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Publication numberUS2103811 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1937
Filing dateJul 17, 1937
Priority dateJul 17, 1937
Publication numberUS 2103811 A, US 2103811A, US-A-2103811, US2103811 A, US2103811A
InventorsDavis Anthony E
Original AssigneeDavis Anthony E
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Adjustable chair and roller for pipes
US 2103811 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Dec. 28, 1937. A. E. DAVIS 2,103,811


The object of this'invention is to devise a novel construction of a chair and roller whereby the chair can be adjusted laterally and vertically to Vary the position of the roller.

With the above and other objects in view as will hereinafter clearly appear, my invention comprehends a novel construction of anadjustable chair and roller.

Other novel features of construction and advantage will hereinafter more clearly appear in the detailed description and the appended claims.

For the purpose of illustrating the invention, I have shown in the accompanying drawing a preferred embodiment of it, which, in practice, will give satisfactory and reliable results. It is, however, to be understood that this embodiment is typical only and the various instrumentalities of which my invention consists can be variously arranged and organized, and the invention is not limited to the exact arrangement and organization of these instrumentalities as herein set forth.

Figure 1 is a front elevation of an adjustable chair and roller, embodying my invention, and in position on a frame.

Figure 2 is a sectional elevation of the adjustable chair and roller with a pipe supported on the roller.

Similar numerals indicate corresponding parts.

Referring to the drawing:-

l designates thebody portion of the chair, which has a bottom member 2 provided with slots or elongated holes 3, and the upwardly extending side members 4 which merge into the lateral extensions 5 provided with apertures 6. The side walls 4 have upwardly extending slots 1 through which the roller shaft 8 passes, said shaft being secured in place by the nuts 9. l0 designates a roller free to revolve on the shaft 8, and having an annular groove H to conform to the contour of a pipe l2. The groove II is preferably cut away as at I3 to reduce friction between the roller and pipe.

The shaft 8 also passes through the lower ends of the angle brackets I4, the upper arms [5 of which are laterally deflected to be substantially parallel with the lateral extensions 5 of the body portion. The arms l5 have threaded apertures I6 to receive the adjusting bolts I1.

The bolts I! have a forward extension l8 of reduced diameter to form a shoulder l9. The extensions l8 extend into the apertures 6 in the lateral extensions 5 of the body portion. A Wash-- extension 5 of the body portion. The bolts are provided with jam nuts 2|. The chair is adjustably secured to a beam 22 of a frame 23 by bolts 24 which pass through the slots 3 in the bottom member of the body portion l of the chair to secure the chair in its laterally adjusted position. 6

The vertical adjustment of the roller is effected by turning the bolts H to raise or lower the roller carrying shaft in the body portion.

It will thus be apparent that the position of the pipe supporting roller can be readily ad- 10 justed both laterally and verticallyfor proper co operation with the pipe to be supported.

By the construction disclosed, I materially reduce the Weight, and also reduce the cost of manufacture.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:-

1. An adjustable chair and roller, comprising a body portion having an apertured bottom mem- 2o ber, and sides having apertures, with the sides terminating at their upper ends in laterally extending extensions, a shaft extending into the side apertures, a roller on said shaft, angle brackets through which said shaft extends, and means 25 cooperating with said angle brackets and extension to effect vertical adjustment of said shaft and roller relatively tothe body portion.

2. An adjustable chair and roller, comprising a body portion having a bottom member, and 30 apertured side members terminating in laterally extending arms, a shaft for vertical adjustment in the apertures of the side member, a roller on said shaft, said bottom member having bolt receiving slots to provide for lateral adjustment of 35 said body portion, brackets through which said shaft passes and provided with arms spaced from said arms of said body portion, and bolts in threaded engagement with one set of arms and engaging the other set of arms toeffect vertical 40 adjustment of said shaft and roller relatively to said body portion.

3. An adjustable chair and roller, comprising a body portion having a bottom member with bolt receiving slots to provide for lateral adjustment, 5 apertured sides, with laterally extending apertured arms, a shaft adjustable in the apertures of said sides, a roller on said shaft, brackets carrying the shaft and having arms spaced from the arms of the body portion, and means adjust- 5o able on the bracket arms, exerting a pressure against the body portion arms and extending into their apertures to effect the raising or lowering of said shaft in said body portion.


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U.S. Classification248/55
International ClassificationF16L3/18, F16L3/16
Cooperative ClassificationF16L3/18
European ClassificationF16L3/18