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Publication numberUS2097751 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1937
Filing dateMay 18, 1936
Priority dateMay 18, 1936
Publication numberUS 2097751 A, US 2097751A, US-A-2097751, US2097751 A, US2097751A
InventorsMichael Baltich
Original AssigneeMichael Baltich
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Body-resting device
US 2097751 A
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Nov. 2, 1937. M. BALTICH 2,097,751

BODY RESTING DEVICE Filed May 18,- 1936 INVENT'OR .MZC ael BaltLch Patented Nov. 2, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,697,751 pony-assume nnvrca Michael Baltich, Cold Spring, N. Y.

Application May 18, 1936, Serial No. 80,298


trollably diffused over the body of such person as desired.

Another object of the invention is to provide a bedstead, or a part thereof (such as a bedsteadend) having a hollow or other air-diffusing means integrally carried by or connected with said bedstead or part thereof.

Other objects of my invention will be mentioned in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawing, I have illustrated the invention as beingapplied to a bed of usual appearance, and constituting a structural feature of the same. Obviously, other forms or designs of beds or bedsteads may be provided with or incorporate my improvements.

Referring to said drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a bedstead provided with my improvements, and also showing a controllable combination of the same with an air-pump, or fan, etc. Figure 2 is a sectional view lengthwise of an air-diffusing tube employed in the combination of Fig. 1, showing the means for fitting said tube between or otherwise connected with usual bed-posts, the tube in the illustrated example constituting a structural element of a bedend. Figure 3 is a sectional view of the lower end of a bed-post with an applied vermin trap.

The body-resting device, as shown in the drawing, may be an ordinary bedstead having posts X. a head, A, a bottom end, B, and side rails, one of which is indicated by the reference character, C. The bed is shown as having springs, D, and a mattress, E, the assemblage being the usual one.

My invention consists, broadly, in providing a bedstead, or a part thereof (a foot-element, for instance) with integral, carried or supported means for diffusing compressed or other air (preferably cool) slightly above or otherwise over and upon a. person resting upon the body-resting device.

In the arrangement particularly illustrated, the means for difl'using the air not only operates for that purpose but also constitutes a structural part of a bed-end, which combination of parts is a new unit of manufacture, that is to say, a bed-element (saleable as such, for use with any suitable form of bedstead) which also is a bodyrefreshener of itself alone.

Figure 1 illustrates the use of a controllable air-diffuser consisting of a horizontally-disposed tube, or hollow rod, G, having air-directing openings or perforations H, therethrough. The tube is shown as arranged cross-wise of the footboard of a bedstead near the top thereof between the upper ends of the foot-posts, X and X, the parts being so related that the line or level of the tube,

G, and of the perforations, H, is above the mattress and air is discharged, from the tube through the openings, in a diffused state and somewhat like a horizontal and forwardly moving sheet over and on the mattress, E, and over and upon the body of a person lying or resting upon said mattress.

The tube, G, is also, by preference, so set in, or carried or supported by the bed-end that it may have movement around its horizontal axis. This permits the diffused air to be discharged in any desired direction, or at any desired angle over or above the mattress and a user thereof. To assure this result, as shown in Figure 2, the ends of the diffusing tube may be fitted between the upper ends of opposite bed-posts. As shown in Fig. 2 aforesaid, one end of the tube may be closed by a plug, J and in a socket of a post, being yieldably held in position by the aid of a washer K and a screw-bolt, Y.

The other end of the tube, may be held to place in an opening, L, through the post, and also by a valve-discharge end, M, fitting into the end of the tube.

If desired, the mere gripping action of the parts may be relied upon to hold the pipe, G, in any desired position.

In order to easily move the pipe, to direct the difiused air at any angle, it is merely necessary to seize the finger-piece, I, and swing the tube around its own axis.

Air may be supplied, to the diffuser, from any available source. Thus, air may be compressed by a pump, 8, driven by a motor, T, and belt, U, or otherwise, and by means of any suitable pipe, conduit, tube or hose, R, to the diifuser G, the

line being providedpreferably at or near the to or remote from the bed under treatment, and, obviously, a single pump, or compressor, may be pipe-connected with any number of beds (as in the case of a hotel).

By means of the valve, as P, the user of bodyresting device may easily control or shut oil? the supply of air to any bed with which a difiuser is combined.

The employment of the carried tube, G, results not only in diffusing air over the mattress, but also in air-conditioning the room or apartment in which the body-resting device is used, the circulating air finally leaving through a ventilator, window,-etc.' I1 desired, the tube, G, may be turned, about its axis, so as to direct the diifused air upwardly or otherwise away from the bodyresting device or from the person usingthe device, in which event the device may be used for air-conditioning or air circulation .alone.

Obviously, the air supplied, and diffused over a bed, may be cool, warm, or at the temperature of the room.

While I have hereinbefore described a specific embodiment of my improvements, and have illusillustrated form comprises a reservoir, W, and discharge spigot controlled by a valve, W.

What I claim is:

1. A body-resting device comprising a bedstead having two bed posts, an air pump, a conduit leading from said air pump to the first of said bed posts, a manually operable valve in said conduit disposed adjacent said first bed post, a tube rotatably journalled in said two bed posts, said tube having a plurality of apertures disposed in a straight line, one end of said tube being connected to said valve, the opposite end of said tube being closed by a plug carried in the second bed post, and means for rotating said tube, whereby air forced in jets'through said apertures by the-pressure generated by the pump may be directed at any desired angle to the vertical.

2. A body-resting device comprising a bedstead having two bed posts, an air pump, a conduit leading from said air pump to the first of said bed posts, a manually operable valve in said con duit mounted on said first bed post, a tube rotat ably journalled insaid two bed posts, said tube having a plurality of apertures disposed in a straight line, one end of said tube being connected to said valve, the opposite end of said tube being

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