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Publication numberUS2103594 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1937
Filing dateDec 12, 1936
Priority dateDec 12, 1936
Publication numberUS 2103594 A, US 2103594A, US-A-2103594, US2103594 A, US2103594A
InventorsMurray John M
Original AssigneeMurray John M
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US 2103594 A
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c- ,1937. J. M. MURRAY 2,103,594

" GLOVE Filed Dec. 12, 1936 INVENTOR Jay/v Mukxwy I 2 an opening extending transversely of the palm of the glove adjacent the base of the fingers Patented Dec. 28, 1931 GLOVE John M. Murray, New York, N. Y. Application December 12,1936, Serial N .'1'15,4so

a V 1 Glsim. (CL2-1li0) This invention is directed to an improvement in gloves, and more specifically is directed to the provision of a glove the palm of which isequipped with a pocketfor the reception of pa- 5 per money, change, keys and similar smallarti- .cles. a

' One ofthe objects of my invention is the provision of a pocket in the palm of the glove, the pocketopening and the closure therefor being so positioned that easyand ready access is had to the pocket with the hand held in natural position at the waist line, the natural curving of the fingers with the hand in such position eliminating the likelihood of the contents of the pocket falling out 01' the hand when the pocket is pened. h

A further-object of my invention is theprovision of-a glove the palm of which is equipped with a pocket, access to which is had through this positioning ofthe pocket opening together with the natural concavity oi the hand and slight closing of the hand promoting opening or the pocket with ease and facility. v

' A till further object of my invention is the provision of a' glove the palm "of which is equipped with a pocket extending from the base o! the fingers toward the wrist, the opening for the pocket being located adjacent the fingers, so that with the hand elevated, as in steering a motor car, iorexample, the contents of the pocket will naturally fall away from the mouth of the pocket toward the bottom thereof which lies in the palmot the hand of the wearer;

The pocket mouth in my improved construction is closed with some simple device-suchasinterlocking fingers closed by a slide and known commercially under the name Talon or Zipwhich are independentoi the glove fastener, makingit unnecessary .to uniastenthe a glove in order to obtain access to the pocket.

In the accompanying drawing:

Fig. 1 is a view of the mini side of a glove con- 5 structed in accordance with my invention;

Fig. 2 .is a similar view. showing the pocket with the closure device-in open position: and Fig. .8 is a view onthe line 3-3 ofl'lg. 2..

I or other usual closure device l.

Stitched orotherwise secured. to the underside 0 o: the s oi. the glove isia piece of material as ,fextnding irom'adiacent the base of the fln-V gersttowardthewristfl.*

. rial s.

- ---the slit. -'1hepslmI isslittransversely,preferablyen-@ V V s g l tirely across the glove from the forefinger to the little "finger, as shown at 8, the material 6 extending just beyond this slit, The broken 9 indicate the edges or periphery of the mate This. construction, it willbe apparent, provides 1 a double walled; palm for the glove, to forma pocket, access to which is had through-the slit 8, at the base of the glove fingers.

The slit 8 is equipped with a closure member 10 I which may take the form of engageable hooks III adapted to engage each other to hold the slit closed when the control slide II is moved in one direction, and to open'the slit. when the slide is moved in theopposite direction. Such, fastening devices are commercially known as Zipper" or Talon fasteners. Y w .Itwill be seen from the foregoing that-my invention provides a pocket glove possessing many 1 meritorious features as compared with pocket gloves heretofore suggested. It will be apparent that by positioning the pocket opening or slit 8 at the base of the fingers. with the slit extending transversely of the glove, easy and natural access is had to the pocket, this feature too in--v suring that'whe'n the pocket is opened. the contents of the pocket will not fall out of the hand.

Another advantageous feature or my improved glove will now be apparent. in that the pocket opening is so located with respect to the pocket 30 and with respect to.the palm oithe glove that v with the glove elevated as in steering a motor car, for example, the pocket extends downward ly, that is tosay, the bottom of the pocket is below the opening so that the contents of the glove will be in the pocket in the palm of the hand.

i What Iclaim is:-+-

A glove, a piece of material on the underside of the palm of the glove and extending transth'e-finger-receiving portion of the glove-anti; rearwardly toward the wrist-receiving portion of the glove so as to underlie'substantially the ehtire palm of the glove, the entire peripheryoi the material being stitched to the (glove palm, 4s:

' the areahof the material bounded bythe stitching being greater than the "corresponding por- .tion of the glove palm to provide a pocket. a slit Referring to the drawing 'in detail. I desig'-. so nates a glove provided with the usual thumb and fingers I and 8, respectlvelyJnd-whh a'rastener,

(ma tastener'being so disposed that'thesame" must be moved transversely oi the glo e to" open versely of the palm entirely across the base 01 0.

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U.S. Classification2/160, 2/247
International ClassificationA41D19/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/002
European ClassificationA41D19/00G