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Publication numberUS211400 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1879
Filing dateDec 10, 1878
Publication numberUS 211400 A, US 211400A, US-A-211400, US211400 A, US211400A
InventorsJohn Haelin
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Improvement in locking devices for stop-cocks
US 211400 A
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J. HARLIN 8v J.'YULE. Looking Device for Stop-Cock.

No. 211,400. 4 Patented Jan. 14,1879.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 211,400, dated January 14, 1879; application filed December 10, 1878.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, JOHN HARLIN, of the city and State of New York, and JOHN YULE, of Paterson, in the county of Passaic and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Looking Devies for Stop-Cocks, of which the following is a description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part of this specification.

This invention relates to means for securing stop-cocks of gas, water, and steam pipes from being opened, turned, or removed Without unfastening or removing a lock specially applied to the cock for keeping or holding it closed, whereby fraudulent or improper use of the fluid passing through the pipes is prevented.

Our invention, however, is more particularly intended to be applied to the connectingpipes of gas and water meters, for the purpose of keeping the supply of said fluids shut off, and rendering unnecessary the removal of the meter when the supply is stopped. To these ends it has before been proposed to provide the cock and the sleeve or shell of the latter with perforated collars, flanges, or lugs arranged to register with each other when the cock is closed, in order that a padlock may be applied to or through said collars, flanges, or lugs to secure the cock when closed. The locking collar, flange, or lug on the cock, however, has usually been a permanent attachment, and it in numerous cases is an unnecessary appendage, as use for it in many meter-connections never occurs, and in others 1s only occasionally necessary.

One ob ect of our invention is to provide the stop-cock with a detachable locking flange when the cock is closed, and serving, by the use of a padlock in connection therewith, to lock the cock in its closed position.

The invention also consists in certain peculiar constructions and combinations of a detachable locking flange or collar and fast flange or collar applied respectively to the cock and its shell, whereby a firm attachment of the detachable flange or collar when in place the stop-cock is attached. Bis the shell of the cock, connected by a screw-nut, b, vwith the pipe A. O is the cock proper, fitted to the shell, and forming, in connection with the latter, the entire stop-cock, so termed.

The shell B is provided at the larger end of the cock proper with a fast flange or collar, D, having opposite grooves c c in it.

E is the detachable locking flange or collar, constructed to fit over the key end of the cock proper, and formed with opposite projections 01 d, which, when the cock 0 is closed, enter Within the grooves c c in the collar D of the shell, thus acting as a check to the turning of the cock proper on both or opposite sides of its axis. After the detachable locking-flange E has been thus fitted to engage both with the cock proper and with the shell of the cock when the cock proper is closed, it is secured in position by a padlock, G, the lower end of which is either arranged to pass through a hole, 0, in the key fitting end of the cock outside of the detachable flange or collar E, or through perforated projections or ears f g on the flanges or collars D E of the shell and cock proper.

We claim- 1. A locking flange or collar constructed to engage both with the key which operates the valve of a stop-cock and with the shell or casing thereof when the cock is closed, and serving to lock the closed cock by the use of a vpadlock, said locking flange or collar being capable of ready removal or detachment from the key and shell, substantially as and for the purpose described.

2. The combination, with the cock proper, O, and with the flange or collar D of the shell B, having opposite grooves 0 c in it, of the detachable locking flange or collar E, constructed to engage with said cock, and having projec-.

tions (1 cl arranged to engage with the grooves c c in the flange or collar of the shell when the cock is closed, essentially as described.

3. The combination, with the cock proper, of the detachable flange 0r collar E constructed to engage with said cock, and pro- JOHN YULE. Witnesses to signature of John Harlin T. J. KEANE, E. V. JEssUP.

Witnesses to signature of John Yule:


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