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Publication numberUS2100514 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1937
Filing dateAug 18, 1936
Priority dateAug 18, 1936
Publication numberUS 2100514 A, US 2100514A, US-A-2100514, US2100514 A, US2100514A
InventorsMiller Elmer E, Miller Howard L
Original AssigneeMiller Elmer E, Miller Howard L
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Sliding cheek piece for guns
US 2100514 A
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Nov. 30, 1937. E, E. MILLER ET AL SLIDING CHEEK PIECE FOR GUNS Filed Aug. 18, 1936 (Umana/kms Mwllvv Patented Nov. 30, 1937 NETE STTS maar Elmer E. Miller and Howard L. Miller, Millersburg, Pa.

Application August 18, 1936, Serial No. 96,678

5 Claims.

This invention relates to guns and particularly to gun stocks.

In aiming and firing a gun, particularly in trap shooting, it is most desirable in order to secure quick and accurate shooting, that the gunner lay his cheek against the stock, so that his eye may be brought into proper position for sighting the piece. Upon the recoil of the gun, however, the stock `umps rearward and slides against the face of the gunner. Continued shooting in this manner irritates and chafes the skin of the face and also tends to bruise the muscles of the cheek. This is particularly true where a large number of shots are fired from the gun. As a consequence,

r gunners may become gun-shy and there is an instinctive impulse to lift the cheek from the gun stock just as the trigger is pulled. No matter how slight this lift is, there is likelihood of inaccurate shooting.

The object of the present invention is to eliminate this by the provision of a cheek rest or piece which extends down over the side face of the stock nearly to the lower edge thereof and which is slidingly mounted on the stock for longitudinal movement relative thereto, the cheek piece being yieldably held in a normal position by a spring. When the gun recoils, the stock jumps rearward relative to the cheek piece and then moves forward relative thereto on the rebound of the gun. Inasmuch as the cheek piece or rest is stationary, it does away with any chafing friction between the gun and stock and the cheek, or with any tendency to bruise the cheek muscles or render them sore.

Our invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is an elevation of a gun stock with our cheek piece applied thereto, showing the slide for the cheek piece in dotted lines;

Figure 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a longitudinal section on the line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a side elevation of the guide frame f and sliding plate.

Referring to this drawing, I8 designates the stock of the gun which may be of any suitable construction and may, of course, be the stock of any form of gun. This stock is cut away to provide a slot Il extending longitudinally of the stock. Disposed within the slot is a guide frame I2 which in turn is longitudinally slotted at I3. The recess or slot II of the stock is undercut at one end at I4, and the guide frame at this end is beveled to t beneath this undercut end of the slot. The opposite end of the guide frame is perpendicular to the surface of the stock and a screw I5 extends through the rear of the stock and engages the adjacent end of the frame holding it in place.

Disposed against the outer face of the gun stock, that is the lateral face of the stock against which the gunner lays his cheek is the cheek rest or cheek piece designated I6. This has a length greater than the length of the slot II and is approximately T-shaped in cross-section, as shown in Figure 2, to provide a portion il which extends into the longitudinal slot of the guide I2. portion which extends down into this slot is, of course, shorter than the slot in the guide frame. The cheek rest preferably extends over the upper edge face of the stock but must extend downward over the side face of the stock nearly to the lower edge thereof. This cheek rest terminates short of the butt of the gun so that it in no way affects the abutment of the stock against the shoulder and does not in any way act as a recoil pad.

Attached to the inner face of the portion Il is a metallic plate I8 which has a width equal to the width of the guide frame and has a length equal to the length of the portion Il. The extremities of this metal plate I8 are inwardly bent, as at I9, to bear against the ends of the portion I1. The portions I9 are only wide enough to t within the slot I3, but the ends of the flat portion of the plate I8 on each side of these inwardly bent portions I9 are slightly bent inward, as at 2l). These inwardly bent extremities 2t ride against the outer face of the guide frame I2 and thus the body of the plate I8 is slightly spaced from the outer face of the guide frame, thus reducing friction. The plate I8 is held by screws 2I or other means of any suitable character to the cheek piece or rest I6.

A coiled contractile spring 22 is attached at one end to a pin 23 extending outward from one end of the guide frame and at its other end, the spring is attached to the extremity of the plate I8, thus this spring tends to hold the slide of the cheek piece at the rear end of the slot I3. When the gun is fired, the recoil carries the stock rearward and with it carries the frame I2, While the cheek piece and the plate I8 remain station-ary. As soon as the recoil has been expended and the gun rebounds, the cheek piece returns to its initial position.

