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Publication numberUS2116642 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1938
Filing dateApr 3, 1936
Priority dateApr 3, 1936
Publication numberUS 2116642 A, US 2116642A, US-A-2116642, US2116642 A, US2116642A
InventorsRichter Carl R
Original AssigneeRichter Carl R
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Gas supplying apparatus
US 2116642 A
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y 1938- c. R. RICHTER 2,116,642

GAS SUPPLYING APPARATUS Filed April 5, 1956 2 Sheets-Sheet l ar/ R. Rib/7722;


May 10, 1938. c. R. RICHTER GAS SUPPLYING APPARATUS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed pril 3, 1956 0 W WM 2 z a =7 57 00 2 Patented May 10, 1938 UNETED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to an improved apparatus or unit for supplying gas to low pressure and/or high pressure torches or burners for the purpose of effecting such operations as welding, cutting and pre-heating.

More particularly, the present invention contemplates the provision of a simple, compact and eflicient apparatus of the above kind essentially designed for use in small shops and for portable purposes, and adapted to derive its supply of gas from an ordinary city gas system.

An important object of the present invention is to provide an apparatus of the above character which will require comparatively little care or attention when placed in use, which may be conveniently placed in use, and the operation of which requires the exercise of a minimum amount of skill and the expenditure of a minimum amount of manual effort or labor.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a unitary apparatus of the above kind which may be readily employed in small shops in connection with low pressure and/or high pressure torches, and which may be conveniently disconnected from the city gas supply system and transported to any desired point for emergency or other use.

Still another object of the present invention is to provide a unitary apparatus of the above kind which is extremely simple in construction, compact and durable, as well as otherwise well adapted to meet all of the requirements for a successful commercial use.

Other objects and features of the present invention will become apparent from the following description when considered in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure ,1 is a side elevational view of a gas supplying apparatus constructed in accordance with the present invention, partly broken away and in section.

Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof.

Figure 3 is an end elevation looking toward the left of Figure 1 and drawn on an enlarged scale.

Figure 4 is an enlarged vertical section of the water seal forming part of the apparatus shown in Figures 1 to 3 inclusive; and

Figure 5 is a horizontal section on line 5-5 of Figure 4.

Referring more in detail to the drawings, the present invention includes an elongated manifold 5 of a cross sectional size or diameter considerably larger than the gas supply pipe 6 from which said manifold derives the supply of gas, the pipe 6 leading from the ordinary city gas supply system and detachably coupled as at l to one end of the manifold 5. At a suitable point in its length and preferably intermediate the ends thereof, the manifold 5 is provided with a lateral outlet 8 connected with the inlet pipe 9 of a water seal chamber ID, the connection including a stop cock I I and being rigid so that the water seal chamber H3 is supported by the manifold 5 at one side of the latter. The chamber ID is adapted to contain water in the lower portion thereof, and the inlet pipe 9 extends below and is submerged at its lower end under this water or liquid. The chamber is provided with a drain cock l2 about at the desired level for the water in said chamber it). Another pipe l3 extends downwardly through the top of the chamber Ill and terminates at its lower end below the level of the water within the chamber l0 so that the lower end of said pipe I3 is submerged under such water. At its upper end, the pipe I3 is provided with a flared or filling cup portion M to facilitate replenishing the supply of water in the chamber In whenever necessary. The upper end of pipe [3 may have the base of a whistle l removably threaded therein so that such whistle may serve the purpose of an alarm in case the gas should at any time enter and escape by way of the pipe l3, such as by reason of a backfire in the system, or in case the level of the water in the chamber 10 lowers below the lower end of pipe l3 and requires replenishing. The chamber In may also be provided at the bottom with a removable clean-out plug l6, while the upper portion of said chamber I0 is provided with a valve controlled outlet I! for the gas which passes upwardly through the water and rises above the latter after discharging from the lower end of pipe 9 below the level of the water. This valve controlled outlet is adapted to be connected in the usual way by means of a suitable hose, not shown, with the gas inlet of the mixer of a suitable gas torch or burner used for performing the welding, cutting or pre-heating operation. Obviously, such torch or burner will also be suitably supplied with oxygen under pressure from a separate portable oxygen storage tank, so that the torch or burner will provide a flame sufficiently hot for the welding and other operations. While the valves and pipes thus far described will provide for the supply of a relatively large volume of gas to the burner or torch, the outlet 8 is small compared to the size of the manifold 5, and the latter forms a reservoir which always contains a reserve supply of gas sufiicient to not only supply gas to a low pressure torch or burner by way of outlet ll, but to also supply gas for a compressor and high pressure storage tank, as will be presently described, for enabling the selective or simultaneous use of both high and low pressure burners or torches.

