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Publication numberUS2106335 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1938
Filing dateAug 31, 1936
Priority dateAug 31, 1936
Publication numberUS 2106335 A, US 2106335A, US-A-2106335, US2106335 A, US2106335A
InventorsJames R Allen
Original AssigneeJames R Allen
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Advertising apparatus
US 2106335 A
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Jan. 25, 1938. ALLEN 2,106,335

ADVERTISING APPARATU Filed Aug. 31, 1936 8 INING COLbEGIZ .7 COMP Y GARDEN o INVENTOR; Jzmes Fills/7 v 6% A TTORNEY Patented Jan. 25, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE ADVERTISING APPARATUS James R. Allen, Glendale, Calif. Application August 31, 1938, Serial No. 98,686

9 Claim.

purposes comprising miniature buildings andstreets simulating a busy section of a city, the streets having lamp posts for illumination purposes and two continuously moving chains of vehicles traveling in opposite directions which carry advertising matter into and out of the line of vision.

Another object of my invention is to provide advertising apparatus of the kind characterized, embodying novel means for continuously moving two endless chains made up of individual but connected pieces of advertising matter in opposite directions along flxed paths, each piece of advertising matter of one chain first moving toward a point where it passes an individual piece of advertising matter of the other chain, and then away from this point to a position where it disappears from view.

Other and further objects of my invention will be pointed out hereinafter, indicated in-the appended claims or obvious to one skilled in the art upon an understanding of the present disclosure. For the purposes of this application I have elected to show herein certain forms and details of advertising apparatus representative of my invention; it is understood, however, that the embodiment of my invention herein shown and described is for the purpose of illustration only; and that therefore it is not to be regarded as exhaustive of the variations of the invention, nor is it to be given any interpretation such as might have the efiect of limiting the claims, short of the true and most comprehensive scope of the invention in the centric slots 4 and 5 beneath which are movably mounted endless chains 4' and 5', respectively. The chains 4 and 5' are respectively mounted on corner blocks or other suitable members 4a and 5a, which are so arranged as to cause I the said chains to pass in rectangular paths. The chains 4 and 5 carry respectively a plurality of spaced arms 4b and 5b which project upwardly through the slots 4 and 5 in the floor 3. The chains 4' and. 5' are simultaneously 10 moved by a sprocket wheel 6 in opposite directions. The sprocket wheel is mounted in' a position between the two chains and is operatively connected to an electric motor 1 by reducing gears or other suitable means. Suitably at- 15 tached to the arms 4a and 5a, respectively, and positioned above the floor'3', are objects 4c and 5a, which preferably simulate vehicles of the/type ordinarily traveling the streets of a city. The

objects 40 and 50 each preferably carry individual pieces of advertising matter which by reason of the movement of the chains 4? and 5', are continuously moved in opposite directions. So as to simulate the downtown section of a busy city and to further provide novel means for the effective display of advertising matter, a series of buildings 8 are positioned upon the floor 3, inside the rectangle defined by the slot 5, and also at points at the sides of and behind the outer rectangular slot 4. So as to provide sidewalks the sides of the streets I have secured copings-9 in suitable positions at the sides of the buildings 8. Detachably secured within openings l0 provided in the copings 9 or floor 3, are posts II which carry at their upper ends electric light globes l2 that are electrically connected to suitable contact members l3 secured to the base of the post.

The contact members are adapted to contact with suitable terminals l4 connected in an electrical circuit. The posts II with their globes "are 40 positioned at certain intervals along the sidewalks and are intended to simulate the electroliers ordinarily seen on a citys streets.

When the motor 1 is operated, the sprocket wheel 6 is rotated so as to move the simultaneously in opposite directions. The moving chains convey the objects 40 and 50 with their individual pieces .of advertising matter thereon in two oppositely moving lines, first into view from behind the central block of buildings 50 8, then along the side and front streets and then to points where they again pass from view.

My improved advertising apparatus, embodying two lines of continuously and oppositely moving vehicles on which individual pieces of adver- 55 all 30 chains 45 tising matter are carried, readily attracts and holds the attention 01 passersby. The simulating of the business section or a city with the continuously moving vehicles on its streets forms a novel and attention attracting setting for the eflective display or the various pieces of advertising.

- Having described my invention, what I claim 1. Advertising apparatus comprising a floor having a plurality of spaced track means arranged one inside the other, an endless conveyor means operated along each track means, a plurality oi objects carrying advertising matter carried by each conveyor means and means for simultaneously operating the conveyor means.

.2. Advertising apparatus comprising a floor, a

; plurality of spaced and endless track means located in thefloor, one inside the other, an endless conveyor associated with each track, a plurality oi objects c rryinl advertising matter carried by each conveyor, and common means for moving the conveyors.

3. Advertising apparatus comprising a floorcarried by each conveyor, and common means. for simultaneously moving the conveyors in opposite directions;

5. Advertising apparatus comprising a pinrality of endless conveyors arranged one inside the other, a plurality of objects carried by each -conveyor, one or more or the-objects carrying advertising matter, a motor a shaft, and

sides of the paths.

a rotatable-member secured to the motor's shaft 4 and interposed between and engaging with the conveyors for moving the conveyors simultaneously in opposite directions.

,6. Advertising apparatus comprising a plurality of endless conveyors arranged one i de the other, a plurality oi objects carried-bfih conveyor, one or more of the objects ca g' advertising matter, and common means ior simultaneously moving the conveyors in opposite directions.

7.'Advertising apparatus comprising a pinrality of endless conveyors arranged concentrically one inside another, a plurality of advertisi'ng supporting objects carried .by the conveyors, and common, means for simultaneously moving the conveyors in opposite directions.

8. Advertising apparatus comprising a floor,

having an area thereon simulating streets or a 'city, a plurality of super-structures simulating buildings mounted on the floor at the sides of the said area, a plurality of endless track means arranged one inside another and positioned along the said area. an endless conveyor associated with each track means, a plurality of objects simuating vehicles carried by each conveyor, and

common means for simultaneously actuating the conveyors.

9. Advertising "apparatus: comprising a plurality of endless conveyors arranged adjacent one v another, a plurality oi'connected objects carried by each conveyor, the said objects'simulating vehicles and the objects of each-conveyor being ar-,

ranged one behind another, means for guiding the conveyors along fixed paths, common means for moving the conveyors, 1100'! means supporting the conveyors, one or more super-structuresextending above the door means adjacent the fixed paths, the said structures simulating one or more buildings, and a plurality or electric globe supporting posts mounted on the :floor adjacent the JAMES R.

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U.S. Classification40/415, 446/446, 40/472
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