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Publication numberUS2098438 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1937
Filing dateMay 19, 1932
Priority dateMay 19, 1932
Publication numberUS 2098438 A, US 2098438A, US-A-2098438, US2098438 A, US2098438A
InventorsEverard Stubbs
Original AssigneeNorton Co
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Grinding machine for grinding noncircular shapes
US 2098438 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 937. E, T B 2,098,438

GRNDNG MAcHINB E OR GRINDING NONCRGULAR SHAPES Fied May 19, 1952 5 She tSSheet 1 E. suBBS NOv. 9, 937.

GRINDING MAcHINE FoR GRINDING NoNcBcULAR SHAPBS F1ed Ma 9 1932 5 SheetS-Shee 3 E. sTUBBS Nov. 9, 937.

GRINDING MACHINB EOR GRNDNG NONcRcULAR SHAPES Fi1ed May 19, 1932 5 SheetSSheet 4 invention relates to o, gfindi11g nlaof1ine ond 1I1oTe porticInarly to o nlochine adapted. to nish v7ork hoving on irregl1or oontouT.

-In prior grinding mochines s heretofoTe osed to forn nonciro111o^r shapes such os co!IlS,ff hos been the pfalotice to 11tifize a grinding Wheel of oiToulor shape; and in ofder thot the Whee1 floy engoge With the work thfoughout the entire Wofk snffoce to be fniSfied, the wofk suppoft has been oHonged to move foWaTds and from the vvhee1 oenteT iI1 tinled 1e1otion With the vvoTk Totation While both the Wheel ond the WoTk oTe rotated. Suoh oooohines ore often unsotisfoo toTy due to thei oonplioated oonstruction ond owing to the con1p1ex n1ovenfent iInpTessed. on

the Wofk by nloving it towards ond fron1 the whee1 os it Tofotes. Zith gfinding nlaohineS of this type the Wheels may be used only W1tfnn ceTtoin norrow linlits of dion1eteT if o, satisfactofy grinding operotion is to be produced. 1 uftheT1oTe, ft is dicut to grind ceTtoin otheT types of non-ciroular Work, such os spnned shoffs, by ntilizing the mechamSmS os heretofore proposedl It fs, therefore, one object of n1y pTesenf in vention to provide o nlachine for shaping bodieS of voTioos iTregI11ar non-ciroulof oontours vvhioh olokes it possible to pToduoe dupHcate vvork pieoes on a nlaSS production baSis.

A further objoct of ITly invention iS to provide ar gTinding n1aohine vvhich iS conStTucted ond arronged to produoe vvork of iTregular contour accurately and Tepeatedly in dup1icate sizes ond vhioh Inay be I1tilized to produce voriouS Shaped bodies by varying the Shape of the cutting WheeL A fuTthef objeot of fTly invention iS to pTovide a grinding nlachine having a plurality of gnnd ing Whee1S arranged to 'sifnu1faneously grind a plurality of vvork blanks, the Shape of each blank being whoHy deternined by the abTading action of its respective grinding WheeL nother objeot is to provide a neW type of gTinding Wheel Whioh is So shaped and oon Sructed that it 1ay be Totated in oontaot vvith the sufface of o work piece of non-oirculor ofoss section Whne the whee1 and work rotate of pTe detern1fned Tates about xed axes ond oouse the vhee1 to generate the desfred ouTves on the WoTk.

vvith theSe and otf1er obiectS in vievv os vvin be oppaTent fo one skilled in the oTt, ny invention Tesides in the con1oinotion of parts and the stepS of o method set fofth in the fo1owing desoTiption ond oppended oloims.

for grinding 8 pluTaity of .vvofk blonks siolo1- toneously;

Fig. o is 8 di grammatic view shoWing the felotfof of the Whee1 and WoTk fn vorious on gl1af positions dufng the grinding opeTotfon. In -oooI (ionce With n1y inventfon, I hove po vided a grinding lnaoI1ine WheTein the gnnding Whee1 is given al pafticula1 Shape thot fS the oonjugote of the desirod Wofk contouf, suoff os al con1 or an eccentrioaJly n1oonted cy1indrioo1 vvofk piece. The Whee1 ond the vvofk ofe rotated in a deflnite ongulor tiIned Telotion bot of different linear speeds of tho point of grindfng contact, so thot a given po1 tion of the Whee1 od11 alvvayS oontact vvith al given poftfon of the work during the gTinding operotion. Fo1' instance, a grinding Wheef iS conjugote to on iffegular v7oTk piece in the sense of this inveotion when the clltting poTtion of the whee proiects of' recodes in con1plen1ent to the receding of -projecting pofts of the Work With Which soid cotting parts contact and the Whee1 and woTk rotote in substontiolly oontifluous contoot but of different 1ineo1'speeds. In o grinding nlochine of this type, oeTtan ffxed points in the vvork and the vvheel aTe vvithheld ffon1 feoession of' oScnlation tovvards and froIn the work a}is doring the gnnding operation, the only InoveInent thefeof reSulting ffon1 the feedif1g aotioff fe quired to grind the vVork to the desifed extent os it feduoes i1 size. If1 othe1' vvofds, if the operotive faces of the gfinding Wheel ond Wofk oonstitute thei1' peffpheries, then thefr axes ofe fixed and the sum of the fadH of the wofk and the Whee1 at the oint of gnnding contact alvva s. Tenloins conStont except os the gnding Whee1 is fed towaTds the Work ox to reduoe the Work to the fequifed Size. If the Side fce of efthef Wheel of vvofk is l1ti1ized then one 11oly oonsider

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U.S. Classification451/251
International ClassificationB24B19/00, B24B19/12
Cooperative ClassificationB24B19/12
European ClassificationB24B19/12