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Publication numberUS2103154 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1937
Filing dateJun 23, 1937
Priority dateAug 6, 1936
Publication numberUS 2103154 A, US 2103154A, US-A-2103154, US2103154 A, US2103154A
InventorsErnst Faber
Original AssigneeErnst Faber
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Vacuum cleaner
US 2103154 A
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E. FABER VACUUM CLEANER Filed June 23, 1937 Patented Dec. 2l, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT ori-'ica Application June 23, In Germany 1 Claim.

This invention relates to an arrangement for silencing vacuum cleaners according to which the motor and fan unit is supported with respect to the casing of the vacuum cleaner without any metallic intermediate piece. The accompanying sectional drawing through the part of a vacuum cleaner easing surrounding the motor and fan unit shows the arrangement according to the invention in one constructional form by way of exl0 ample, the arrangement being assembled in somewhat the following manner:-

Over the motor and fan unit l which is shown dlagrammatically as a cylindrical body, a thick rubber ring 5 is first placed, and thereupon a rubl. ber ring 2 of L-shaped cross section is thereupon placed on the circular end edges. From either end caps 3 and 4 are then pushed over the motor and fan unit, the flanges 3', l of which caps bear against the thick rubber ring 5 which lies approxi- 80 mately around the middle of the motor and fan unit. Both the flanges 3', 4' and the rubber ring i are provided with holes, through which screw bolts 1 are passed.- The cap 4 hasonly a narrow end flange I" and for the rest has a large circular opening for the passage of air. 'nie cap 3 has also a narrow end flange 3" which surrounds an arched end 3"' provided with perforations. On the bolts 1 being at ilrst only lightly tightened the motor and fan unit will come with both ends surrounded by the rubber ring 2 against the end ilanges 3", 4" of the caps 3, I. A

When the motor and fan unit thus enclosed is introduced into the casing 3 of the vacuum cleaner. the bolts 1 (6 or 8 of which are arranged 1937, Serial No. 149,983 August 6. 1938 around the periphery) are fully tightened up. 'I'he other flanges 3 and 4 which are thus brought closer together will then squeeze the thick rubber ring i, so that the latter will bear against the casing wall 3 on the one hand and against the I motor andfan unit l on the other hand. -The latter ls thus held tightly at its middle periphery in the casing l and at the same time the two L-shaped rubber rings 2 at the ends of the motor and fan unit are correspondingly compressed, so 10 that the unit is completely, firmly, but yet elastically supported. The end part 3' ofthe casing is thereupon pushed over the middle part loi the casing.

Instead of rubber rings, rings of materials o! u similar elasticity and having similar silencing property may be used.

I claimzl A vacuum cleaner comprising in combination a motor and fan unit,l cylindrical caps adapted to )o be placed over the end parts of the .motor and fan unit, elastic rings of L-shaped cross-section disposed between the motor and fan unit and the caps at the corners formed by the end surfaces andthe cylindrical surfaces of the two' parts, at as the other ends of the said caps anges facing one another, a casing surrounding the motor and fan unitand the caps, a thick elastic ring disposedbetweenthe saidvanxel and bolts connecting the said flanges, for drawing the flanges so. towards one another and thereby compressing the thick elastic ring for causing it to bear tightly against the motor and fan unit and against the casing:


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U.S. Classification248/634, 417/423.2
International ClassificationA47L9/22
Cooperative ClassificationA47L9/22
European ClassificationA47L9/22