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Publication numberUS211104 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1879
Filing dateMar 15, 1878
Publication numberUS 211104 A, US 211104A, US-A-211104, US211104 A, US211104A
InventorsDaniel L. Mulfobd
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Improvement in mucilage-holders
US 211104 A
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D. L. MULFORD. Mucilage-Holder No. 2 11,IO4. Patented Jan. 7,1879.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 2 ll, [04, dated January 7, 1879; application filed March 15, 1878.

hollow compressible vessel, having a mouth,

in which is held a rubber made of sponge or similar porous and flexible material, through which the mucilage contained in the vessel may slowly pass, either by capillary attraction or by pressure exerted upon the sides of p the vessel, the integral walls of which vessel at its month end are thickened to form a rigid seat to support a cover or cap which snugly fits over its month end, so as to form an airtight joint, whereby the said rubber is prevented from drying up and thus becoming hard and useless, as it would do if exposed to the air, and the moisture contained in the mucilage with which it is charged thereby becomes absorbed. r

A device embodying my improvements is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure l is an elevation, showing the cap or cover removed and Fig. 2 is a vertical section, showing the cap or cover in place.

The vessel A is constructed preferably of india-rubber, so that its body may be readily compressed. This body may be of any shape, that illustrated being advantageous, because its polygonal form prevents its rolling about or 011' from the desk when it is tipped upon its side. An opening, B, is provided at the upper or mouth end of this vessel, in which is a rubber, G, formed of a piece of sponge, wickin g, bristles, felt, or like substance, which will permit the passage of a fluid through it, either by pressure or by capillary attraction, the said sponge or similar substance extending a distance beyond said mouth or opening B, so as to adapt it to be readily passed over a surface in like manner as a brush is used.

Thus constructed, the sponge or similar substance may be removed to permit the vessel to be filled with mucilage or the same may be drawn into it, when said rubber O is in place, i

by means of avacuum produced by compressin g the said vessel while its rubber is immersed in a quantity of muoilage.

When thus filled the rubber G will remain charged with mucilage, and the same may be applied to paper or to any surface by simply drawing the rubber C over or in contact therewith, the quantity of mucilage deposited thereon being regulated by the amount of pressure exerted upon the body of the vessel A.

A holder thus made possesses many advantages over the common form of cup and brush, such as the impossibility of spilling its contents, breaking its body, 850.; but it is obvious that unless the rubber G, which forms the means of applying the Inucilage and remains constantly surcharged with the same, is protected from the action of the air, exposure thereto will shortly absorb the moisture contained in the mucilage, and thus dry its gummy elements, and leave the rubber 0 hard, stiii, and useless. To prevent this action I provide the month end of the holder or vessel A with a cap or cover, D, closely fitting thereon, so as to envelop the rubber O and exclude the air from access thereto, whereby, when the said holder is not in actual use, its

rubber may be preserved in a properly lnoistened condition for immediate use.

If the vessel A is made of rubber, its upper end may have its walls thickened, as clearly shown in Fig. 2, thereby affording a seat for the cap or cover D, which latter may be of metal, rubber, wood, or other suitable substance or material which will form an airtight joint with the upper end of said vessel.

It may be desirable to provide the mouth end of the vessel with a neck, as shown, and shape the cover with a flange, a, so that aperfect joint may be secured by said cover bearing both upon the sides of the neck. and upon the shoulder c.

What I claim is- A mucilage-holder consisting of a compressible rubber vessel having a mouth, B, through which a projecting sponge communicates with the interior, which month end is provided with thickened integral walls to afford a rigid seat to support a cap or cover, D, over said mouth and exclude the air from access to the sponge, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

Witnesses: D. L. MULFORD.

H. T. MUNsoN, Gno. H. GRAHAM.

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Cooperative ClassificationA46B11/0041