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Publication numberUS2101848 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1937
Filing dateOct 16, 1936
Priority dateOct 16, 1936
Publication numberUS 2101848 A, US 2101848A, US-A-2101848, US2101848 A, US2101848A
InventorsGreen Samuel G
Original AssigneeGreen Samuel G
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Stabilizer for guns
US 2101848 A
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Dec. 14, 1937. G, GRE N 2,301,848

STABILIZ'ER FOR GUNS Filed Oct. 16, 1936 M o o 1 A 7A I l; a o '26 o a /0 m Inventm Samuel [3-51 2211 Emmi QM Attorney 4 Patented Dec. 14,1937

stares rarest caries 2 (Ulaima.

(Granted under the act of March amended April 3t, 1928; are 0.

The invention described herein may m manufactured and used by or for the Government. for governmental purposes, without the payment to me of any royalty thereon.

This invention relates to a stabilizer for guns and more particularly it has reference to the class of muzzle attachments which serve to check recoil, silence the report and eliminate flash and smoke.

The purpose of the invention is to provide a simple and inexpensive stabilizer which will efiiciently perform its intended functions and which has a novel mounting that serves to conduct heat from the muzzle oi the gun barrel.

To these and other ends, the invention consists in the construction, arrangement and combination of elements described hereinafter and pointed out in the claims forming a part of this specification.

A practical embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein: Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the improved stabilizer applied to a machine gun.

Figs. 2 and 3 are detail sectional views on the respective lines of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing by characters of reference there is shown the front portion of a machine gun comprising a reciprocable gun barrel 5 extending through the front plate t of a water jacket 1. The muzzle of the barrel is supported in a rear bearing 8 and a front bearing 9 which are threaded in 'an eccentric opening it of the front plate and confine a packing ll. 5 The front bearing 9 projects from the jacket and threadedly carries a large cylindricalblncl: l2 which is assembled onto the bearing before the bearing is inserted in the front plate of the jacket. The block is locked in place on the hearing by a set'screw H which is threaded in the front face of the block and selectively engages in one of a number of semi-circular recesses Id formed marginally in a flange IS on the front end 45 of the bearing 9.

The inner wall of the front bearing 9 is formed with a plurality of annular grooves 86 which are provided to trap some of the gases ,of discharge when the gun barrel recoils. The gases subsequently escape and prevent the accumulation of carbon between the barrel and the bearing. In order to insure that thegases will not reach the packing ll, one of the grooves l6, preferably the center one, is in communication with a plurality 55 of radial passages ill leading to an annular 3, 1888, as G. 157) roove is in the. inner wall of the block :12. The groove lilis vented to atmosphere by radial passages it.

An imperforate cylindrical casing 29 forming an expansion chamber for the gases of discharge, 5

is mounted on the block i2 and is secured by threaded engagement 2i and by screws 22. A plurality of bafies 23 are arranged in spaced relation within the casing 2c and are marginally secured thereto as by the rivets 25!. These baiiies 10 are frusto-conical in shape and are pointed rearwardly. They have a central aperture 25 for passage of the bullet from the gun barrel and a large number of apertures 28 for passage of the gases. 15

When two baflies are used as shown in the drawing there are provided three expansion chambers or compartments 2l-28 and 29 between the block i2 and the front end of the casing 20. The chambers and baflies serve to reduce the temperature and velocity of the gases so that they will not flash or smoke when they emerge from the front end of the casing 20. The block l2 serves as a radiator to conduct heat away from the front bearing and the muzzle of 25 the gun barrel. A cap 39 mounted on the rear face of the block it and secured thereto by a screw 3! has an arcuate lip 32 which is eccentric to the block, and engages the curved wall of the water jacket 30 l to hold the block l2 against rotational displacement. The screw 3| and the screws 22 are locked by means of a wire 33 passing through their heads.

I claim:--- 35 1. In a gun, a jacket having a front plate with an opening, a bearing mounteddn the opening and extending in front of the front plate, said bearing having radial vents, a reciprocable gun barrel mounted in the bearing and normally covering the vents therein, a blockmounted on the bearing and having vents in communication. with the vents of the bearing and leading to atmosphere, and a casing carried by the block for receiving the gases of discharge of the gun.

2. In a gun, a jacket having a front plate with an eccentric opening, a. gun barrel having its muzzle extending through the opening in the front plate, a member threadedly mounted in the opening of the jacket and receiving the muzzle of the barrel, and means securable to said memher and having an arcuate portion eccentric to said member and engaging the jacket.

SAMUEL a. seam. I

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U.S. Classification89/14.5, 181/223
International ClassificationF41A21/00, F41A21/34
Cooperative ClassificationF41A21/34
European ClassificationF41A21/34