an electric 40 one leg of the holder having the end I5 directed Outlet and a Smoothing iron, a pail 0f supe posed 40 at about an angle of degrees to the leg and t a y aligned ey the upp y being detachably engaged in an eye l6 having an intepivotally mounted, a Substantially p dgral flange I! which is rigidly secured t a, 1 1- er for the traveling hook having the ends swivelly l8, or other suitable support by a screw is. engaged in said y n a stationary ye dishook 20 which is supported in an eye 2| that is to receive one leg of the holder when the holder superposed above and is in alignment with the is swung n h p v y of the p v t nd h ld eye Hi. The eye 2| is provided with a flange 22 the holder in release position against a supportwhich is pivotally secured to the door l8 by a g Wall.

be'swung to extend horizontally.

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U.S. Classification248/51
International ClassificationH02G11/00
Cooperative ClassificationH02G11/003
European ClassificationH02G11/00B