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Publication numberUS2110598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1938
Filing dateJul 16, 1936
Priority dateJul 16, 1936
Publication numberUS 2110598 A, US 2110598A, US-A-2110598, US2110598 A, US2110598A
InventorsHenry Charles P
Original AssigneeJames N Henry
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Curtain support
US 2110598 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 8, 1938. Q P, HENRY 2,H@,58

CURTAIN SUPPOB T Filed `July 16, 195s Zava/77;; F (7@726 diff-i275? Patented Mar. s, 1938 2,110,598

UNITED sTATss PATENT oFFlcs CURTAIN SUPPORT Charles P. Henry, Cranston, R. I., assignor to James N. Henry, Providence, R. I.

Application July 16, 1936, Serial N0. 90,906

Claims. (Cl. 156-19) My invention relates to curtain supports. as evident in Figures 3 and 4, forwardly offset I-Iei'etofore such structures, which usually eX- somewhat relatively to the pivot member II, and tend in front of and across a window or door, were having its upper edge 2| located diagonally in liable, because of the force of the incoming air front of and below the shaft member I3, with 5 through an open upper portion of the window, or which it is parallel and from which it is interbecause of a draft through the opening of the door, spaced. The plate 20 is provided with openings to cause a rattling of the curtain or drapery susor interstices 23 constituting portions of superpension rings, and a, bulging of the curtain. cial ornamentation but purposed primarily for Certain objects of the present invention are to admitting a partial View of a curtain or drapery prevent the rattling of the rings; to diminish the 2li, which is suspended upon the shaft member, 10

derangement of the depending curtain by the air in this instance by slidable rings 26 and connector otherwise; to effect these objects without ob# ing rings 2'I. scuring any pattern borne by the latter, and by A bracket member 29 comprises an attaching a guarding means agreeable to the eye. Further plate 30 with spaced, forwardly directed fiat arms objects are strength and inexpensiveness of con- 3I having vertically aligned perforations 32 to- 15 struction. receive the finger I I which pivots therein. Holes With the above and other objects and ad- 34 in the plate 30 receive attaching screws 35 for Vantageous features in view my invention conengagement in the window frame or door sists in the novel arrangement of parts more fully frame 36.

disclosed in the following description and draw- The rearwardly offset relation of the shaft 20 ing, and more specifically defined in the claims. member I3 relatively to the guard plate 20 affords In the accompanying drawing, a resultant space 3l therebetween to accom- Figures l and 2 are a front elevation and a modate a curtain looped upon the shaft member top plan view respectively of a curtain support em- I3, or curtain supporting rings 26, when rings are bodying my invention, employed as an auxiliary suspension means. The 25 Figure 3, an end elevation of the same, includslight forward offset of the guard plate also coning a curtain attached thereto, the curtain and a tributes to the space 3'I.

portion of the support being shown in section on` The downwardly directed disposition of the a line corresponding to line 3 3 of Figure 1, ornamental guard plate 20 relatively to the shaft Figure 4, a rear end view of the supporting arm; member I3 is important as it prevents any for- 30 and ward swelling of the upper portion of the curtain Figure 5, a perspective view of the bracket. by reason of any draft moving transversely of Like reference characters indicate like parts the curtain emanating from either an open throughout the views. window or door. 35 In the drawing a curtain supporting member The described curtain support lends itself to 35 9 includes a horizontally disposed arm Ill inornate and inexpensive ornamentation, and tegral with the inner end of which is a pivot finger possesses maximum strength because its entire II. A rearwardly and upwardly inclined lateral construction, excepting the slidable tubular shaft lug I2 is integral with the outer end of the arm extension section is capable of being cast.

I Il and carries a horizontal telescoping shaft mem- I claim 40 ber, represented in a general way by the reference l. In a curtain support, a horizontally disnumeral I3, comprising an inner rod section I4 posed arm, a pivot element upon the arm, a rearintegral at its inner end with the offset lug I2, wardly directed lateral lug upon the arm, a dea tubular outer rod section or sleeve I5 of greater pending guard plate integral with the front of a length than the section I4 provided with a longi the arm., and a horizontal shaft member integral 4D tudinal slit I6, and slidable with a degree of fricat its inner end with the lug and parallel with the tion upon the inner section and a closure member guard plate. for the free end of the outer section consisting of 2. In a curtain support, a horizontally dis' a shank portion II embraced in the latter, and posed arm, a pivot element upon the arm, a

50 an ornamental head portion I8. In this instance shaft member supported by the arm, and a guard the shaft member I3 is transversely rectangular. plate upon the arm disposed in a vertical plane Cast integral with the lower portion of the distinct from the vertical plane of the shaft memarm III and with the portion of the side of the ber. latter opposite from the lug I2, is an outwardly 3. In a curtain support, a horizontally disand downwardly directed guard plate 20 which is, posed arm, a pivot element upon the arm, a guard 55 plate upon the arm, and a horizontally disposed shaft member supported by the arm behind the guard plate.

4. In a curtain support, a guard plate adapted to be vertically positioned, means for supporting said guard plate comprising an arm and a bracket engageable element, a shaft member, and means f or mounting said shaft member behind and above said plate and generally parallel thereto and spaced therefrom.

5. In a curtain support, a guard plate adapted to be vertically positioned, an arm secured to said plate and having a pivot element, a lug extending rearwardly of the plate, and a shaft secured to said lug and extending parallel to said plate.


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U.S. Classification160/19, 248/289.11, 160/335
International ClassificationA47H1/022, A47H1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47H1/022
European ClassificationA47H1/022