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Publication numberUS2096248 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1937
Filing dateJul 20, 1936
Priority dateJul 20, 1936
Publication numberUS 2096248 A, US 2096248A, US-A-2096248, US2096248 A, US2096248A
InventorsHuston Arch C
Original AssigneeHuston Arch C
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Display device
US 2096248 A
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Oct. 19, 1937. A. c. HUsToN DISPLAY DEVICE Filed July 20, 1936 Patented Oct. 19, 1937 UNITED STATES PATEN OFFICE DISPLAY DEVICE Arch 0. Huston, Los'Angeles, Calif.

Application July 20, 1936, serial- No. 91,526v


display device of theY kcharacter set: forthwhich may be constructed. of relatively inexpensive ma.- terial and which 'isextremely simple in'v and operation;

Another object of the: invention is to provide adisplay device suchv asa calendar in which the.

casing'is formed of a. section of paper. or. thin sheet-material tubing having. a pair of windows and within which operates a. pair of .rotatable members, each of which is formed. of vpaper or sheet material tubing. to present variousportions of the surfacesofthe inner tubings to the display window '-Whereby indicia -or information borne uponlthe surface thereof. maybe` made visible through the Windows.

AnotherI object. of the invention. is to provide a device of the character set` forthiwherein'all 30. oi"- the partsmay be made frompaper discs and tubing sections.

Another object of-theinvention is tol` provide a device of the character set forth, wherein the outer tubular casing or housing is provided with end A discs having concentrici openings therein through which projectsv a tubular bearing member upon whichbearing member may be assembled one or more interior tubular members having axes formed of tubular structure fitting ex- 40 teriorly of the bearing tube and projecting through the discs soy-as to permit them to be grasped in order to rotate the inner tubular members to--present bearing indicia through the windows.

Other objects-.and advantages will be apparent from a study of thel following specications, read in connection-.withthe accompanying drawing, wherein Figure 1 isa perspective view of a display device in theform..of'a.calendar, constructedin .accordance:` invention; and` Fig. v2 isra horizontalsectional View, taken along line II-II of Fig. 1, andlillustrating the various parts and the assembly'thereoi.

.Referring to the drawing, I have illustrated my vv.display device as embodied in a changeable perpetual'calendar whereinV a casingV member I constituting a housing for the display or indicia bearing members is provided withV a pair of windows V-2 :and l3 through `which indicia may be exhibited..

Then casing-I isillustrated as 'being formed of a short length of tubingiormed of sheet material whichmay be of any suitable` character,

though I prefer to employ a tubular section ofA 10 paperof relatively large diameter.- v

The -casingforlhousing I may bemountedupon a-suitable base, stand-or other support lIl. VIn, the particular embodiment illustrated herein, the base 4 constitutesa disc of sheet material, such 15 as paper, cardboard, or the like, and adapted toY bewhung upon a wall as by providing a suitable pin-hole 5' therein, through which nails, screws, pins'orother attaching devicesmay be inserted.

The housing member l is'provided with suit- 20 ableendclosures 6 and '1, which may be formed from paperfdiscs, stamped outjconsiderably in excess of `theinternal diameter ofthe tubing employed for the' constructionvv of the housing I, being stamped or otherwise formed intoa cup-like 25 shape-for insertion-into theends-of the housing tubel, the-cupping of thefdisc forming peripheral' iianges, as indicated at Y8 and 9, by which the end discmay beglued or otherwise secured in placein-.theends of the housing.y I. 30

Behind each of the windows 2-and 3 is mounted an indicia bearing member, that associated with the window 2- being designated bythe-reference character 'I 0,-while that associated with thev window 3 is designated by the reference character II 35 Aswillwbe' observedffroman inspection of Fig. 2,'.the indicia `bearing member I0 isv preferably formed from `a short section of tubing constructed of. sheet material, `such asY paper, having an external diameter-just slightly smaller than the 40 internal diameter of the housing tube I, this short section of tubing preferably extending through a `distance slightly less than one-half of the length of the interior of the housing tube I.