As above mentioned, the present apparatus also contemplates the provision of a high pressure gas storage tank, and this tank, indicated at I8 is relatively large and preferably horizontally disposed upon suitable supports l9 which may be provided with supporting wheels or casters 20 to facilitate movement of the apparatus over the ground or floor. Means is provided as at 2! for mounting the manifold 5 so that the latter and the water seal chamber ID are supported by said I tank l8 in spaced relation to and above the latter with the manifold 5 horizontally disposed. Also mounted as at 22 directly upon the storage tank I8 is a small gas compressor 23 which is operatively connected by a belt gearing 24 with an electric motor 25 also directly mounted on the tank [8 as at 26. The mounting 26 may include a hinged platform 21 provided with adjusting means 28, whereby the motor 25 may be adjustably tilted so as to maintain the belt 24 in a taut and operative condition. The manifold 5 has a second restricted gas outlet 29 connected by a pipe 30 with the gas intake of the compressor 23 whose discharge port is connected by a pipe 3| with the large gas storage tank l8. Thus, when the compressor 23 is placed into operation, it derives a supply of gas from the manifold 5 and forces it under pressure into the tank I8 by way of pipe 3|.

Means is provided for automatically throwing the compressor 23 out of operation when the tank l8 has been filled with gas at the required predetermined high pressure, and for automatically throwing the compressor 23 into operation when the pressure of gas in the tank 8 lowers below a predetermined point. For this purpose, a pressure operated and normally closed circuit breaker 32 is suitably interposed in the circuit of the motor 25 and has its pressure-sensitive element subjected to the pressure of gas in the tank l8 by way of a pipe connection 33 from said tank l8 by way of pipe 3|. As the switch 32 is of a conventional and well known type extensively used in connection with similar automatic control mechanisms, specific illustration and description thereof is deemed unnecessary. The motor 25 preferably derives its current from a house wiring system by means of an attachment cord 34 having a plug 35 at one end adapted to be engaged in an ordinary electric light socket, the circuit breaker 32' being suitably interposed in the wires of the attachment cord 34. At one end, the storage tank I8 is provided with a gas outlet 36 adapted to receive a suitable gas pressure regulator 31 and pressure gages 38 and 39 as are commonly employed with tanks in which gas is stored under pressure. A hose may obviously be connected with the outlet of the pressure regulator and extended and connected to the gas inlet of the mixer of a high pressure torch or burner such as may be used for the welding, and pre-heating operation. A pressure relief valve 40 may be provided for safety purposes in the connection between the compressor 23 and tank IB.

By varying the level of thewater in the chamber ID or the depth at which the pipe 9 extends therein, the desired low pressure of gas may be had in the outlet I'I, within certain limits and where gas under relatively low pressure is supplied by pipe 6. Also, the manifold 5 may have a valve-controlled outlet 4| so that gas may be supplied from such manifold to any desired extraneous appliances, such as pre-heating torches or ovens.

In use, the manifold 5 will be connected to the gas supply pipe 6 as at I, whereupon the gas will be allowed to flow under relatively low pressure from the city gas system into the manifold 5. From the manifold 5, the gas may be readily derived for the operation of low pressure and/or high pressure torches, the low pressure torches receiving gas from the manifold 5 through the water seal chamber In and its outlet H, and the high pressure torch receiving its gas supply from the tank l8 to which the gas is forced under pressure from the manifold 5, by the compressor 23. Whenever it is desired to transport the apparatus from one place to another for use, the manifold 5 is simply disconnected from the supply pipe 6 after sufficient gas has been stored under the required pressure in the tank 18 through operation of compressor 23. If a source of supply of gas is not available at the new point of use of the apparatus, the tank is will furnish sufficient gas for the operation of a high pressure torch for a considerable period of time. On the other hand, if a source of gas supply is available at this new point, the manifold 5 may be suitably connected thereto so that the apparatus may be utilized for supplying gas to high pressure and/or low pressure torches for any required period of time. Naturally, with the tank l8 empty or the pressure of the gas therein below the desired predetermined pressure, the motor 25 will be rendered operative as soon as the plug 35 is engaged in a socket, the compressor 23 being continuously operated until the tank l8 has the gas forced in to the same where it reaches the required pressure. When this pressure is reached, the circuit breaker 32 operates to render the motor 25 inoperative, whereupon the manifold 5 may be disconnected from the pipe 6 and the apparatus transported to a distant point for use.

From the foregoing description, it is believed that the construction and operation, as well as the advantages of the present invention will be readily understood and appreciated by those skilled in the art. It will be seen that the apparatus is comparatively simple and compact, is not composed of a large number of movable or frail parts which might become readily damaged or which readily get out of order, and is otherwise Well adapted for successfully carrying out the stated objects of the invention. Minor changes in the details of construction and form and arrangement of parts illustrated and described may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

What I claim as new is:

A portable unit for supplying gas to welding torches and the like, including a horizontal high pressure gas storage tank having a gas outlet at one end, a pressure regulator connected with said gas outlet and adapted for connection with the gas supply hose of a welding or like torch, wheeled supporting means. for said storage tank, a motor-operated compressor mounted on and having its discharge port connected with said storage tank, a horizontal elongated manifold mounted on and arranged longitudinally of said storage tank above said compressor, said manifold having a plurality of relatively restricted gas outlets and provided at one end with means to detachably couple the same to a relatively smaller low pressure gas supply pipe, and means connecting one of said manifold outlets with the gas intake of said compressor.


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