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Publication numberUS2105787 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 18, 1938
Filing dateJan 6, 1937
Priority dateFeb 1, 1936
Also published asDE669799C
Publication numberUS 2105787 A, US 2105787A, US-A-2105787, US2105787 A, US2105787A
InventorsHerpich Carl
Original AssigneeHerpich Carl
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Traveling or like rug
US 2105787 A
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Filed Jan. 6, 1957 3 Il@ Ja Patented Jan. 18, 1938 UNTED STATES l y ziesgzsi PATENToi-Fics Application January 6,

1937, Serial No. 119,327

In Germany February 1, 19136 1 Claim.

The present invention relates to traveling or like rugs of the kind provided adjacent one edge with the complementary parts of individual fastening means whereby the two ends of said edge can be fastened together in overlapping relationship.

According to the present invention the complementary parts of one or more separate fastening means are provided along one edge of the rug and a band of variable length is associated with the same edge between these complementary parts so that when the rug is wrapped about the person of the wearer with this edge uppermost, the complementary parts of some or all of the spaced fastening devices will coincide and can be brought into cooperation to secure the rug in position. Preferably the complementary parts of a number of separate fastening devices are provided in spaced relationship along the said edge of the rug. It will be apparent that the extent to which the rug overlaps when wrapped about the wearer depends on the size of the wearer and by providing the band of variable length in conjunction with the complementary parts of a number of individual fastening means along one edge of the rug, one and the same rug is rendered suitable for persons of different size, within the limits imposed by the possible variation in the length of the band, the number of individual' fastening means and the spacing at which they are provided.

It is particularly advantageous to make the band of variable length in the form of a rubber strap because this affords an elastic grip preventing the rug from slipping.

In a preferred embodiment the rug is provided at one edge on one side with the lower portions of press studs and on the other side with the upper portions of press studs. After the rug is wrapped about the wearer these upper and lower portions of the press studs are secured together, suitable upper and lower portions being secured together in accordance with the size of the wearer. At the point where the press studs are provided the rug is preferably reinforced on the inside with strips of leather. In actualuse it is of advantage to adjust the length of the band in such manner that a number of press studs or other fastening devices can be closed. The band of variable length is conveniently accommodated in a seam provided at the same edge of the rug as that at which the said press studs or other spaced fastening means are provided, a band Vof variable length being disposed within the seam.

Further features of the invention follow from the appended description of the preferred embodiment of the invention which is illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing the rug in general is indicated by the reference numeral I, said rug or blanket having a central portion I2 and side portions II and I3. The spaced fastening devices for connecting the two ends of the rug when it is wrappedl about the wearer are constituted by press studs. The upper parts of these press studs are indicated by 2a and the lower or complementary parts by 2b. These complementary parts of the fastening devices are arranged along one edge of the rug I. At the points at which the press studs 2a., 2b are provided the rug I is reinforced by leather strips 3. Also provided inthe upper edge of the rug, i. e. the edge adjacent the press studs, is a seam or casing [I through which is passed a rubber or elastic band 6 provided with buttonholes 5. The seam 4 is furnished with slots 'Ia and lb through Which the rubber band emerges. Provided adjacent these slots are buttons 8a and 8b to which the rubber band can be buttoned by means of the buttonholes 5. According as to whether widely or narrowly spaced buttonholes 5 are employed for buttoning to the buttons 8a and 8b the length of rug between the upper elements 2a. and the lower elements 2b of the press studs can be shortened or lengthened, and thus the rug adapted to the size of the wearer. The adjustment can be effected in this way more efficiently and within wider limits than by bringing different upper and lower elements of the press studs or cooperative fastening means 2a, 2b into engagement. The free ends 9 of the rubber band can be passed through slots lil back into the seam so as not to be in the way.

As seen from the drawing, a pocket is provided on the rug in such position as to be conveniently accessible when the rug is wrapped about the wearer. A button and buttonhole aiford a convenient means for 'closing the pocket.

It may also be advantageous, to provide the usual decorative fringe at one edge of the rug only as in the example illustrated. This facilitates the manipulation of the rug as the edge provided with the spaced fastening devices has to be uppermost and the rug has to be wrapped about the wearer in such manner that the decorative fringe lies on the outside. In this way, any confusion as to the manner in which the rug should be used as a wrap is avoided. f

Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed,

www YW 10 tive fastening means secured to each side portion and approximately adjacent said edge, said blanket when Wrapped around the body of the wearer having the side portions in overlapping relationship and secured in position by the fastening means and said adjustment of the band being confined to the central portion whereby the side portions are maintained smooth across the front of the wearer.


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U.S. Classification2/69, 5/485, D06/593
International ClassificationA41D1/00, A41D1/14
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