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Publication numberUS2099277 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1937
Filing dateMay 3, 1937
Priority dateMay 3, 1937
Publication numberUS 2099277 A, US 2099277A, US-A-2099277, US2099277 A, US2099277A
InventorsDonald L Peterson
Original AssigneeDonald L Peterson
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Animated display
US 2099277 A
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Nov. 16, 1937. D, PETERSON 2,099,277

ANIMATED DI S PLAY Filed May 3, 1937 Patented Nov. 16, 1937 ANIMATED DISPLAY Donald L. Peterson, Minneapolis, Minn.

Application May 3, 1937, Serial No. 140,378

6 Claims.v (01. 40138) the hair and the soapsuds used for washing the This invention relates to animated display devices of a type particularly adaptable for use on street cars, busses and other moving vehicles.

Several types of animated display devices of this general type have been developed but they all have one major drawback, and that is'anv excessive cost of production. Take, for instance, the well known type of advertising known as car cards," such as are used in street cars and busses. cardboard with advertising matter printed thereon. Advertising contracts for cards of this type are often of shortduration and for that reason the cards must be of inexpensive structure. Fur- 1 thermore, new forms of advertising are made up from, time to time in advertising the same product. a V

In view of these facts, it is a general object of my invention to provide an animated display device which is inexpensive from an original construction standpoint and which canbe quickly and cheaply transferred from one card to another. r Another object of the invention is to provide a construction which is effective in operation and which doesnot detract from the appearance of the card to which it is applied.

These and other and further objects and advantages of the invention will more fully appear from the following description made in connecreference characters refer to the same or similar parts throughout the views, and, in which:--

Fig. 1 is a fragmentary front elevation of a car 3 card with my invention shown in dotted lines;

Fig. 2 is an end elevation of a car card with my invention applied thereto;

' Fig. 3 is a plan view of my improved construction;

Fig. 4 is a rear elevation thereof;

Fig. 5 is a section taken on the line 5-5 of Fig. 3; and V Fig. 6 is a plan view of the bracket plate shown attached to a portion of an advertising card.

In the drawing, I have illustrated an advertising card I which in this instance represents a car card such as is used on street cars and busses. Most of these cards are bent near their bottom edges as shown at 8, a shape which is customary in cards of this type. In the exemplary embodiment of my invention, there is indicated the head and shoulders of a woman who'is supposed to be shampooing her hair. As shown, one hand is raised with the fingers thereof rubbing through They are usually made of apiece of tion with the accompanying drawing wherein like a hair.

*To make the advertisement more striking to the eye, provision is made for causing movement of the hand of the woman relative to her head.

Therefore, the hand 9 is printed upon a separate 1 piece of cardboard and the like, and this element is out out in the shape of a hand.

Secured to the back portion of the movable hand element 9, is an anchor plate II], which has a substantially flat surface with an upstanding medial crimped portion I I, which is adaptedto securely retain the end of a bar spring l2. This bar spring is preferably of a high grade of spring steel, such as is used in the better makes of watches. The anchor plate is provided with a plurality of spaced apertures. l3,and the plate is secured to the movable card element '9 by pass- 4 ing wire staples l4 through the card and the apertures l3 and then bending over the ends of v the staples, as best shown in Fig. 4. It is preferred that the pairs of openings l3 be spaced apart a distance which will permit the'use. of an ordinary stapling machine, such as is commonly used for securing papers together. If desired, the bar spring I2 may be soldered or spot welded within the crimped portion ll of the anchor plate Ill.

The opposite end of the bar spring [2 is con- 7 nected to the base card I by means of a pair of co-operating connecter elements which form a quickdetachable connection. Suitably positioned on the base card 1, is a bracket plate I5 which has spaced apertures l6 similar to the apertures .'I'his plate is provided at its edges with stepped up portions l8 so that the edges are spaced slightly from the surface of the card to which the bracket plate is secured.