The indicia bearing 'member I0 preferably has a 45 supporting or spacing disc I2 secured at one end thereothis disc being similar to the discs 6 and 'I in thaty it is formed with an inwardly projecting flange I3 by which the disc I2 may be secured in place within the tubular indicia bearing member I0. 'Ihe disc I2 has an opening'lll concentric therewith through which projects a guidelitube I5 Whichpmay bev cemented, gluedor otherwise secured in'the: opening ofthe disc I2. Theend Closure disc l is provided with .a central.` opening CII I6, concentric therewith, of a diameter approxi-V Y mately equal to the external diameter of the tubular guide member I5 so that one end I1 ofthe 'Illariciv projecting, as at;f23,frthroughav suitable` concentric opening' in the end`1clo'sure 6, theY ,ing member II.

vguide member I5 projects through Ythe closureV disc 1 to constitute a handle projecting outwardly of the housing, by which the indiciarrbearing tuw bular member I may be rotated to various positions'to exhibit various indicia through the window tube.

If desired;V a c uplike cap'I may iplaced about Ythe end ofthe guide tube I toconstituteV both aclosure for the tube I5 and a handle by which the guide tube I5V and the indicia bearingY memberIII mayr be readily manipulated -byj hand.; The indicia bearing member II is similarly constructed of arsection of paper orfsimilar 'tubing Yhaving a. supporting or spacingdis'cfI YsecuredasV by meansof its flange 20Yto the indicia bear'f memberl'l I Vmaybefprovided with a tubular'guide outer end of the guide Vtube 2I being provided :with a cap 25 similar inallfrespects to thecap I8.` V While it may be found Yto be desirable to use Y a pair of spacing or supporting discsor caps I 2 orf I9 foreach of theindiciabearing members;`

Y, one otsuch discsisfound'to befsufiicient for 'theguidetbes I5 and 2'I Which'are guided or supported through their lengths. One manner` of,Y siiitablyfsupporting these guide tubes Vis to employ an axle tube 26 having an externaldiamv Veter slightly lessthan theinternal diameter of theguidetubes I5 and'ZI so that these tubes may be readilyfrotatedtherearound andthe tube k2li preferably has-a1 length sufaoiont to extend 'j through both of theclosure discs and 1u for the: housing; prnegthoraxio 'tubo 25 mty be telescopicallyassembledwithin; bothV of the guide tubes` I5 and 2|, Vand receives its bearing support at either end through the guideutube I5 andv theguide tube 2 I respectively, these tubesV bear` ingupn the end closuresV 6 and Tat the openl-V ings I6 and 24,l respectively.` f l The indicia whichmay be employedY on the indicia bearing members I0 andk II may be variedV though when my device is Vtobe used as a calv edar one of the indicia bearing'members, such as YI I, may bear the naines of the months spaced Y preferablyfat regular intervals about the exterior surfaceof the tube section I I, while the opposite tube section Illimay have the Various days of the 5 5 morini Ydistributed about thesurfaooof this tubo( section softhat by properly turning theY handle or cap 25 the appropriate namey of the'month maybe exhibitedfthrough the Window 3, while turning the` tube Vsection I0 by-itslhandle or cap I8 will bring the desired day of the month into Visibleu yposition Ythrough the Window l2.

`It will therefore be observedV that'I have provided a construction for display devices, and pare ticularly for a calendar, which` is relatively inexpensive vto manufacture,`all of the pieces being 5 capable of beingY made Yout of tubular sections of sheet material and particularly adapted to be manufactured from tubular sections ofV metal, cardboard andthe like. Except for these tubular sections I, IIJ, II, I5,' 2l an'dl26jthe remaining parts .are formed from discs of thej Ysame or simi-V lar sheet Vmaterial,' V suchlas' paper,Y cardboard, or

Y YItwiilV also beY observed that by the emp1oyment of the axle tube26 I am enabled to form a sub- Y stantiallygrigid indicia bearingmember from a cept as defined in the appended claims. Y

