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Publication numberUS2103373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1937
Filing dateMar 30, 1935
Priority dateMar 30, 1935
Publication numberUS 2103373 A, US 2103373A, US-A-2103373, US2103373 A, US2103373A
InventorsMcclure Martin J
Original AssigneeMcclure Martin J
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US 2103373 A
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Patented Dec. 28, 1937 PATENTol-"Ficl-:lN

BOX Martine. McClure, El Pm, nl. Application March 30, 1935, Serial No. 13,856

1 Claim.

Myinvention relates to improvements in boxes for strawberries and other small berries and fruits. At present these boxes are relatively expensive and are made up oi' wood and packed ilat so that the user must dampen and form them up to shape himself. In this process quite a percentage of the boxes are cracked or broken so that they cannot be used, and the law prevents their use more than once so that the boxes represent quite an expense and loss to the berry grower.

With the above facts `inmind it is the prime object of this invention to provide a box of simple, inexpensive and conveniently used form made up of heavy paper or light cardboard in a scored at blank of proper shape and size so that it may be readily bent up and fastened to shape and with the material, paper or cardboard, waxed, parafiined or otherwise suitably impregnated to be moisture proof and capable of being 53 convenience in description. Fastening washed, cleaned or sterilized for use more than once. y

Another object is to provide a box ofthis kind having cover or handle tabs or aps formed on the blank so as to `cover the berries in the box or to act as handles for raising or carrying the box. A further object is to provide a bo'x of this kind having a plurality of Ventilating apertures in its sides to allow the free circulation of air through the berries and prevent spoilage.

With these and other objects in view the invention resides in the novel construction and arrangement of parts as hereinafter fully set forth and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is a plan view of the blank from which the box is formed.

Figure 2 isa perspective view of a box formed up from the blankof Figure Figure 3 is a fragmental plan view of a blank having cover and handle tabs.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a box formed up from the blank of fFigure 3.

Referring now with more particularity to the drawing, in carrying out my invention I provide a flat rectangular blank 5 of heavy paper or light cardboard having suilcient stiffness to serve its purpose and waxed, paraillned or otherwise impregnated to be water and moisture proof. This blank 5 may be o1' any size and shape according `to the size, capacity and shape of the box to be formed therefrom and as here shown is' square with a central square bottom portion 6, opposite sides or side iiaps 'I and intervening sides or side aps 8 hereinafter termed ends or end flaps for flaps 9 are extended from the sides 'I filling out the corners of the blank but are separated from the ends 8 by slits I0 extending inward to the corners of the bottom portion 6.. The junctions between the` bottom 6, sides l, ends 8 and fastening aps il are all scored or otherwise marked oii as shown at II so that the blank will bend easily at these points.

To make up the box indicated at I2 in Figure 2 from this blank 5 the fastening flaps 9 are rst bent up from the sides 1 and then these sides are bent up at right-angles to the bottom 6. The ends are then bentup outside of the flaps 9 and small paper fasteners or staples I3 of conventional form are placed through these ends and naps as shown holding the sides and ends upright and square as will be readily understood. These forming operations are readily and rapidly performed and the stapling may be done either by hand or by any of the small hand operated machines now on the market. Since the fastening flaps 9 meet at their inner ends I4 a smooth surface is provided aroundboth the outside and inside of the box I2 so that the berries will not be bruised when packed in the box and so that adjacent boxes in a crate will not catch or hang on each other.

- 'I'he sides 1 have a plurality of smallventilating apertures I5 both near their upper and lower margins thus allowing free circulation of air through the berries and preventing spoilage to a great extent. Since the box material is water proof the boxesmay be washed, cleaned, and if necessary sterilized and used over and over again.

above set forth but triangular cover or handle flaps or extensions I6 are extended from the outer margins of the sides and ends. These flaps I6 have their points or apices I'I directed outward and the blank is scored along the junction of the flaps with the sides and ends as shown` at I8. The box I2a is formed up from this blank 5a eX- actly as set forth hereinbefore but the flaps I6 may be bent inward to cover the box when the berries are placed therein, or as shown in Figure 4 the flaps may extend straight upward from the margins f the box to act as handles for carrying the box and to add to the appearance. 'I'he shapeof the aps I6 is `such that .when folded over atopthe box they will just nicely close the same as will be understood. Apertures are formed near the points I1 of the flaps I6 to act as finger holes for carrying the box, to receive strings for tying up or hanging the box for display and In a device or the kind described, a box made up from a. blank of cardboard impregnated against moisture and including a bottom, sides turned upward from the bottom, ends turned upward from the bottom, fastening flaps turned in from the said sides and disposed within the ends, staples securing the ends and fastening aps together, and the said sides having Ventilating apertures near their upper and lower margins, and triangular handle and cover iiaps extended at their bases from the upper margins of the sides and ends and meeting precisely at the center so as to completely close the box, the said iaps having their apertures near their free ends.


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