A box-like connecter element B is provided with a substantially flat base portion H! with its medial portion ZO crimped to secure the lower end of the bar spring I2 in the same manner as the crimped portion ll of the anchor plate I0. This box-like connecter element B is provided with laterally extending parallel side walls 2| which extend from the base l9 to a point beyond the extension of the medial crimped portion 20. Then the outereclges of the side portions 2| are bent inwardly toward each other parallel to the tapered off as at 24. Thus it will be seen that the box-like connecter element B can be connected to the bracket plate M by slipping it over said plate with the slide elements 22 passing downwardly behind. the stepped. edges 18 on the bracket plate I5, this sliding movement terminating when the stops 23 contact the upper edges 25 on the said stepped up portions [8.

In order to conceal the bar spring i2 and the box-like connecterelementB, there is provided a cover card 26 which is secured to the fiat face IQ of the box-like connecter B by means of wire staples 21 which pass through the cover card and through spaced apertures 28 formed in the fiat side of the connecter element B in the same manner as the staples described in connection with other parts of the device. It is preferred that the cover card 25 be colored or designed to blend in with that portion of the base card i over which it lies.

From the foregoing, it will be seen that With the elements secured in approximately the position shown in Fig. 1 the movable card element 9 representing the hand of the figure illustrated on the card will oscillate back and forth with a movement which will simulate the action of a hand in shampooing the hair, Of course, for diiferent types of displays, the movable element and the parts supporting the bar spring can be placed in any appropriate position relative to the base card. The metallic elements which make up the operating mechanism and securing plates can be quickly removed from the base card and the movable card element by straightening the bent over ends of the wire staples and removing the staples. Ihen these metallic elements can be quickly and easily applied to a different base card. Furthermore, the use of the small piece of cover card 26 effectively covers the boxlike connecter B and the bracket plate 15, This permits the assembly of a movable element upon the front face of an advertising card without detracting from its appearance.

It will, of course, be understood that various changes can be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the various parts without departing from the scope of my invention.

What is claimed is:

1. In an animated display device, a base card element, a cooperating card element movable with respect to said base card element, a bar spring member, an anchor element, connected to one of said card elements and connected to an end of said spring, a connecter element secured to the opposite end of said spring, an attaching member secured to the other of said card elements and having a portion for detachably connecting with said connecter element.

2. .In an animated display device, a base card element, a cooperating movable card element, an anchor element secured to one of said card elements, a resilient spring, said anchor element having a portion rigidly engaging one end of said spring, a bracket member secured to the other of said card elements and a connecter having a portion rigidly engaging the opposite end or" said spring, said bracket member and said connecter including cooperating portions providing a quick detachable connection therebetween.

3. In an animated display device, a base card element, a cooperating movable element, an anchor plate having an aperture therein, a clincher element extending through one of said card elements and through the aperture in said anchor plate to rigidly connect said card element and said anchor plate, a bracket plate having an aperture therein, a clincher element, extending through the other of said card elements and the aperture said bracket plate to rigidly secure said bracket plate to said card element,

and a resilient element connected between said bracket plate and said anchor plate.

4. 'The structure in claim 3, and said anchor plate and said bracket plate having soaced apertures therein, and said clincher elements comprising wire staples extending through said card elements and the apertures in said anchor plate and bracket plate.

5. Inan animated display device, a base card element, a cooperating card element movable with respect to said base card, said movable card element being designed to simulate motion of a portion of said base card, an anchor plate, clincher elements connecting one of said card elements and said anchor plates, a connecter element comprising a boxlike structure having a fiat base portion and a medial upstanding crimped portion, parallel side portions extending upwardly from said base portion, slide elements on said side portions and spaced from said base portion, a bracket plate, clincher elements securing said bracket plate to the other of said card elements, said slide elements being adapted to slide beneath portions of said bracket plate between said bracket plate and said card element to secure said box like connecter to said bracket plate, a crimped portion on said anchor plate, and a bar spring whose ends are rigidly secured in the crimped. portions of said anchor plate and said box like connecter.

6. The structure set forth in claim 5 and a cover card element superposed upon said box like connecter to conceal it from View.


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