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Publication numberUS2100173 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 23, 1937
Filing dateFeb 23, 1935
Priority dateFeb 23, 1935
Publication numberUS 2100173 A, US 2100173A, US-A-2100173, US2100173 A, US2100173A
InventorsErnest Rubens Harry
Original AssigneeErnest Rubens Harry
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Closure device
US 2100173 A
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H. E. RUBENS No v. 23, 1937.


Filed Feb. 23, 1935 Patented Nov. 23, 1937 UNITED. STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,100,113 I cLosunE Davies Harry Ernest Rubens, New York, N. Y. Application February 23, 1935, Serial No. 1,130

1 Claim. (01. 132-80) This invention relates to improvements in closure devices for collapsible tubes and more particularly to a closure device containing a readily accessiblecompartment within said device for storing and holding subsidiary articles used in conjunction with the contents of the tube, such as a. styptic pencil for shaving cream, a small eyebrush for mascara cream, anda wide variety of additional uses.

One object of my invention is to provide such a. compartment which shall be readily accessible to the user by unscrewing the cap for the closure device or by a push-fit engagement in which the cap may be readily loosened from the device by turning or rocking slightlyon its engaging supp t Another object is to provide such a compartment for: such a device in which its contents may be easily renewed, if necessary, as for instance if the novel closure device is transferred to another tubecontaining the ordinary closure cap, and it becomes necessary to renew the contents of the device. v

Another object is to provide a compartment for a closure device which shall be moisture proof,

and air tight, yet its contents shall be readily accessible to the user. I

Other objects shall become apparent when the following description is read in conjunction-with the accompanying drawing in which- Fig. 1 is a fractional elevation of a collapsible tube provided with a closure device according to the principles of my invention, part of the closure device shown 'in section; as Fig. 2 is a similar'view, showing a modification of the closure device in vertical section;

Fig. 3 is a view of a cap for said closure device,

containing a small brush integral thereto for 'use a with the contents of tube or compartment;

40 Fig. 4 is a vertical cross section of an additional closure modification with styptic pencil captured therein;

Fig. 5 is a bottom view of said closure device. I am aware that closure caps have hitherto been used for dispensing dental floss and that styptic pencils have been used in razors of the safety type. However, the inventive concept hereinafter described advances the art in a manner unknown and contributes a novel and useful article designed to be given away with the collapsible tube, the additional expense so minute as to be absorbed by the manufacturer.

Referring to Fig. 1, a collapsible tube It is provided with a threaded neck II, in the well-known manner. To the threaded neck ll, an auxiliary bushing I2, is shown, hereinafter described.

The tube In is provided with a closure device l5. containing an inner compartment, various modifications of which are shown in Figs.= l, 2, 3 and 5. 5

In Fig. 1 the closure device is provided with an inner threaded portion 15a. for engagement direct with said aforementioned threaded neck H, or if the bushing is desired, with said bushing I2. 10

The closure device l5 has the usual knurled shoulder l5c, or it may be moulded square to provide the grip for convenient manual operation.

The closure device I5 is further provided with a recessed chamber on its upper surface formed 15 by the tubular extension 15b, forming a partition lid. Within this recessed chamber, any desired articles in stick form such as l6 may be inserted and permanently attached as by gluing, or closely fitted to normally remain therein. Above the 20 recessed chamber and either in screw or push fit engagement with the tubular extension, a metal or composition thimble I8 is provided for keeping the contents air-tight and free from exposure. The thimble l8 may be knurled for ease in han- 25 dling.

A modified form of the closure device is shown in Fig. 4, which consists in allowing the dispensing stick It to be inserted from the tube opening or within the threaded section l5a. The stick 30 I6 is provided with a shoulder l6a which engages the closure device and prevents the stick [6 from becoming loose and lost. Behind the shoulder Ilia the usual foil covered cork washer I1 is inserted and the pressure of the neck H of the tube It keeps the stick I6 rigid and in place when the thimble or cover I8 is removed and the stick is in use.

In Fig. 2 the closure device is shown in tubular formation, i5A, internally threaded at each end,

and a partition l5d seals the inner chamber [53 from one end of the closure device; namely, the tube neck end. The other internally threaded portionis provided with an engaging threaded cap 20, knurled for convenience, which seals the inner chamber which is the only means of access to said chamber.

In Fig. 2, a modified form of cap 20 is shown, reversibly mounted on the closure device I5A, with a styptic pencil l6, inserted therein. Provision is made in this modification for reversing the position of the styptic pencil, so that it may be completely enclosed in the inner chamber I5B. To this end, the knurled finger section 20, divides the cap into two sections, the threaded portion 22 for engagement with the internally threaded closure device ISA, as shown, and the cylindrical wall section 23, into which the styptic pencil l5 fits and partially extends beyond for use. when not in use, the cap reversed, the dotted lines indicating the position of the pencil l 6, within the chamber, the threaded outside of the cylindrical walls engaging the internally threaded closure device ISA. In this position, it resembles the structure shown in Fig. 3, except that a brush 2| is substituted there for the styptic pencil [6.

In Fig. 3, the cap 20 is shown, provided with a small eyebrow brush 2| in conjunction with a mascara paste, or nourishing cream. A brush may also be used in conjunction with a shoe whitener, etc.

In addition, the present invention by an unusual'arrangement of cover and contents enables the tube user to use the tube as a handle, as for instance in Figs. 1 and 2 the thimble l8 maybe removed, and thestick possibly made of a styptic composition for use in conjunction with shaving cream for shaving purposes would be rigid with the tube itself, which could conveniently be used as a handle.

The cover cap 20 may be used as a support for a brush 2|, see Fig. 3, in conjunction with the tube contents for supporting the stick l6, as shown in Fig. 2, as previously explained.

The cap 20 may be threaded as shown in Fig. 2, or it may be threaded along its entire longitudinal axis, or as previously discussed above the outer portion as at 22 in Fig. 3, so that the brush or styptic pencil may be unscrewed from the position as shown and reversed so that the brush or pencil is exposed and rigid with the. tube for convenience in handling.

The invention is susceptible of a variety of mechanical expressions and uses including rigidly attached or loosely enclosed sticks such as a lipstick or deodorants, etc., for powders, brushes, tablets and especially liquids, such as glues, antiseptics, lacquer removers for finger nail compounds, etc.

Having now .described my invention, what .I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

In a collapsible tube for containing a paste-like composition having a neck; a closure cap thereon and having a closed head and a cylindrical wall section extending therefrom; a dispensable article partially contained within said cylindrical wall section and extending beyond for dispensing purposes, whereby when' said article is being dispensed, the tube may serve as a handle for supporting the same.


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