We have illustrated the butt of the stock as being provided with recoil pads 2d which overlie the end of the screw I5, these recoil pads being,


L tof course, -fdetachably held yto the stop.- `This is vpurely illustrative andhas nothing to do `:with our f L particular invention.y L f L L L l l l n While wehave illustrated a form yof this invention which khas ybeen rfoundlto be thoroughly eiectve in vactual practice, we do not wish? to be limited tol `the particularr details as obviously,

nedinithe appended claims. L L L I What we'claim isz-f--Lr f 1. In a guny stock, a longitudinally extending;

' emma-guide frame inserted-within the side wan Aof the gun stock, a` cheekr rest disposed upon and g extending down vover the' side face of the gun Listock `anclhaving a portieril thereofl extending i -intosaid y'slot of. the lguideframe,lthis portion 'L `being shortery than tlieffslot,y aplate'leearingfy lagainst lthey inner. face: of `the guide frame and having. gsliding .engagement L therewitl'iy and L at-l f L tachedrtofthe inwardlyvextending portion of` the f L 1 L rCheek rest,y and a spring attached at one end to l f the inner; face, of the guide frame Lancl at 'the 'f other end to one endvof said plate and urging the plate.y andl the ycheek rest rearward.

, 2. A gun stock having a longitudinally'extends f ing recessin its sidewall, the recess heing'underf, f cutLat one.y enda longitudinally slottedr guide -frame disposed` in` saidy recessr and havingl ya beveled end ttingbeneath the undercut endof f tending downward yfrom the'upper facel of the:

f L L the recess,= a screw. extending through the butt het i -of Athe stockLrand engaging the adjacent yendfof the'guide frameto thus hold theguide frame in place; ay cheek rest `slidingly` mounted-upon the outer face of the guide frame and rttingy against L rthe adjacentY side face ofy the lgunl stock, a lplate 1 L: rdisposed on the inner face .of theguide frame,

' a connectionbetweenthe plate andthe cheek:

rest, and a contractile spring attached lat one end toA the reary end; of the guide l:frame and at' its other end to the forward end of the plate and actingy to retract vthe plateand the cheek rest zv `'toward-fthe buttfof the storni.l i V l .73. A 'gun stock having ia longitudinally extend- L l 'ingfrecess'on' yone side face, al longitudinally. slotted guide frame-disposed in said recess,r a zcheek rest fitting againstrone sidey of the Stoek and having a portion extending into said slot of ing longitudinally of the guide frame on the inner face thereof and attached to said cheek rest f through theslot in the guide frame, fsaid plate f having yinWardlv turned extremitiesl bearing against the end portion of` the cheek restr which f extends into the guide frame; ysaid plate on eachr .sider of L said inwardlyextendingportieril being inwardly yturned `to loear` lagainst l the adjacenty Vface; of the rguide' ramean'd'a spring urging said f L l I rplatev and the'cheek rest rearward, inl the slot.f

= L f d..l A LgunLstook, a cheek rest `having a portion :slidingly engagingl the upper :face of f the `'stock f L I 1 L and a portionfextending downr over Athe sidel face L 'of= theL stock nearly` to the `lower edge thereof, f

: `the cheek rest being slidaloly:mountedy yupon the f L I L yside face yof 'the stock, andl a 4spring urgingfthe yclieelrrest.rearward .toward the Abutt of .the gun,

the gun. L l

longitudinally rextending! recess,y ai rcheek yresten--y stock nearly to. the loweredge face thereof. andy L y lcontacting with the'side facey ofr the stock, `rthe, cheek rest/havingy a portion 'extending into said; L i

l recess, ineens holding the' inwardly f projecting Y portion of ythe cheek rest rin sliding engagement L the cheek l rest rearward within the recess. f L L f L :L f f f Arecess-lout less. in length .than 4the length of the 'withy the stock, and a spring urging ,ELMER E.r MILLER.;


the. guide frame, `said' portionlbeing less in lengthv l .than the slot ofthe guidek trarne; ar plate extendf f l5; 1A gun stock: having `on one .lateral face a L

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U.S. Classification42/71.1, 42/74
International ClassificationF41C23/00, F41C23/06
Cooperative ClassificationF41C23/06
European ClassificationF41C23/06