Likewise the indicia ,bearing Y large tubular section merely supporting the same with a disc at one end and yet the indicia vbear- Y ing member will be Vadequately guided and supported throughout its Ventire length;V Y Y While I haveY shownV anddescribed the preferred embodiment of my Vinvention herein, I do not wish to be limited to any of thedetailso constructon'illustrated or describedlherein, `eX.-

Iclaivrn:V .Y Y ,y .Y .f Y Y l. In aV display devicega: housing formed of a.


section of tube of relatively large diameter and closed ateither of its ends by means ofa closure disc formed of sheet material, a plurality of windows 'in the cylindrical surface, of the housing ber and through-one ci? the end closuresifor said housing member, theprojecting endpf said tubu-Q larrguide constituting Vahandlefexterior of said.

housing yby which the indicia bearing fmember can berotated tovarious' positions.` f

f2. In a display,y device, aihousingl formed of a section of tube of relatively,largediameter and closed at either'of its endsby meanspofa closure disc. formed ofV sheetinmaterial,` a pluralitywof windows in the'cylindrical surface of the housing member so formed; 'an indicia bearing member for each of said windows located within said vhOus-'YV ing 1and formed;v of a shortV section of tube of*V smaller diameter than Vsaid housing tube,each of Said indicialbearing members including a tubular guide member Vmountedconcentrically with the tubular indicia bearing member'and project- Ving beyond the end'of'said indicia bearingmemberand through one` of theend closuresfor said housing member, the projecting end of said tubu.

larguide constituting a handle exterior ,of -said housing bywhichithe indicia'bearing" member can be rotated to Vvariouspositions, .andan axlel member extending throughboth` 'ofVv said end closures and' through Ythetubular Vguides of 'all l of u'said indicia ,bearing members tot constitute a bearing supportfor said guide members throughout their length.Y I f 1 13. Inaydis'playdevice, af housing formed of a section ofi tube of relatively Ylarge Y diameter and closedat 'either of'its Vends by means of afclosure discV formedof sheet material, a plurality of windows in the cylindrical surface of the housingY member sov formed, Van indicia Vbearing member for each of said Windows located within said hous-V ing and formed of a short section of tuberrofV smaller diameter than said housing tube,fjeach ofsaid indicia bearing members including a tubular guide member mounted concentrically `with the tubular indicia bearing member and projectf;y ing beyond the end of saidY indicia bearingmember and through one of the end closures for said house Y ing memben the projecting Yend of said tubular guide constituting a handle exterior of said housing by which the indicia bearing member can be 1 rotated to various positions, and a cap` formed 'of Vsheet-material attached tothe extending endlof said guide to constitutefa handr engagingL member 'Y Y by whichthe guide and the indicia bearing mem-4 Y V `bermayberotated.`

v 4. In a displaydevice, Ya section oftube" of relatively largeA diameter V and housing formed of aV I i closed at either of its ends by means of a, closure disc formed of sheet material, a plurality of windows in the cylindrical surface of the housing member so formed, an indicia bearing member for each of said Windows located Within said housing and formed of a short section of tube of smaller diameter than said housing tube, a circular opening in each of said closure discs concentric with the tubular housing, each of said indicia bearing members including a guide tube extending through and bearing upon the material of said disc surrounding said opening, and a spacing disc mounted upon and attached toI said guide, the periphery of which is attached to the interior of said indicia bearing tube.

5. In a display device, a housing formed of a section of tube of relatively large diameter and closed at either of its ends by means of a closure disc formed of sheet material, a plurality of Windows in the cylindrical surface of the housing member so formed, an indicia bearing member for each of said Windows located Within said housing and formed of a short section of tube of smaller diameter than said housing tube, a circular opening in each of said closure discs concentric with the tubular housing, each of said indicia bearing members including a guide tube extending through and bearing upon the material of said disc surrounding said opening, a spacing disc mounted upon and attached to said guide, the periphery of which is attached to the interior of said indicia bearing tube, said guide tube extending substantially the entire length of said indicia bearing member, and an axle member extending through each of the guide tubes and through the end closure discs to support the guides and the indicia bearing members throughout their lengths.


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