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Publication numberUS2103417 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1937
Filing dateJul 25, 1934
Priority dateJul 25, 1934
Publication numberUS 2103417 A, US 2103417A, US-A-2103417, US2103417 A, US2103417A
InventorsWilhelm Haack Friedrich
Original AssigneeWilhelm Haack Friedrich
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US 2103417 A
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Dec. 28, 1937. F. w HAACK "2,103,417"

PENCIL 'I Filed July 25. 1934 '-15 holdingthe second pin and operating itf in the holder 8. 15

'-20 the pencil in such a way that the second pin 0f a longitudinal gIOOVe 5.131115 may also be COU- 40 but in changed position of the slidable sleeve. pencil case I and having a suitable guiding bore 40 -45 will be particularly pointed out inthe appended 8 are clamped. After use of the pin I8 it is with- 45 claim 50 ring 3 an eccentric groove 24 is provided. Be- The operation of the rubber I8 by means of the 50 '.55 provided with projections II which hold the napsL quick operation, the rubber I8 being moved and 55 Patented bec. 28, i v i. I

UNITED STATES PATENT' OFFICE i 2,103,417 l j i PENCIL Friedrich Wilhelm Haack, Berlin, Germany Application July 25, 1934, Serial No. 736,944 1 Claim. (Cl. 1Z0-19) This invention relates to pencils and particuclear of the inner wall of the ring when the ring larly to the type of pencils having a lead of a is in certain positions and these'projections inrelatively great length which can be shifted and crease the resilient action of the ilaps (Fig. 2). xed from the outer side'of a case by means of `a The clamping cheeks engage in the eccentric 5 slidable sleeve. groove 24 of the ring 3. In the rounded portion 5 One object of the invention, among others, is Y 'I of the beaded band 1, I2 is fitted the holder 8 to provide pencils of this type behind the shiftfor the lead 4. The holder 8 consists preferably able lead with a second pin also movably situated of a helical band. A short sleeve 9 engages the I in the pencil case and adapted to be pushed out helical lead holder 8 and has at the front end 10 of the open top end of the pencil case, the second an inwardly directed tooth I0 engaging the coils 10 pin consisting of a soft or hard rubber, a pastel, of the helical band 8. The sleeve 9 being shiftable alip stick or the like. r along the helical band 8 its tooth I0 acts to Another object of the invention fis to provide drive the lead end portion out from the holder 8 4a cheap, reliable and vwell protected means for and also forms a stop for engaging a new lead 4 A still further object of the invention is to The slidable ring- 3 has a mark t'o show the provide means for shifting and fixing the second position in which the'ring 3 can be moved t0- pin inany desired position of the case. gether with the lead holder 8 and the beaded band Another object ofthe invention is to construct 1, I2 along the pencil case I. The mark consists being moved and secured by the sleeve operating structed in any suitable other way. By turning the lead holder. f the adjusting ring 3 to the right or the left, one

One form of a pencil embodying my invention, 0f the clamping Cheeks H iS pressed against the and in the construction and use of which the obpencil case I so that the adjusting ring 3 and .jects herein set out, as well as'others, may be, thereby the lead holder 8 with the lead 4 are attained, is illustrated in the accompanying drawclamped. ing, in whichzf For improving the availability of the pencil,. lFig. 1 is a view of a pencil constructed in 'acbehind the lead 4 a second pin I8 is provided cordance with thislinvention. f which is'movably situated in the pencil case I. Fig.. 2 is a section'on line 2-2 of Fig. 1, the The second pin I8 is shiftable and iixable by 30 slidable sleeve being shown in an enlarged scale. means of the adjusting ring 3 operating the lead Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section substantially on holder and may consist of'a'soft or hard rubber, line 3-f3 in Fig. 2, showing the slidable sleeve, a pastel, a lip stick or the like. For using the the lead, the lead holder and the means carrypin I B, it is moved by means of the Aadjusting ingthe second pin.' but not illustrating the pencil ring 3 and'in the position of the mark 5 of the 35 case. y ring 3 as shown in Fig. 1, from the writing posi- Fig. 4 and Fig. 5 show detailsl of the holder of tion or the position of retirement of the lead 4,

` the second pin.l l y v into the position of Fig. 6 in which the pin I8 Fig. 6 is a view of the pencil shown-in Fig. 1, projects from the top of the cap I9 covering the Fig. 7 is a section,-enlarged scale, on line I-'I 23. Then the pin I8 is xed in the same manner of Fig. 6. as in the case of fixing the lead yII by lateralturn- VvThe various novel featuresof the invention will ing the adjusting ring 3 to the right or the left be apparent` from the foll'owing description and wh'ereby the adjusting ring and the lead holder v y drawn into the interior of the pencil case I by Inthe embodiment illustrated in the drawing, fre-turning and moving the ring 3 in any desired the pencil comprises a case I with a 'longitudinal position. -slot 2 and a ring 3 slidable on the case I.V In the y Preferablyv the pin I8 consists of a rubber.

tween the pencil case I 'and the ring 3 a double adjusting ring 3 offers the advantage that a long sided beaded band 1, I2 with naps 6' is situated rubber may be provided,V the length of which in the slot 2. The .edges of the flaps 6 are folded may be still greater than it is shown in Figs. outwards so that they form clamping cheeks 1`, 2 and 3. Another advantage is the easy and 'xed in the same way as the lead holder and the lead only by shifting and turning the adjusting ring 3.

The connection of the pin I8 with the ring 3 respectively with the lead holder 8 and the beaded band 1, I2 may be constructed in the following -Wayz In the helical band 8 Which-is tted in the rounded portion I of the beaded band I2,l a pin I3 having, a threaded upper end I3 is fastened. This pin bears a socket I4 which, in the construction of Fig. 3 and Fig. 4, is screwed upon the pin I3 by means ofka threaded bore I5, but of course may also be formed in any suitable other way and, e. g. corresponding. to

Fig. 5 may be provided with a pressed threaded portion I 6 or the like. The socket I4 constitutesY the holder of the rubber I8, pastell or lip stick which is either only put into the socket I4 or also secured in it by additional means e. g. by inwardly directed portions I1 ofthe socket I4. The socket I4 may be in constant connection with the pin I3, I 3' and therefore rigidly joined or made of one piece with the pin. The pin I3, I3' limits the depth of the rubber I8 and acts as a stop for -the lead 4 or the small sleeve 9 the tooth I0 of which engaging the coils of the v helical band 8, so that the helical band 8 may provided with a projection 22 engaging the slot posite to the clip 2|. By this projection 22 of the'clip ring 20 not only restricting of the slot 2 near the top end of the pencil case I is prevented, but also attained that the clip 2l stands always diametrically opposite to the slot 2 of the case I and is secured against turning so that the cap I9 does-not become loose. The slotted upper end of the casing I isfreduced to provide a shoulder against which th ring 20 is, maintained by the cap I9. The cap I9 is secured on 'the reduced end in any suitable manner (not shown).

Changes in the details ofthe various elements and in their arrangement may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention as dened in the appended'claim.

In a mechanical pencil, a tubular casing, a lead holder movable for alternate projection and retraction of the lead carried thereby, said casing being formed to provide-'an open endedslot extending longitudinally thereof, operating means on the exterior of` the casing having a member projecting through said slot and engaging4 said lead holder to move theA same as the operating means' is moved, theslotted end of said casing being reduced to form a lshoulder, a ring seated on said reduced end, an-inwardly extending pormaintaining' said ring against said shoulder.


2. The projection 2 is situated dlametrically op-

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