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Publication numberUS2115449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1938
Filing dateJun 28, 1937
Priority dateJun 28, 1937
Publication numberUS 2115449 A, US 2115449A, US-A-2115449, US2115449 A, US2115449A
InventorsAlan E Pradt
Original AssigneeMarathon Paper Mills Co
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Display support
US 2115449 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 26, 1938.

A. E. PRADT DISPLAY SUPPORT Filed June 28, 1957 4km Pm 25 as y i fi Patented Apr. 26, 1938 PATENT OFFICE 2,115,449 DISPLAY SUPPORT Alan E. Pradt, Neenah, Wis., assignor to Marathon Paper Mills- Company, Rothschild, Wis., a corporation of Wisconsin Application June 28, 1937, Serial No. 150,753

3 Claims.

This invention relates to a display support for retaining objects for display purposes such as printed cards, posters, price tags, cartons or other objects of light weight. The support made according to this invention is adapted to be removably affixed to any desired supporting surface and it also removably retains the object to be displayed. The display support is aflixed to the supporting surface by mere pressure of the fingers and it can be readily removed by peeling it off the support} Further details and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the specification and drawing, wherein,

Figure 1 is a plan view of the blank for forming the display support, 7

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the display support in partially set up condition.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the completely set up display support,

Figure 4 is a sectional View showing the display supportretaining a display card,

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken on lines 5--5 of Figure 4, and

5 Figure 6 is a plan view of a modified form of the. blank for forming the display support.

Referring to Figure 1, the display unit is made from a single sheet 9 of cardboard and the like, which is scored along line H to form a flange 3 portion I2 and a hinged triangular portion 8 which serves to reinforce the flange when the unit is set up. Tab 25 is hinged at one end of the flange l2 along score line 22. The base of the triangular'portion 8 has hingedly connected thereto along score line I5 a tab 30. 1

Tab 25 is provided with two parallel slits I8 and 20 for a purpose to be explained later. Tab 30 is provided with a cut out portion 32.

One face of flange l2 and tab 25 forming an extension thereof is coated with a suitable pressure sensitive adhesive composition l3.

' I prefer to use a hot melt pressure sensitive composition. This composition consists essentially of a cohesive agent, an adhesive agent,'a

plasticizer and a modifier. The following composition is suitable for use on display units made of cardboard.

Per cent by weight Rubber 4 4 i0 Vistanex (isobutylene polymer) 15 Amorphous wax (M. P. 155 F.). 19 Methyl abieta 25 Ester g 25 Glycer n 0.5 0.5

- Hydroquinonei The composition is preferably heated to about ISO-200 F. and is applied to the base sheet by means of a roll or'doctor blade heated'to about 180-200 F. so as to spread a thin layer of the composition of suitable thickness on the base sheet. The base sheet is preferably supported on a heated roll coacting with thespreader roll and spaced away sufliciently to permit the desired thickness of coating to be applied. After the adhesive coating is spread it is congealed by passing the web over a chilled roll and a cover strip is applied lightly thereto. This method and apparatus for carrying same out is disclosed in copending application Serial No. 99,648 which matured to Patent No. 2,089,525, dated August 10, 1937.

The pressure sensitive adhesive coating is protected by a peelable cover strip ID. The cover strip may be made of holland cloth, glassine, parchment paper and the like which will adhere 20 to the adhesive coating but will readily peel therefrom. The cover strip is coextensive with flange l2 and tab 25. One margin ll of the cover strip extends beyond the score line H so as to afi'ord a grasping edge for the cover strip.

In setting up the display support, flange | bent at right angles to the portion 8 along score line M as shown in Figure 2. The extending margin ll of the cover strip can then be readily grasped by the fingers and peeled off the adhesive 30 coating l3. Tab is then folded on score line 22 at right angles to flange l2 and tab is folded thereover and pressed into engagement therewith. Tab 25 will be retained in this overlapped relation .since tab 25 has a coating of pressure sensitive adhesive. The two slits l8 and 20 previously referred to, define a slightly yieldable portion 34 which is protrudable through the opening 32 and provides means for attaching the display support to any suitable surface.

When using the display support it is placed on any desired supporting surface 42 as shown in Figure 4 and the portion 34 of tab 25 is firmly pressed by the fingers into engagement with the supporting surface through the opening 32. The 45 adhesive composition l3'on the yieldable portion 34 will retain the support in place. Any

suitable printed sheet, sign, tag or other article 44 to be displayed is then pressed against the adhesive coated retaining flange l2. The article 44 is thus supported for display purposes by the display support on any desired supporting surface. 1 r

The display support can be afllxed to any suitable supporting surface such as glass, metal,

veneer, wood, lacquered, enameled or painted sur-v face without marring or fouling the same and can be reattached to the same or other surfaces as often asis desired. ,Likewise the article attached to-the flange I! can be removed and a dif ferent article can be afli'xed by pressing into posi- 'tion with the fingers.

The blank may be formed of any suitable sheet material such as cardboard, metal foil, stiffened I Figure 7, the cut away portion 42 will expose-the adhesive coating'on tab 25 which serves to aflix thesupport to any desired. surface.

- It is obvious-that many modifications can be,

made utilizing the novel features of this invention without departing from the spirit thereof.

1 claim:

1. A display support comprising a flange memher having an area thereof coated with pressure sensitive adhesive composition for retaining articlesfor display purposes, a reinforcing member hingedlyco'nnected to said flange member, a tab portion hingedly connected to said flange member and coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive composition for removably aflixing the support to a supporting surface, a tab portion,

hingedly connected to said reinforcing member and folded over into adhesive engagement with the tab hingedly connected to the flange member the area of said tab portion being less than the area of said coated tab member.

2. A display support comprisingw, flange member having an area thereof coated with a. pressure sensitive adhesive composition for&\ retaining articles for display purposes, a reinforcing memberhingedly connected to said flange member, a tab portion hingedly connected to said flange member and coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive composition for removably affixing the support to a supporting surface, said tab portion being provided with slits to form a yieldable portion' therein, a tab portion hingedly connected to said reinforcing member and folded over into adhesive engagement with the other tab hingedly connected 'to the flange member and having an area thereof cut out to permit the yieldable portion of the first tab to protrude through said opening for afixing the support to a supporting surface.

3. A blank for forming a display support comprising a sheet provided with a score line to form a flange member coated with pressure sensitive adhesive composition, a tab portion hingedly connected to said flange member and forming an extension thereof, said tab member. being coated with a pressure'sensitive adhesive composition, a

triangular reinforcing member hingedly connected to said'flange member along said score line, the base ofsaid triangular reinforcing member having hingedly connected thereto a tab portion, the area of said tab portion being less than the area of said coated tab member.


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