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Publication numberUS2106028 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 18, 1938
Filing dateMar 28, 1936
Priority dateMar 29, 1935
Publication numberUS 2106028 A, US 2106028A, US-A-2106028, US2106028 A, US2106028A
InventorsDavid Heimsch Karl, Otto Brassart
Original AssigneeJulius Bloch
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Closure for tubes and the like
US 2106028 A
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Jan. 18, 1938'.- K. n. HElMscH Er A1. 2,106,028

' cLosuRm FOR TUBES AND THE LIKE Filed Maron 28, 193e llilllli Patented Jan. 1s, 193s 2,106,023-

uNi'ren srA'ri-:s PATENT. OFFICE.

2,106,028 y cLosUaE Foa 'runes AND 'rmi Lms Karl David Heimsch, Stuttgart, Germany, 'and vOtto Brassart,.Zurich, Switzerland, assignors, by direct and mesne assignments, to Julius Bloch, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany Application March 28, 1936, Serial No. 71,443

In Germany March 29, 1935 3 Claims. (Cl. 221-80) This invention relates to a closure for'tubes and .ing of the content of the tube can get into the the like which is 'characterized in that in thev screw threads (Fig. 1). If the screw head f is screw cap acentral aperture is provided by which punscrewed, the open ends o cf grooves n are the passages in the tube headV are covered or ununcovered and an anular space is formed between 5 covered if the screw cap is turned a part rotation. cone l and the inner wall oi the aperture i, 5 A closure head with passages is inserted in the through which space the content of the tube can neck of the tube. The top end of the closure'head .ilow as soon as the tube a is pressed. is conical so that, li the screw cap is completely As shown in Figs. 5 and 6, the head k can have screwed on, the inner conical surface of the aperchannels p instead of grooves n. The open ends ture in the screw cap bears tightly on this conical 0' of the channels p may extend downwards to the m surface of the top ofthe closure head, whereas. if dash-line r so that they are large. the screw cap is unscrewed, an annular gap is The closure head k and the screw cap f can be formed between the central aperture and the clomade of the same material as tube a or oi artisure head. y icial resin or any other artificial substance; they This closure possesses the advantage that the are preferably made by PreSSinE- The diameter' l5 screw. cap cannot get lost as it remains on the of head k is so large that, if inserted into the tube tube head during dispensing of the content. neck, it fits tightly in the Same- If desired, the

Several embodiments of the invention are llclosure head 1c may be `*screwed into the tube neck lustrated by way of example in the accompany- @Juilk the lower edge 0f the Screw Cap may be f 2@ lng drawing in whichzstraight instead of being curved inwards, so that 20 Fig. l. shows the tube closure in closed state the Screw Capcan be removed from the tube.

in vertical section. i We claimz- I Fig. 2 is a similar view` showing the screw cap 1. A closurel for tubes, comprising 1n combinapartly unscrewed so that the closure is open. tion an externally screw threaded tube neck, a

Figs. 3 and 4 show the closure head in elevaclosure head consisting of a cylindrical lower part 25 tion and in bottom plan view. adapted to be removably tted in said tube neck Figs. 5 and 6 are views similar to 3 and 4 showin frictional contact therewith and of a conical ing a modication. upper part with a base corresponding to the outer `In the neck b of a tube'a a closure head k: is in-A diameter of said tube neck and adapted to vbear 3o serted which has a number of vertical grooves n tightly against the top thereof so that its coni- :'30

in its surface. The top part l of the head 7c procal surface forms a continuation of the outer surjects from the tube neck b and is conical. This face of said tube neck, said head having 8 pluraltoppart l forms the closure proper together with ity of passages extending from its lower end to a screw cap ,f having a central aperture i in its the conical upper part below the top thereof, a.

upper end. The grooves nare outwardly curved screw cap adapted to be screwed on to said neck, 35 at their upper ends and form the outlets o for the anv inwardly directed flange on the lower end of contents or tube a. The tube neck b is extersaid cap adapted to limit the outward movement nally screw threaded at c, the internal screw of said cap on said neck, said cap having a cen-l thread g7 of cap f being screwed on. The lower tral aperture and a conical upper end. corre- 40 edge h of the screw cap ,f isbent inwards so that spending to the upper part of said head, said cap unscrewing of the cap f is limited by this in- -adapted when screwed home to bear vwith its wardly bent edge h. Ihe screw cap remains conical upper end against the conical part of therefore permanently on the tube and cannot said head and close said passages vand when un- Aget lost. The inner wall of the open end i of the screwed to form an outlet passage for the conscrew capfis conical in accordance with the ccnitents of theltube through said passages inA said 45 cal tcp end l of the closure head lc. The outer head and through .the Central aperture -in Seid surface o1' the upper end g of the tube neck b is cap. e l conical and forms a continuation oi' the conical 2. A closure vas specied in claim 1, in which surface of head l. The conical inner wall i' of the passages are formed by grooves in the wall y50 the screw cap covers the conical surfaces l of of said head becoming shallower towards their 50 head k and. when the cap is screwed home, th'e upper end. l upper end c of the tube neck. If the cap f is 3. A closure as specified in claim 1, in which screwed home, the inner wall i' presses tightly the passages are formed by eccentriclongitudinal against the conical surfaces l and q so that the bores.

open ends o of the grooves n are air-tightly KARL DAVID HEIMSCH. 55

closed also in downward direction so that llnoth O'ITO BRASSART.

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U.S. Classification222/521
International ClassificationB65D47/24, B65D47/04
Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/242
European ClassificationB65D47/24A1