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Publication numberUS2098487 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1937
Filing dateOct 12, 1936
Priority dateOct 12, 1936
Publication numberUS 2098487 A, US 2098487A, US-A-2098487, US2098487 A, US2098487A
InventorsCooper Edward, Thomas C Shiels
Original AssigneeElias Rogers Co Ltd
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Spray nozzle
US 2098487 A
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Nov. 9, 1937. E. cooPER ET AL SPRAY NOZZLE Filed 001'.. 12, 1936 1 w g, ligg emga@ a, 1931 A 1 SPRAY NOZZLI Edward Cooper and Thomas C. Shieia. Toronto',

Ontario, Canalla., signers to Elias Rogers Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Amm October l2, 1930. Serial No. 105,2

scams. (circa-11a) lhiss-invention'v'relates, particularly to nozzles usedforapfrayinsfcoal with a dust laying oil as' it passea'down'through chut into the bags in which-itis to the customer. As the dis- ,a chute is necessarily intermittent the tothe nozzle must also be inoil will be wasted. It is usual to Vprovide an automatic cut-olf valve controlledby the coal in passing down the l0 chute. .-Butjthisfvalve must necessarilybe set some Y Vfrom the jet of the spray nozzleso thatevery time the valve is closed any oil betweenzthe .iet and the valve ows out and is ll Our 'objectV erefore is to devise a spray nozzle in which-"the 'ow'ofoil will be checked as close as possible to'the jet of the spray nozzle.

A furtherobiect'is to devise an atomizing nozzle which will produce, with the spraying oils comgo monly used,"awe1lspread, finely divided spray and which by the changing of a single part may be adjusted tovary the rate of spraying.

We attainour objects by means of a constructionwhich maybe briefly described as follows.

A pipe connection is provided threaded for connection with anoil pipe. Externally threaded on the connection is a spray conduit and externally threaded oriV the spray conduit is a spray casing having -a'spray outlet in its` end. The spray conso duit and casing are shaped to co-operate to atomize the `oil passing to the outlet. -By simply removing the spray casing and replacing it withy another with a'diierent sized outlet the rate ofy discharge maybe varied. Within the conduit is housed a coil spring bearing against a ball adapted to seilt'in` the Ypipe connection to cut off the flow of oilclose to the nozzle whenever the flow of oil is cut oil.' at' any remote point in the oil pipe.

The invention is hereinafter more specically 40 described and is illustrated' in the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a longitudinal section of a spray nozzle constructed in accordance with our invention;

Fig. 2 a' planfview-of the lower end of the spray conduit; and

Fig. V3 a side elevation of partof the end of the spray conduit, a -part of the spray casing also being shown in section.

In the drawing like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different figures. tofthe drawing, I2 is an oil pipe which leadsto a suitable source of supply. On this oill lpipefis screwed the combined valve seat and pipe connection I. On this connection l is exterlorhthreaded the spray conduit 2. On this spray conduit is exteriorlythreaded the Vspray casing I. The spray conduitand co-,operate with one another ashereinafter described 'to produce an atomized oil spray which` isproiected through the outlet opening iintheend of the 5 spray casing. Preferably ftheend of `the spray casing is concaved as shown., v

Within the conduit lis'positioned a coil spring 4 which at its lower end bearson the `shoulder 6 formed within the spray conduit.- This coil 10 spring I bears against a ball I andthus holds it seated 'on the valveseat and connecLion 3, as shown, as long as the oil in the pipe I2 is not under pressure. Thus, for instance; iffor any reason the o il supplythrough the 'pipe I2 iscut l5 oil, the ball 5 is seated and-holds back all the oil in the pipe between the spray nozzle and the point at which the iiow through the pipe is cut off. The amount of oil between the ball 5 and the outlet is so small and the latter so fine that 20 substantially no drip takes place once the bmi is seated. L ,Y

Our rst objectthereforeof minimizing the drip is achieved by the construction just ldescribed.

As the spray casing is screwed exteriorly on the spray conduit, the casing is easily vrexnoved at anytime and replaced by another having a different sized aperture and thus another object of our invention is attained. 30

The spray conduit 2 being'threaded on the connection 3, the tension of the springmaylbe ad- I Y To obtain a very finely atomized and cloud? t0` like spray, we have adopted the construction which we will now describe. It will be noted that the end 8 of the spray conduit is frusto-conical in form and in the end of the conduit is formed a small chamber I3, preferably conical in form. 45

Part of the frosto-conical end of the spray conduit is turned down to form with the conical wall of the end of the spray casing an annular chamber of triangular form in cross section indicated by the numeral II.l Withthis annular'chamber 50 communicates the passages ii, which extend into the interior of the conduit and which thussupply oil to the annular chamber. SpiralA grooves 9 are formed in the frllStO-.conical surface of the ends of the spray conduit, 55

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U.S. Classification239/493, 239/570
International ClassificationB05B1/34, B05B1/30
Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/3006, B05B1/3442, B05B1/3473
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