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Publication numberUS2103455 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1937
Filing dateJun 19, 1936
Priority dateJun 19, 1936
Publication numberUS 2103455 A, US 2103455A, US-A-2103455, US2103455 A, US2103455A
InventorsHerman Greenwald
Original AssigneeEmanuel Koenig, Herman Greenwald
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Abrasive mitt
US 2103455 A
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Dec.. 2S, 1937. H. GREENWALD ABRASIVE MITT Filed June 19, 193e ATTORNEY.

Panad Dee. 2s, .1937

.UNIT-ED ys'rA'rrs 24,103,455 Y .maasrvn M11-jr Herman Greenwald, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Herman Greenwald and Emanuel Koenig, New York, N..Y., doing business as Hygrade Novel- 'Hty Co.'

Application June 19, 1936, Serial No; 86,097


This invention relates to a new and useful im- 'provement in abrasive mitts. y

Broadly, it is an object of my invention to provide an abrasive holder which is convenient, in-

5 expensive and `practical for cleaning and polishing all kinds of pots, pans, kettles and kitchenware at the same time protecting the hand of the user from water, harmful scouring powders, soaps,l

user, thus reducing the danger of infection that may be caused by the abrasive material or the article to be cleaned.

Another, object is'to produce a hand covering which will keep the hand dry during the cleaning or polishing process, thereby preventing unsightly,

roughened, reddened and chapped hands.

Still another object is to produce an abrasive holder which is simple to manufacture, inex pensive, effective and in which the abrasive used can be readily replaced or, readjusted.

With these and other objects in view, as will be more fully set forth hereinafter, my invention consists in the novel construction, combination of elements and' arrangements of parts which will be exemplified in the' operation and construction herein described in the following specification and illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

The invention will first be described in connection with the accompanying drawing wherein 4 similar reference characters are used to designate corresponding parts throughout the severalviews and more specifically defined and indicated in the through hooks I5 and s Hooks are my preferred appended claims.

Attention is directed to the drawing, in which: Fig. l is a front elevation, showing the rinside or palm view of the abrasive mitt containing the pocket for the abrasive.

Fig. 2 illustrates the reverse side thereof, 50 equivalent to the back of the hand, showing the attaching or retaining means for holding the abrasive.

Fig. 3 -is a side elevation of the abrasive mitt, and 55 Fig. 4 is an enlarged transverse section, taken through the mitt containing the abrasive, as in, dicated by the line 5-5 in Fig. 1. e

Referring to the drawing in Fig. 1, I0 represents a section of a waterproof material which fits over the palm and fingers of the hand and the wrist. 5 'Ihis material may be of .o'ilcloth, arubber coated fabric or other waterproof material. A pocket I I, l preferably of the same material as section I0, is provided across the finger portion of the hand and along the entire width of the mitt. This pocket 1`0 has an opening at both ends so that an abrasive I2, or other cleaning material, may be placed within said pocket II, and drawn through the opening I3, at the upper end of the finger portion. A back section I 4, preferably of the same water- 15 proof material as section I0, is provided to .coverthe back of the hand. Hooks I5 and I6 are firmly attached to a tape I1, said tape being stitched or cemented to the upper end of the back section I4.

Sections I0 and I4 and pocket'II are securely 20 held together-by means of binding strips, said binding strips being either stitched or firmly cemented down. Pocket II, is edged with similar bindin'g strips I9 and 20 and the bottom of the back section I4 with binding strip 2l. Section 25 IIJlalso contains a'binding strip 24 at the thumb opening 23.

Sections I0 and I4 are not joined together at the wrist section, as shown at 22, thus providing an opening to receive the hand as pictured by dotted 3o line 26'. A thumb opening 23, is provided through .which the. thumb is inserted when the mitt is placed in position for use. While I only picture a right handed mitt with one thumb opening, I do not wish to be understood as confining my in- 35 vention to a right hand alone.

' Any type of abrasive, such as steel wool, copper wool, cotton Waste, or the like, may be used as the abrasive, cleaner or polisher and said abrasive is placed within the pocket I I, drawn through the 40 vopening I3, near the top, over the top of the mitt and is then attached by placing the abrasive means of attaching the abrasive or polishing materi'al. Section I0, may beprovided with an eye- 45 let 25, placed near the Wrist portion so that the mitt may be readily hung upon the hook.

Referring to Fig. 4, it will be readily seen that the abrasive I2, lies between pocket section "II and palm sectionA I0, and the fingers 21, lie between palmsection I0 and the back section I4.

' In accordance with the provisions of the patent statutes, I have described my invention together with -the constructions which I now consider to represent the best'embodimerrt thereof, but I de- 55 sire it understood that my invention is not confined to the particular forms shown and de` 1. An abrasive mitt in the class described, comprising a back and front section bound together,

a Wrist opening at they lower end and a iinger portion at the upper end, a thumb opening formed in a side edge thereof, a pocket across the front section of the finger portion, said pocket being open at the finger portion and the lower end to hold a exible abrasive strip, part of said abrasive strip beingk drawn through the' opening at the finger portion.

2. An abrasive mitt of -the class described, comprising a back section and a front section, a

y thumb opening in a side edge thereof and a wrist portion at the lower end and a finger' portion at the upper end, said front and back sections being bound together at their marginal edges, a Wrist opening at said Wristportion, a pocket on said mitt across the front section and attached to said marginal edges, said pocket being open at the said finger portion and itsopposite end, whereby a flexible abrasive strip may be placed within said pocketand partly drawn through the opening atthe finger portion and over the upper part of the back section, and attaching means at the finger end of the back section for holding said abrasive strip in place.

3. An'abrasive mitt of the class described, comprising a back and front section bound together. said sections having a wrist and finger end, an opening at the wrist end for the hand, a thumb opening formed in a side edge thereof, a pocket to hold one end, of a iiexible abrasive strip, said pocket being attached across the iinger end of the front section and open at the finger end and the end nearest the Wrist endr and a tape attached to the finger end of the back portion, said tape containing hools for holding the other end of i said flexible abrasive strip in position.

4. An abrasive mitt ofthe class described, comprising a back and front section bound together, said back and front sections having a finger end and wrist end, an opening at said Wrist end to admit' a hand, a thumb opening formed in a side.

edge thereof, a pocket for a flexible abrasive strip attached to the finger end of the front section having an opening at the linger end and the end nearest the wrist end, part of said fiexible abrasive strip being drawn through saidV pocketl opening at the finger end and over part of the finger end of the back section and fastened to hooks attached to the finger end of the back section.

5. An abrasive mitt of the class described, cornprising a back and front section boundl together, a Wrist opening on one end, a thumb opening formed in a side edge thereof, .a pocket attached to the front section at the finger end, said pocket being open both at the finger end and the end opposite vsaid finger end for holding a iiexible abrasive strip, said abrasive strip being drawn throughv said pocket openingjat the finger end and over part of the back section, said abrasive 4being fastened to hooks attached to said back section.


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International ClassificationA47L13/16, A47L13/18
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