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Publication numberUS2104276 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1938
Filing dateJul 7, 1937
Priority dateJul 7, 1937
Publication numberUS 2104276 A, US 2104276A, US-A-2104276, US2104276 A, US2104276A
InventorsSchmidt Edward A
Original AssigneeSchmidt Edward A
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Furrier's knife
US 2104276 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 4, 1938. E AP sCHMlDT 2,104,276

FURRIER S KN IFE Filed July '7, 1937 ATT NEY PatentediJan. 4,1938 i i n Unirse STATES garer orion FURRIERS KNIFE Y Edward A. Schmidt, Ridgewood, N. Y.

Application July 7, 1937, Serial No. 152,343 2 Claims. (o1. sii-331) This invention relates to furriers knives, and Working With the blade 5. UDOn the interior pafilieillarly t thel type wherein a pair of separaside Ii) of the front plate 2 is pivotally secured ble plates are utilized as holders and for the reai? il aJ11 arm i2 OI locking the platee 2. 3 t0 tention of interchangeable blades that are reenen Other fOl reteniOn 0f the blade 5 after' it placeable after wear. has been mounted in the knife, said arm being 5 The principal object of the invention is to promade 0i a Single PieCe 0f integral metal C0111- vide a reliable, eiiieiently operable, efficiently prising a large Wine I3 which is located between utinzabie, and improved furriers knife. the plates 2. 3, a clariony portion I4 for engaging Another object is to provide a iurriers knife the plate 2, and a Clamp portion l5 for engaging of the above type with reliable, eiiicient, and imthe plate 3- 10 proved means for looking together its holding When it is required to remove and replace the plates. for the secure, safe, and proper retention blade 5, the looking arm l2 is swung upwardiy 0f the Cutting blade during utiliZaiiOn 0f the from its locking or operative state shown in Fig.

implement. 2 to the raised or inoperative position shown in Other objects and advantages will hereinafter Fig, 1 The helder plates 2, 3 may be then sep- 15 appeararated to the displaced position shown in Fig. In the accompanying diaWing, l, and the blade 5 may be removed and another Fig. 1 is a general elevation showing the furreplaced, whereupon the plate 2 may be reenrierS knife 0f JGhiS invention, 3S it apnea-FS dillgaged with the pins 'i and the locking arm swung ing insertion or replacement of the cutting blade downwardly for clamping the plates 2, 3 to each 20 thereof. other with the portions I4, I5, to securely retain Fig. 2 is an elevation showing the knife as it the cutting blade 5 in requisite operative condiappears when in` condition for utilization. tion within the knife. When the knife and lock- Figs. 3, 4 are transverse-section end eleing arm I2 are thus both in operative state, vations, in an enlarged scale, of the knife, as it the inner surface Ill of plate 2 and inner sur- 25 appears in Fig. 2 on the lines 3-3 and 4 4 face I6 of plate 3 both bear frictionally upon respectively 0f Fig- 2 the opposite surfaces of the large arm-Wing I3 -Fig. 5 iS 2f Dia-n Vielr 0f the knife ShOWn in and in this manner prevent any accidental up- Flg- 2- lift or upswing of the locking arm l2 about its Fig 6 1S a Plan VleW ShOWmg a detail 0f the pivot II, to assure the constant lateral as Well as 30 mvefltion; longitudinal interlocking of the holding plates Flg- 7 1S" an elevation 0f a modlcatlon 0f the 2, 3 to each other. During the utilization of the Invention' knife, the furriers iingers exert opposite presbeing in an enlarged scale on the une 8 8 of er plates '2,' 3, and in th1s manner incidentally Fig 7. apply positive. pressure upon the opposite sur- Fig 9 is a plan View Showing a detail of the iaces of the Wing I3, through flexibility of plates modification 2, 3, whereby the locking arm I2 is positively maintained in operative condition during all 40 40 The furriers knife I comprises a pair of l. L

plates 2, 3, that are Similarly configurated in Workingoperations to assure secure retention of the manner shown, the former constituting the the Cutting blade and the enf/ire kniie. front plate and the latter the rear plate, and According to the modification shown in Figs. both plates are pivotally hinged to each other at 7, 8, 9, the looking arm l2 is made of two menai- 4, whereby they may be separated from each 11e pieces Il, I8, the former being channe- 45 other in scissor-like manner as shown 1n Fig. shaped and providing the clamping portions ma, 1 and brought togeifherinto registry Wiih each I5a for the plates 2, 3, and the latter constio ther as lllutrated in Fig' 2' A razorhke Cut' tuting the frictionally pressed interior Wing ISa, ting blade 5 1s insertible into the holder plates 2, which projects into the piece I.' between portions 3, by means of apertures 6 thereof slipping Ma 5a andi riveted th t t I9 th .d mountably over registering pins I projecting s er?? a' e Sal from the plate 3, and holes 8 formed in the plate gli 28mg m tum pwotauy Joined at H t0 the 2 tting over the terminals of the said pins, as shown in Figs. 3, 4, the plates 2, 3 being pro- Variations may be resorted to Within the scope vided with registering gaps .9 for effectively of the invention. 55

Having thus described my claim:- Y

1. A furriers knife having the combination with a pair of separable plates adapted to hold a cutting blade between them of means for locking said plates to each other for retention of invention, I

the blade including an arm hinged to one of saidV With a pair Vof separable plates adapted to hold a cutting blade between them, of means for locking said plates to each other for retention of the blade including an arm hinged to` one of said plates having a Wing disposed between and Y in frictional contact with the inner surfaces of said plates, said arm having a clamp for engaging the exterior side of one of said plates and a clamp for engaging theexterior side of the other of said plates, said plates when operatively held by the user exerting pressure upon the opposite surfacesl of said Wing,A and said arm with both of said clamps and said Wing being made of a unita-ry integral piece of material.


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U.S. Classification30/331
International ClassificationC14B19/00
Cooperative ClassificationC14B19/00
European ClassificationC14B19/00